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Top 30 Hotels in Shiraz: Luxury & Budget-Friendly Choices

Best Hotels for Every Traveler in Shiraz

Discover the best of Shiraz hotel experiences with our comprehensive guide to the top accommodations in the city. Whether you’re searching for luxury or budget-friendly options, this guide is your key to finding the perfect stay.

Dive into a world of comfort and elegance in Shiraz Hotels of Iran, where traditional Persian hospitality meets modern amenities.

Whether you’re in town for business or leisure, our guide to Shiraz hotels provides you with the perfect base to explore the city’s historical treasures like the Pink Mosque and Eram Garden. Make your stay memorable with our expert recommendations, tailored to suit every preference and budget.

Our curated selection ensures you find a hotel that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Explore Shiraz‘s rich culture and history while enjoying a stay that feels like home.

5-Star Luxurious Hotels in Shiraz

Experience luxury redefined in Shiraz’s 5-star hotels, offering sumptuous accommodations, exquisite dining, and unmatched service in the heart of Iran’s cultural gem.

Shiraz 5-Star Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel Shiraz
Shiraz 5-Star Grand Hotel

Located within the beautiful city of Shiraz, the Shiraz Grand Hotel is a 5-star establishment that guarantees a relaxing and memorable stay. This luxurious hotel is strategically located near key attractions such as Hafiziyeh, Quran Gate, and Jahannama Garden, making it an ideal choice for travelers. Furthermore, its convenient proximity to the airport ensures a hassle-free journey to and from the city.

When you choose the Shiraz Grand Hotel, you are opting for a blend of luxury and convenience that promises to make your visit to Shiraz truly unforgettable.

The Distance Between the Hotel and the Important Tourist and Service Centers

  • Distance to Shah Cheragh Mausoleum: 10 minutes by car
  • Distance to Hafez Tomb: 5 minutes by car
  • Distance to Eram Garden: 5 minutes by car
  • Distance to Saadi Tomb: 11 minutes by car
  • Distance to the Tomb of Cyrus: 1 hour and 20 minutes by car
  • Distance to the Bus Terminal: 10 minutes by car
  • Distance to the Railway Station: 25 minutes by car
  • Distance to Shiraz Airport: 23 minutes by car

Homa 5-Star Hotel

Hotel Homa Shiraz
Hotel Homa Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Homa Hotel stands as one of Shiraz’s finest accommodations, set against a scenic backdrop of lush green gardens. This eight-story establishment welcomes guests with 212 rooms and 22 suites, each offering a serene view of the vibrant flower garden and the majestic mountains beyond. It presents a golden opportunity to experience the captivating city of Shiraz in a peaceful and warm environment.

Guests are invited to dine in the hotel’s multiple restaurants, where an array of Iranian and international dishes are crafted to perfection. Beyond dining, the Homa Hotel’s amenities further include private parking, a conference room, complimentary wireless internet throughout the hotel, self-service breakfast, a free safe deposit box at the reception and in rooms, and round-the-clock reception and settlement services.

The Distance Between the Hotel and the Important Tourist and Service Centers of Shiraz

  • Distance to Shah Cheragh Mausoleum: 10 minutes by car
  • Distance to Hafez Tomb: 9 minutes by car
  • Distance to Jahannama Garden: 6 minutes by car
  • Distance to Hamam Vakil: 7 minutes by car
  • Distance to Aftab Mall: 17 minutes by car
  • Distance to the Railway Station: 27 minutes by car
  • Distance to the Bus Terminal: 6 minutes by car
  • Distance to Shiraz Airport: 23 minutes by car


Shiraz Hotels

Chamran 5-Star Hotel

Shiraz Chamran Hotel
Shiraz Chamran Hotel (photo by Alibaba)

Chamran Hotel in Shiraz is a beacon of luxury among the hotels in Shiraz. Designed with the latest world-class amenities, this hotel ensures a relaxing and indulgent stay for all its guests. Rising majestically over 23 floors, Chamran Shiraz Hotel invites guests to rooms offering breathtaking views of Iran’s cultural capital from the higher floors.

