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Top 7 Ancient Caravanserais to Stay in While in Iran

Choosing a unique accommodation like an ancient caravanserai can turn your trip to an amazing experience!

In today´s modern world, traveling is one of the easiest activities. You only need to reserve your ticket and accommodation with just a few clicks and that’s it! But the truth is that traveling hasn’t always been so easy. In the past, travelers had to cross the roads for days to reach their destination and thus, they needed roadside inns to rest and recover. That’s why you can see plenty of old caravanserais along the most important routes of the ancient world.

Caravanserai is how they would call these inns. Travelers- or in fact, caravanners- who had to take long journeys, needed such places to inhabit and get ready for the rest of their trip. The most notable caravanserais can be found along the Silk Road, which was one of the most important trade routes of that time.

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Although today, almost no one travels like a caravanner, accommodating in one of these ancient caravanserais can be an amazing experience. Spending a few nights in these old inns is like traveling in time. So, if you are planning an exotic trip to Iran, join us to explore some ancient accommodations for your excellent journey!

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Pasanagan Caravanserai

Zein-o-din Caravanserai

Zein-o-din Caravanserai is one of the most unique and amazing caravanserais in Iran which dates back to about 400 years ago. It was built  during the reign of Shah abbas safavid. At that time, more than 999 caravanserais were built in Iran and  Zein-o-din is among the most beautiful ones of its kind. As you step into this amazing bulding, what astonishes you most is its wonderful architecture. The building is one of the masterpieces of the Safavid era and is the only circular Iranian monument located on the Silk Road (in the central part of Mehriz, 50 km away from Yazd city).

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The inn is constructed with a circular structure and five semicircular towers are attached to the octagonal wall. There is a twelve-sided courtyard surrounded by beautiful porches. The structure is built with bricks and in the northern part Shah-neshin( King’s Mansion) rooms are located. Today, these rooms are used as dining room. The other parts are adorned with handwoven carpets and beautiful cushions so that guests can sit and relax.

On both sides of the inn there are stairs which lead to the rooftop where you can enjoy the stunning sky of desert.

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Abbasi Caravanserai

Abbasi Caravanserai is located in the historic city of Kouhpayeh, 60 km away from the Isfahan-Naeen road. Kouhpayeh is one of the widest and oldest sections of Isfahan and so, this inn is a great place for visiting the beauties of this part of the province.

Abbasi caravansary dates back to the Safavid era. But it was rebuilt and furnished fairly recently to accommodate people who look for a unique place to stay. The inn has different types of rooms and suites, all decorated with traditional elements. If you are planning to stay in this beautiful inn, note that the hotel is located outside of the city of Isfahan. Besides, the accommodation for children under 7 is free and the Iranian bathroom is located outside the rooms.

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Moshir Caravanserai

This amazing caravanserai is located in Yazd and dates back to the Qajar era. The building has more than 150 years and today is a 2-star hotel in the historic city of Yazd. It has preserved its amazing traditional style, so that guests can feel the ancient atmosphere of the caravanserai in a comfortable setting.


Unlike other caravanserais, this inn is located in the city, but it is still a unique accommodation where you can enjoy the lovely arcitecture of such caravanserais.The inn has the capacity of 50 guests and in total has 19 rooms with private toilet and en suite bathrooms.

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Pasangan Caravanserai

Pasangan is a large caravanserai, about 2500 meters, which is 400 years old .It is located in Qom and recently, has been transformed into a beautiful residence. The Pasangan caravanserai has 3 room for up to four people and a large hall with a capacity for 40 persons. Besides, there are Safavid rooms on the two corners of the inn and some others on the roof. Bathroom for all rooms is located in the backyard. Like other old caravanserais, the structure has courtyards, towers on four corners, and porches on four sides. The courtyard is one of the most beautiful parts of this inn, providing the perfect setting for guests to relax. Traditional dining with local and delicious cuisine, a place for bird watching, religious and festive spaces, guardrooms and stables are other parts of the house. But the large patio of Pasangan is the most beautiful part of this caravanserai, a perfect place for family or friendly gatherings.

The main reason for accommodating in Pasangan is the possibility of observing the night sky, as it is located at the Maranjab Desert route.

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Kalmard Caravanserai

The Kalmard Caravanserai is located in a quiet setting in the heart of the desert, under a clear, starry sky and next to the Halvan Desert sand dunes in Tabas. This inn is also listed as one of the national heritages of Iran and in the past, it was located on the main route of Tabas to Tehran and Tabas to Yazd. This residence is also known as Robat Kalmard.

Traditional and luxurious accommodation suites, home-made dining with traditional dishes and herbal teas, fully equipped kitchens, bathrooms, fountain, and a lounge area provide a comfortable and memorable stay for travelers who choose Kalmard to accommodate. Passengers can make their own herbal tea and drink as they prefer. Recreational amenities such as handball, badminton, safari and camel riding are also available. The Kalmard Inn has 24 bedrooms and 25 beautiful traditional porches.

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Yaam Caravanserai

The Yaam Caravanserai in Marand is a monument from the Ilkhanid period which dates back to almost 500 years ago. It has been recently transformed into a beautiful and comfortable accommodation for the travelers to Marand city. The inn is one of the best accommodations in this area with about 20 rooms and suites, all surrounded by a large courtyard, restaurants, coffee shops, parking, and other amenities. Marand´s countryside, its pleasant climate and the beautiful nature of the Mishu Mountains turn Yaam to a great place for spending a few days away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Please note that the parking of this residence is not roofed. Rooms have no cooling facilities due to the pleasant weather of this area. All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet seat. This residence is located 12 kilometers away from the city of Marand.

Caravanserai SURFIRAN

Shah Abbasi Caravansary

The Shah Abbasi Caravansary is a relic of the Safavid era that today, has been transformed into a comfortable residence after some renovation. It boasts all the details of the Safavid architecture, such as the central courtyard of the four-porch with spacious rooms around it and a magnificent King’s Hall, with all the amenities. The caravanserai is located in Deh Namak village in Garmsar. One of the fascinating parts of staying at this inn is watching the desert night stars. If you are lucky enough, you can also join other star-watching groups who come to this caravanserai for star observation!

Caravanserai SURFIRAN

The large courtyard of the inn has provided a perfect place for families and friends. Guests can enjoy a tranquil atmosphere away from the bustle of the city, watch the starry desert night sky and enjoy a great time together.

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