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Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Yazd

Plan Your Economical Stay in Yazd

The desert city of Yazd, famous for its windtowers (badgir) and listed by UNESCO as a world heritage, is a must-see for all travelers to Iran. With its narrow mudbrick alleys and its pleasant rooftops overlooking the historical city, Yazd has an atmosphere like no other.

Choose among our selection of cheap hotels in Yazd to enjoy your stay while staying on your budget.

1. Firoozeh Traditional Hotel

Firoozeh Traditional Hotel Yazd
Yazd Firoozeh Hotel

Firoozeh Traditional Hotel is a 3-star hotel located in the historical center of Yazd, with a traditional architecture, a garden and a terrace. It has 21 rooms equipped with all commodities and is located at a close distance from Yazd sightseeing. Firoozeh Traditional Hotel also has a restaurant that serves traditional Persian food.

2. Yazd Hostel RestUp

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Yazd
RestUp Hostel in Yazd City

Yazd RestUp Hostel is a popular choice for budget travelers in Yazd. This traditional house dating from the 17th century has been turned into a hostel with private rooms and dorms. Well located in the historical center of Yazd, it allows travelers to reach most sightseeing on foot. Yazd RestUp Hotel is appreciated by visitors for its relaxing and friendly atmosphere, as well as its nice rooftop.

3. Khane Dohad Hotel

Khane Dohad Traditional Hotel
Yazd Khane Dohad Hotel

Khane Dohad Hotel is a nice traditional hotel and restaurant built in an old Qajar house. This large 150 years old mansion can welcome many visitors with its 45 rooms equipped with all commodities and nicely decorated in a traditional way.

Located nearby Amir Chakhmaq Complex and the Jameh Mosque of Yazd, Khane Dohad Traditional Hotel has a convenient central location.

4. Soroush Hotel in Yazd

Soroush Hotel Yazd
Yazd Soroush Hotel

Soroush Hotel in Yazd is a good option for budget travelers visiting Yazd. This 200 years old traditional house is located in the old city of Yazd, close to Amir Chakhmaq Square.

It was once the house of Shah Shoja, founder of the dynasty of Al-Mozaffar. Transformed into a hotel in 2007 and renovated in 2014, Soroush Hotel has 9 rooms with modest decoration yet clean and comfortable. 

5. Giti Traditional Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Yazd
Giti Hotel Located in Yazd

Yazd Giti Hotel is a cozy traditional house organized around a central yard and with typical elements of Yazdi architecture, such as a windtower.

Indeed, it was once a Qajar house before being renovated into a hotel in 2018. It now has 11 rooms to welcome travelers, in a convenient central location in the old city of Yazd.  

Plan Your Stay in Yazd


Yazd Hotels

With many old houses hidden behind the mudbrick walls of Yazd’s small alleys, the old UNESCO city offers plenty of options for travelers willing to taste the unique atmosphere of the city.

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