The spa at this complex is a sanctuary of relaxation, featuring an evening bath, swimming pool, sauna, and an array of massage treatments. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the hotel’s well-equipped sports hall.

For those with a passion for food, Chamran Hotel boasts a diverse array of dining options, including a traditional dining room, a restaurant of nations, and an Italian restaurant. For a taste of authentic Shirazi Falodeh, the hotel’s coffee shops present the perfect setting.

The Distance Between the Hotel and the Important Tourist and Service Centers of Shiraz

  • Distance to Shah Cheragh Mausoleum: 13 minutes by car
  • Distance to Karimkhani Citadel: 13 minutes by car
  • Distance to Eram Garden: 6 minutes by car
  • Distance to Saadi Tomb: 20 minutes by car
  • Distance to Hafez Tomb: 13 minutes by car
  • Distance to the Tomb of Cyrus: 1 hour and 20 minutes by car
  • Distance to Vakil Bazaar: 13 minutes by car
  • Distance to the Railway Station: 16 minutes by car
  • Distance to the Bus Terminal: 15 minutes by car
  • Distance to Shiraz Airport: 31 minutes by car

Persepolis 5-Star Hotel

Hotel Perspolis Shiraz
Hotel Persepolis Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Persepolis Hotel is a distinguished 5-star establishment in Shiraz offering an extensive range of services to its guests. Situated centrally in the vibrant heart of Shiraz, this seven-story building provides 104 rooms and suites designed to make every traveler’s stay comfortable and memorable.

The on-site restaurant, located on the ground floor, is a culinary delight, offering a wide variety of both Iranian and international dishes that are sure to enchant every diner.

The hotel’s 24-hour coffee shop welcomes guests with an assortment of hot and cold beverages, snacks, and high-quality refreshments.

The Distance Between the Hotel and the Important Tourist and Service Centers of Shiraz

  • Distance to Jahannama Garden, Hafez Tomb, and Karim Khan Citadel: Less than 5 minutes by car
  • Distance to other attractions of Shiraz such as Vakil Bath, Shahcheragh Mausoleum, Afifabad Garden: Less than 20 minutes

4-Star Hotels in Shiraz

Explore comfort and elegance in Shiraz’s 4-star hotels, perfectly blending modern amenities with traditional charm, ideal for travelers seeking quality and value in Iran’s cultural heart.

Saadi Park 4-Star Hotel

Saadi Park Hotel Shiraz
Saadi Park Hotel in Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Saadi Park Hotel in Shiraz, established in 1962, is renowned as one of the premier hotels in Shiraz. With a sprawling infrastructure of around 4,000 square meters, this hotel was designed in adherence to modern standards and underwent extensive renovations in 2017 to enhance the quality of its services. Situated adjacent to Darwaz Koran and near the tomb of the famous poet Khwaja Hafez, Saadi Park Hotel faces the scenic Jahannama Garden. Despite being 60 km away from the historic complex of Takht Jamshid (Persepolis), the hotel’s convenient location ensures a pleasant climate for guests.

The Saadi Park Hotel boasts 53 rooms and suites distributed across two separate buildings, where a team of experienced and highly trained staff warmly welcomes their guests.

The Bostan Restaurant, nestled within Saadi Park Hotel, serves a comprehensive array of both Iranian and foreign dishes to guests throughout the day, promising a delectable dining experience.

The expansive and inviting lobby of Saadi Park Hotel is designed to be a comfortable space where guests can relax and enjoy a refreshing drink while awaiting their room. Comprising various sections thoughtfully arranged to create a serene environment, this area is marked by its calm ambiance and delightful atmosphere.

Karim Khan 4-Star Hotel

Karimkhan Hotel Shiraz
Karim Khan Hotel Shiraz

Located on Rudaki Street in the historic and picturesque city of Shiraz, the Karim Khan Hotel welcomes its guests with open arms. Established in 1392 (2013), this relatively new addition to the city’s accommodations offers a delightful blend of old-world charm and contemporary convenience, with 63 rooms spanning across 6 floors. Though housed in a modern building, the hotel’s façade is designed in a traditional brick style—reflecting an effort to meld Iran’s rich architectural heritage with the sleek comforts of modern design.

