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Discover Sarein: Ardabil's Mineral Spring Haven

Explore Sarein: A Sanctuary of Hot Springs and Serenity

Sarein stands out as one of the most captivating cities in Ardabil province, known for its numerous mineral springs due to its high altitude.

These springs attract countless visitors annually seeking treatments for various ailments, including joint pain and skin conditions, highlighting Sarein’s fame and appeal.

Beyond therapeutic bathing, we highly recommend exploring the pristine nature of this region and even camping, to create unforgettable memories in this treasure trove of experiences.

Sarein Weather

This city experiences a cold climate due to its mountainous terrain, with snowy winters and moderate summers. Therefore, we advise travelers planning a Sarein tour to opt for spring for their visit.


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The Best Time to Visit Sarein

Discover the optimal seasons and reasons making Sarein, one of Iran’s most tourist-centric locations, a must-visit destination. From the allure of its cold climate to the unique charm of its hot springs, this guide covers everything you need to know to plan your perfect getaway to Sarein.

Summer: The Peak Season

Sarein shines as a beacon for tourists, especially during the warm months. Late June to early September marks the best time to visit Sarein, thanks to its cool climate offering a respite from the summer heat. This period sees the city at its liveliest, brimming with cultural and joyful events. It’s also the prime time to enjoy the hot springs and the breathtaking landscapes of Alvares and surrounding valleys.

Sarein in Ardabil
Sarein City in Ardabil (photo by Wikipedia)

Winter: A Season of Festivity

Despite its popularity in summer, Sarein’s winter months are not to be overlooked. The Alvares Ski Resort near Sarein offers about six months of ideal skiing conditions each year, attracting sports enthusiasts to its snowy slopes. The city’s hot springs remain a perennial attraction, drawing visitors year-round for their therapeutic benefits.

In recent years, the “Awake Winter” festival in Sarein has been introduced to entice more visitors during the chilly days. Held in February, this two-week-long event features a variety of programs, from local and pop concerts to traditional markets, cultural booths showcasing Sarein’s customs, and sports competitions. Special tours with attractive discounts are available to lure more visitors during this period.

Nowruz: Spring Celebrations

Sarein in Ardabil
Nowruz in Ardabil

Nowruz, the Persian New Year, is another peak period for Sarein. Despite the cold weather, the city sees a surge in tourists, drawn by its well-prepared infrastructure to accommodate Nowruz visitors, making it a popular destination during the holiday.

Getting Around Sarein

While recent advancements have been made in public transportation within Sarein, it often falls short of meeting the annual influx of tourists’ needs. As a result, personal vehicles are the preferred mode of transport for many visitors.

Taxis and Personal Vehicles

Sarein in Ardabil
Taxies in Ardabil

Upon entering Sarein, private taxis facilitate travel within the city. Despite the lack of official organization, these private taxi services offer a more convenient option for getting around. Hotels in Sarein usually provide easy access to these services, including phone taxis.

City Buses

Sarein in Ardabil
City Buses in Ardabil

The city has allocated a limited number of buses for internal travel and access to famous hot spring centers. However, the demand for more robust public transportation options in this tourist-heavy city remains high.

Where to Stay in Sarein


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Sarein boasts a wide range of accommodation options. From luxurious hotels to cozy homestays, the city is ready to welcome travelers with open arms. For those looking to immerse themselves in local culture, traditional guesthouses near Sarein and in the surrounding areas of Ardabil and Meshkin Shahr offer a genuine experience.

Laleh Hotel Sarein

Sarein in Ardabil
Laleh Hotel, Sarein

Laleh Hotel in Sarein was inaugurated in 2000 and underwent a complete renovation in 2015. This five-star establishment ranks among the largest and most luxurious hotels in Sarein. For stays during the Nowruz holidays, a minimum two-night reservation is required.

Positioned in the city’s prime location and opposite the Sabalan hydrotherapy complex, within the traffic scheme area, a short walk of 60 meters from the hotel leads you directly to the Laleh commercial complex. The hotel is approximately four kilometers away from the villages of “Vindokalkhoran” and “Bileh Daraq,” and 22 kilometers from the Alvares Ski Resort.

Enjoying the view of the surrounding mountains from this luxury hotel is a delightful experience, making it one of the most expensive hotels in Sarein.

Rezvan Persian Gulf Hotel

Sarein in Ardabil
Rezvan Hotel, Sarein

Opened in 2007 and fully renovated in 2015 to enhance quality, this hotel also provides convenient access to recreational, commercial centers, and hot springs, located outside the traffic restricted area. From this hotel, guests can easily walk to the Sabalan hot springs and the Laleh commercial complex. This four-star hotel is among the luxurious and relatively high-priced accommodations in the area.

Ershad Sarein Hotel

Sarein in Ardabil
Ershad Hotel, Sarein

This four-star hotel offers suitable access to hot springs and shopping centers in Sarein, situated outside the traffic scheme area. The distance from this hotel to the Alvares Ski Resort, the village of Bileh Daraq, and the ancient rock village of Vind Kalkhoran is about a 10-minute drive. Additionally, it’s a 30-minute drive to the historical village of Kenzq and 20 minutes to the Gorgor waterfall.

Bustan Sarein Hotel

Sarein in Ardabil
Bustan Hotel, Sarein

This four-star hotel is located near the recreational, sports facilities, and shopping centers of Sarein and outside the traffic restricted area. The attractions outside the city and historical villages are about a half-hour drive away.

Royal Park Sarein Hotel

Sarein in Ardabil
Royal Park Hotel, Sarein

As one of the most luxurious hotels in the country located in Sarein, it stands as the first hotel and hydrotherapy complex in the Middle East to become a member of the European Spa Water Association. This newly established hotel boasts comprehensive facilities such as a specialized hydrotherapy clinic, private and public pools, a salt cave, Turkish bath, sauna, and massage therapy. VIP suites in this hotel are equipped with private mineral hot spring tubs.

Attractions in Sarein

Sarein in Ardabil
Vargehsaran Village and Waterfall, Ardabil, Iran

When visiting Sarein, don’t miss out on the Sabalan hot springs for a rejuvenating dip. Facilities like a dry sauna, water pools, jacuzzi, buffet, and bathtub make Sabalan hot springs a favorite among tourists.

Gavmish Goli is another popular hot spring in Sarein, famed for its therapeutic properties, ideal for treating rheumatic diseases and heart conditions, attracting visitors from far and wide.

Key attractions in Sarein also include the ancient rock village of Vind Kalkhoran, Anahita ancient hill, Golestan valley, Vargehsaran waterfall, and Atashgah village, offering abundant attractions for tourists and adventurers.


In conclusion, Sarein offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and therapeutic experiences, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking relaxation and adventure alike. From the luxurious Laleh Hotel to the historic charm of its surrounding villages and the rejuvenating hot springs, Sarein caters to all. Whether you’re looking to ski, soak, or explore, this guide ensures you make the most of your visit. Embrace the warmth of Sarein’s hospitality and let its scenic landscapes and healing waters rejuvenate your spirit. Sarein awaits to offer you an unforgettable journey.

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