Guests will immediately sense the tranquility that pervades throughout the hotel, a quality that helps ensure a restful and rejuvenating stay. Strategically located, the Karim Khan Hotel provides easy access to iconic attractions including Zandiyeh, Shahcheragh, Hafiziyeh, Sadiyeh, Bagh Eram, and shopping centers, making it a prime choice for travelers.

Ariobarzan 4-Star Hotel

Ariobarzan Hotel Shiraz
Ariobarzan Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

The Ariobarzan Hotel, one of Shiraz’s standout accommodations, occupies a 5-floor building with 51 rooms and accommodation units. Established in 2000, it is situated in a prime location on Zand St., Rodaki St. The hotel underwent a comprehensive renovation in 1390 (2011), resulting in upgraded, modern facilities throughout.

Located in close proximity to famed attractions such as the Shiraz Eram Garden, Shah Cheragh, and Karimkhani Citadel, Ariobarzan Hotel boasts an excellent location, making it a highly convenient base for tourists.

Proximity to Key Attractions

  • Close to Shiraz Eram Garden
  • Near Shah Cheragh Mausoleum
  • A stone’s throw from Karimkhani Citadel

Royal 4-Star Hotel in Shiraz

Royal Hotel Shiraz
Royal Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

As a quintessential tourism complex, the Royal Shiraz Hotel stands out with its unique offerings. Located beside attractions such as Kuhpayeh Park, historic landmarks including Koran Gate, and the exclusive Haft Khwan restaurant, this complex offers a comprehensive experience. All these elements harmoniously converge along Quran Boulevard (Ayatollah Rabbani Boulevard), immersing guests in Shiraz’s pleasant climate and captivating vistas.

The Royal Hotel, a 4-star establishment, was meticulously constructed in 2014, spanning 6 floors with 44 rooms. The hotel features a range of amenities, including a restaurant, coffee shop, sports complex, conference hall, internet café, serene room, and covered parking—a design that harmonizes perfectly with the Haft Khwan restaurant’s aesthetic.

Book Shiraz Hotels

Book Shiraz Hotels

Pars 4-Star Hotel in Shiraz

Pars Hotel Shiraz
Pars Hotel Shiraz

The 5-star Pars Hotel, a symbol of opulence, graces Shiraz with its grandeur and prime location. Consisting of two lavish towers, this hotel fulfills all your needs during your stay in Shiraz. The exquisitely adorned rooms provide a luxurious ambiance and a vantage point to admire the city’s beauty.

The allure of Pars Hotel goes beyond its lavish rooms, offering guests access to unique recreational facilities. The hotel’s water complex and sports hall attract families seeking an exceptional stay in Shiraz.

In summary, the Stargan Hotel, Saadi Park Hotel, and Pars Hotel each offer distinct experiences that cater to different preferences, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay in Shiraz.

Shirazis 4-Star Hotel

Shirazis Hotel In Shiraz
Shirazis Hotel in Shiraz

Shirazis Hotel, another top-notch establishment, graces Rudaki Street with accessible accommodations for budget-conscious travelers. Constructed in 2018, this 3-star, six-floor hotel houses 50 rooms. A convenient in-house shop offers handicrafts and souvenirs, while the hotel’s restaurant and coffee shop serve an array of delectable dishes and beverages. Strategically located, Shirazis Hotel is a mere 10-minute walk from the Karim Khan Citadel, providing easy access to Shiraz’s historic core. Dining options like Rudaki Restaurant and nearby cafes offer varied culinary experiences, while the bus and metro stations are less than 10 minutes’ walk away.

3-Star Hotels in Shiraz

Discover Shiraz’s 3-star hotels, offering a harmonious blend of affordability and comfort, ideal for travelers seeking a cost-effective yet quality stay in this historic city.

Niayesh 3-Star Boutique Hotel

Niyayesh Hotel Shiraz
Niayesh Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Niayesh Hotel, though a two-star residence, stands out as one of Shiraz’s most enchanting accommodations. Its picturesque setting, featuring trees, stained glass windows, and serene water views within an open courtyard, creates a serene atmosphere. Housed within a historic building, this establishment was once the gathering place of the Shiraz Literature Society and the site of Shiraz’s first newspaper printing.

Niayesh Hotel’s charming amenities include a restaurant and a traditional tea house. Its location outside the bustling traffic area offers tranquility. Notably, the proximity to Shahcheragh Mausoleum allows guests to catch a glimpse of the shrine’s surroundings from within the hotel premises. With no vehicular access within 150 meters, a stay at Niayesh Hotel guarantees complete serenity.

Laundry services provided in 3-star hotels are mandatory. The quality and comfort of bed mattresses should be at the desired and standard level. So don’t worry about the service and quality of these hotels. If you want to keep travel costs low, 3-star hotels will be a good choice.

Parse 3-Star Hotel

Parse Hotel Shiraz
Parse Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Constructed in 2013, the Parse Hotel quickly gained recognition thanks to its strategic location behind the Karim Khan Citadel and adjacent to Vakil Bazaar. The 5-story building offers 72 units, with extensive renovations in 2015 to enhance service and facility quality. The hotel’s advantageous location ensures easy access to historical and recreational sites such as Hammam, Vakil Bazaar, Eram Bagh, Shah Cheragh Shrine, and Darwaz Koran.

Guests at the 4-star Parse Hotel can enjoy a wide array of services, including room service, in-room safe deposit boxes, breakfast, free in-room internet, a coffee shop, luggage storage, porter service, 24-hour reception, paid transfers, and special ceremony services. Additional amenities include taxi service, a billiard hall, wake-up service, tour assistance, parking, ticketing service, mini-bars for a fee, a lobby telephone, free lobby internet, and laundry services.

Parsian 3-Star Hotel

Parsian Hotel Shiraz
Parsian Hotel Shiraz

Strategically located on Rodaki Street near Zand intersection, the Parsian Hotel has been catering to guests since its establishment in 1371. With 62 rooms and suites, it ranks among the top hotels in Shiraz. The hotel offers a range of facilities including a coffee shop, an Iranian restaurant, and a craft store, all delivered with the utmost respect and care by the dedicated staff.

The Parsian Hotel provides easy access to both tourist attractions and business centers in Shiraz. The iconic Karim Khan Citadel is a mere 10-minute walk away, and the renowned Vakil Bazaar is a 5-minute drive. The hotel’s proximity to the metro and bus stations, as well as Karimkhan Street, adds to its appeal.

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Beyn Ol-Harameyn 3-Star Hotel

Beynolharameyn Hotel Shiraz
Beyn Ol-Harameyn Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Situated in the heart of Shiraz’s historic district, Bin Al-Haramein Hotel offers guests a unique proximity to revered shrines like Hazrat Shah Cheragh and Seyyed Alauddin Hossein. Notably, the hotel is a short distance from prominent attractions including Atiq Mosque, Zinatul Moluk House, Zandiye Complex, Narenjestan Qavam, and Nasirul Molk Mosque. The convenience extends to shopping centers, with Bin Al-Haramein Complex, Shah Cheragh Bazaar, and Vakil Bazaar all within reach.

The hotel’s interior design exudes beauty and style, while also offering complete amenities such as television, high-speed internet, and air conditioning in all rooms. Each room features safes for valuables, a refrigerator, a mini-bar, and en-suite bathrooms.

Setaregan 3-Star Hotel in Shiraz

Setaregan Hotel Shiraz
Setaregan Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

The 3-star Setaregan Hotel in Shiraz stands out among the ranks of quality accommodations with reasonable pricing. Its strategic location, close to attractions like Eram Garden and the delightful ice cream parlors and restaurants on Chencheneh Street, enhances its appeal. The hotel’s interior architecture, spread across fourteen stories, boasts a modern design that caters to travelers’ needs. For a bird’s-eye view of the picturesque city of Shiraz, consider booking a room on the higher floors. In the autumn and winter months, guests can enjoy a special treat with a 40% discount on rooms at Setaregan Hotel.

Jahangardi 3-Star Hotel

Jahangardi Hotel Shiraz
Jahangardi Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Jahangardi Complex, a distinguished 3-star hotel in Shiraz, was established in 1350 and underwent renovations in 2016 to enhance guest comfort. Located in the northeastern part of the city at the beginning of Abu Nasr Boulevard, adjacent to the dried Haft Pili river, the complex sprawls across 20,000 square meters. With 44 rooms and suites spread across two- and three-story blocks nestled in lush environs, Jahangardi Hotel offers a tranquil respite. While elevators were not included due to the limited number of floors, the hotel provides easy access to city center and attractions like Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Jahan Nama Garden, and Eram Garden. The unique green space and villa-style accommodations create lasting memories of your Shiraz stay.

Atlas 3-Star Hotel

Atlas Hotel Shiraz
Atlas Hotel Shiraz

Renowned for its exceptional facilities and skilled staff, the Atlas Hotel is a prime choice for a comfortable Shiraz stay. Its standout feature is its prime location in the city’s historical heart, making it a convenient starting point for exploring cultural treasures. The hotel offers discounts for travelers, coupled with transfer services and guided historical tours. The hotel’s coffee shops cater to various culinary preferences, ensuring an enjoyable dining experience for guests. With free internet access, your stay at Atlas Hotel is both convenient and enjoyable.

Vakil Hotel: Immersive Traditional Elegance

Vakil Hotel Shiraz
Vakil Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Located within Shiraz’s famed Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street, the 3-star Vakil Hotel exudes historic charm. Established in 1397, the hotel features an interior design boasting brick walls, a serene courtyard with a water pond, and tastefully appointed rooms. Guests can relish meals at the in-house restaurant or enjoy drinks in the open-air coffee shop. Conveniently located, Vakil Hotel offers swift access to notable attractions such as Vakil Complex, Karim Khan Citadel, Shahcheragh Shrine, and more.

Eram 3-Star Hotel

Eram Hotel Shiraz By The Rtw Guys
Eram Hotel Shiraz (photo by The RTW Guys)

Eram Hotel, a prominent 3-star choice, stands at the city’s center, surrounded by banks, commercial centers, and the bustling main market. With eight floors and 100 rooms, this hotel offers a convenient stay experience. Facilities include Sarvenaz restaurant offering a diverse menu, a 24-hour coffee shop, and a lobby where guests can enjoy traditional music. The hotel’s central location provides easy access to key attractions, and its proximity to commercial centers alleviates shopping concerns.

Hadish 3-Star Hotel Apartment

Hadish Hotel Shiraz By Travel Hub Iran
Hadish Hotel Shiraz (photo by Travel Hub Iran)

Established in 2002 with five floors, Hadish Hotel Apartment provides budget-friendly accommodations. A renovation in 2015 further enhanced guest satisfaction. This 3-star hotel stands on Karim Khan Street, offering easy access to Shiraz’s tourist spots. With 30 apartments, it’s a wallet-friendly option. Notable attractions, like Shah Cheragh Mausoleum and Hamam Vakil, are a short drive away. The hotel’s strategic location ensures accessibility to numerous city landmarks.

Roudaki 3-Star Hotel in Shiraz

Roudaki Hotel Shiraz
Roudaki Hotel Shiraz

The 3-star Rudaki Hotel is located on Karim Khan Zand Street and is a good choice for travelers with medium to high budgets. Rudaki Hotel is considered an affordable accommodation and is a short distance from tourist attractions such as Karimkhani Citadel or Jahannama Garden. The rooms of Rodaki Hotel are of single and double type, and the windows of some of them open to the beautiful streets of Shiraz.

2-Star Hotels in Shiraz

Shiraz’s 2-star hotels provide practical, budget-friendly accommodation, ensuring a comfortable and economical stay in this vibrant, historical city.

Nasir Al-Mulk Hotel

Nasir Ol Molk Hotel Shiraz
Nasir Al-Mulk Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

For travelers who intend to visit Shiraz, Nasirul Molk Hotel is one of the good choices, because it is located on the eastern side of Shahcheragh and is considered an ideal and affordable option. Nasir al-Molk Hotel, one of the two-star hotels in Shiraz, which is named after Nasir al-Molk Mosque, has 35 rooms on four floors. This hotel has been hosting travelers since 2015.

The lobby of the hotel is simple and stylish and attracts your attention when you enter. The rooms and suites of the hotel are clean and tidy and have a quiet atmosphere. The hotel restaurant also serves Iranian dishes.

The sights of Shiraz are a short distance from this hotel and it only takes a few minutes to reach them. Nasir al-Molk Mosque, Narenjestan Qavam, Mosque and Hammam, and Vakil Bazaar are about 2 kilometers away from the residence. Zand Street is suitable for shopping and contains most of the tourist attractions and beautiful gardens of Shiraz. If you walk for about 20 minutes, you can reach this street.

Rhyton Hotel

Rhyton Hotel Shiraz
Rhyton Hotel Shiraz

Rhyton Hotel is one of the recently built two-star hotels in Shiraz. This hotel was built in 2018 with 14 rooms on three floors. Rhyton Hotel is located near Lotf Ali Khan Zand Street. Rhyton Hotel’s small rooms are neat, clean and well-equipped to provide you with a comfortable stay and high-quality services.

Rhyton Hotel’s 24-hour coffee shop is a good place to have a hot or cold drink. Sharze traditional restaurant and antique restaurant cafe are located 1 kilometer from this hotel and you can enjoy your meals in these restaurants.

If you are staying at this hotel, it is only a 5–15-minute walk to the historical places and tourist attractions of Shiraz, such as Hammam and Vakil Bazaar, Sarai Moshir, Shah Cheragh, Karim Khan Citadel and Jame Atiq Mosque. Also, by car, you are about 15 minutes away from Narenjestan Qavam Garden, Saadi Mausoleum, Afifabad Garden, Hafiziyehh and Eram Garden. If you want to use public transportation, you are only a few steps away from the bus station and 10 minutes from the Zandiye metro station.

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Anahita Hotel

Anahita Hotel Shiraz
Anahita Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Anahita Hotel is another one of the best hotels in Shiraz. This hotel was built in 1344 and renovated in 1384. Anahita Hotel has 22 units on 2 floors.

If you want to visit tourist attractions such as Hafiziyehh, Hafez Mausoleum, Karim Khan Citadel, Eram Bagh, Zintul Muluk House, Bazaar and Vakil Bath, you are about 8 minutes away and 12 minutes away from Shahcheragh by car. The metro and bus station are a few steps away from this hotel. Shahid Modares bus terminal is 6 minutes away, the airport is 17 minutes away, and the railway is 32 minutes away from Anahita Hotel.

For the convenience of travelers, there is a restaurant and a coffee shop in this hotel, where you can have a variety of food and drinks. If you want to have your meal in another restaurant, you can go to Lavia restaurant, which is located a few steps away from the hotel.

Ariana Hotel

Ariana Hotel Shiraz
Ariana Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Ariana Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in the city of Shiraz, which is located in the most central part of the city, the heart of Zand Street. This two-star hotel has 58 rooms and a 5-story building. Ariana Hotel was 1 star before the renovation, but after that it managed to get another star.

The rooms of this hotel are double, triple and five-bed, and you can choose your suitable room at the time of booking. The hotel’s Iranian restaurant serves you delicious food.

Due to the convenient location of Ariana Hotel, it is easy for travelers to access the sightseeing and historical places of Shiraz. If you want to eat at another restaurant, the Shapouri Mansion restaurant is a good option for eating a few steps away from the hotel.

You need to walk for about 10 minutes from Ariana Hotel to reach Karim Khan Citadel. It is 400 meters from Zandiyeh metro station to Ariana Hotel.

Kowsar Hotel

Kowsar Hotel Shiraz
Kowsar Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Many of the best hotels in Shiraz are located on Karim Khan Zand Street, Kowsar Hotel is no exception. Two-star Kowsar Hotel can be one of the right choices at an affordable price. Kowsar Shiraz Hotel was built in 1370 with 50 rooms in a 3-story building. Also, this hotel was renovated for the last time in 2015.

The atmosphere of this hotel is cozy and calm and has a pleasant restaurant and tea house. It also provides housekeeping services to its passengers in the best way.

The location of Kowsar Hotel is very convenient and you can easily reach the historical and sightseeing places of Shiraz. You are about 10 to 15 minutes away from Kowsar Shiraz Hotel to Karim Khan Citadel, bazaar and Hammam Vakil.

If you would like to eat your food outside the hotel restaurant, you can go to Rudaki Restaurant and Shapouri Mansion Cafe. With just a few steps, you can reach the bus station and the Zandiyeh metro station. The distance to Zeitoun shopping center is also close.

Shams Hotel Apartment

Shams Hotel Shiraz
Shams Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Shams Shiraz Hotel Apartment has a different and special location. This hotel is located on Hafez Street, which leads to Vakil Bazaar from the south and to Hafezieh and Bagh Jahannam from the north. Shams Hotel has 45 accommodation units on 8 floors.

The view of the city from Shams Apartment Hotel is very spectacular, because it is facing the Koran Gate, and this is what makes this hotel attractive.

The apartment units of this hotel are stylish and charming and have facilities like a house. The hotel staff also welcome their guests well. The hotel restaurant has a varied menu. Also, the presence of parking, elevator and taxi service makes passengers more comfortable.

Tachar Hotel Apartment

Tachar Hotel Shiraz
Tachar Hotel Shiraz (photo by Tripadvisor)

The name of this two-star hotel is different. Thatcher in the Dehkhoda dictionary means “small palace” and one of Dariush’s palaces has the same name. This hotel was built in 2008 with 4 floors and 12 suites. Thatcher Hotel has facilities like a house.

Tourist attractions such as Eram Garden are 10 minutes away and Vakil Bazaar is 15 minutes away from this hotel apartment.

The greenery of the hotel is very beautiful. Billiard hall is also a good entertainment for travelers. The hotel restaurant serves Iranian and traditional Shiraz dishes to its guests.

If you don’t want to eat at the hotel, Haft-Khuan restaurant, which is one of the most famous restaurants in Shiraz, is located 10 minutes away from Thatcher Hotel.

Lotf Ali Khan Hotel (Former Shayan)

Lotf Ali Khan Hotel Shiraz
Lotf Ali Khan Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Lotf Ali Khan or Shayan Hotel is located in the historical context of the city and one of the oldest neighborhoods of Shiraz. This two-star hotel has good facilities and has good access to the tourist attractions of Shiraz. This hotel is built on four floors and is near Fars Museum. Hotel rooms and suites also meet most of your needs, according to the amount paid. Shayan Hotel is located right in front of Qawam Garden. According to the people of Shiraz, this garden is the most beautiful garden in the city.

Sasan Hotel

Sasan Hotel Shiraz
Sasan Hotel Shiraz (photo by Apochi)

Sasan two-star hotel is located on Karim Khan Zand street and near Shahrdari flat. Sasan Hotel is in a good location in terms of access to tourist attractions and you can reach Karim Khan Citadel in less than 3 minutes by car. The famous branch of the National Bank, which was built by the Germans during the reign of Reza Shah, is also located near Sasan Hotel. The hotel has reasonable amenities and meets your basic needs for staying in Shiraz.

Hafez Shiraz Hotel

Hafez Hotel Shiraz
Hafez Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

The proximity of Hafez Hotel to Karimkhani Citadel, Shahcheragh Mausoleum and Shiraz shopping centers has made this two-star hotel one of the good mid-range accommodations in Shiraz. The amenities of Hafez Hotel are also acceptable and with 34 rooms and suites along with an experienced staff, it hosts you on your trip to Shiraz. The hotel has other facilities such as restaurant, elevator, parking, laundry and free wireless internet.

The distance between the hotel and the important tourist and service centers of Shiraz:

  • Distance to Shah Cheragh Mausoleum: 6 minutes by car
  • Distance to Karimkhani Citadel: 1 minute by car
  • Distance to Hafez Tomb: 11 minutes by car
  • Distance to Jahannama Garden: 8 minutes by car
  • Distance to Vakil bath: 4 minutes by car
  • Distance to Aftab Mall: 18 minutes by car
  • Distance to the railway: 28 minutes by car
  • Distance to the bus terminal: 8 minutes by car
  • Distance to Shiraz Airport: 23 minutes by car

1-Star Hotels in Shiraz

We know that 1-star hotels are not so big and often have a family and friendly atmosphere. These hotels are usually managed by the hotel owner and his family and relatives.

Keyvan Hotel

Keivan Hotel Shiraz
Keyvan Hotel Shiraz

Among the one-star hotels in Shiraz, Keivan Hotel is a newly built hotel and an economical option for staying in this city. This hotel was built in 2017 with 24 rooms on three floors. The arrangement of the rooms is simple and friendly and the hotel staff serve their guests in the best way. The hotel cafe also serves a variety of hot and cold drinks.

Keyvan Hotel is located in Shiraz Municipal Square and has convenient access to the historical and touristic places of Shiraz. For example, if you want to visit Karim Khan Citadel, Pars Museum, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath, Vakil Mosque, and Sarai Moshir, you are only 5 to 10 minutes away from them by walking.

Also, with less than 15 minutes of driving or traveling by car, you can reach Shah Cheragh Mosque and Hafiziyehh from Kivan Hotel. The bus and metro stations are just a few steps away from Keyvan Hotel, and you can easily go anywhere in the city by public transportation.

If you want to eat your food in a restaurant, the traditional Sharzeh restaurant is 500 meters away and the Qavam restaurant cafe is 1 kilometer away from Keyvan Hotel.

Traditional Residence Of Forough

Forough Mehr Traditional Residence By Stquest
Forough Mehr Traditional Residence Shiraz (photo by 1stQuest)

You can find another of the best hotels in Shiraz around Serah Namazi. The traditional residence of Forough Mehr dates back to 1316, and in fact, it was a part of the historical house of Forough Al-Molk. The last renovation of this residence was done in 2015, and with 18 rooms in its two-story building, it welcomes travelers and guests of Shiraz city.

If you want to stay in one of the historical houses for a few days, the traditional residence of Forough Mehr will be affordable and a different experience for you. An outdoor coffee shop seems like a good idea for a hearty drink. Also, walking in the yard of this residence brings an exemplary relaxation. The restaurant of this traditional residence serves a variety of Iranian dishes to travelers.

The distance between Forough Mehr residence and historical places is not much. It is about 1 km from the residence to Shahcheragh and about 11 minutes to Karim Khan Citadel. You need to walk for 20 minutes to reach the bazaar, mosque and Vakil bath. The residence is 5 minutes from Dastghaib bus station and 15 minutes from Zandiyeh metro station.

Zand Guest House

Zand Guest House Shiraz
Zand Guest House Shiraz

Zand Guest House is located near Shahada Square in Shiraz and is considered one of the affordable hotels in Shiraz. This guest house was built in 1342 and renovated in 1397. Zand Guest House welcomes guests and travelers with 20 rooms in its three-story building.

Access to public transportation is easy from this guest house, Shahada bus station and Zandiyeh metro station are available with a 4-minute walk. The distance from the residence to the bus terminal is 15 minutes’ drive and to the airport is 30 minutes’ drive.

One of the main features of Zand Hospitality is its accessibility and proximity to business centers and historical and sightseeing places in Shiraz. You can reach the Karim Khan Citadel and the Zandiye complex in just a 4-minute walk.

You can also walk to Pars Museum or Bagh Nazar with a 6-minute walk, and then with a further 5-minute walk, you can go to Hammam, Mosque, Vakil Bazaar and Sarai Moshir. Hafiziyehh is only 2.5 kilometers away from Zand guest house.

Sarvenaz Guest House

Sarvenaz Guest House Shiraz
Sarvenaz Guest House Shiraz

Sarvenaz Guest House was opened in 1396 in Atlasi Square, Shiraz. This complex welcomes guests and travelers in five floors and 10 two- and three-bedroom accommodation units with modern amenities.

One of the good features of this complex is the quick and easy access to the sightseeing and touristic places of Shiraz, such as Hafez and Saadi tombs, Koran Gate, Jahan-Nama Delightful Garden, and Zinat-ul-Maluk House.

Parmis Hotel Apartment

Parmis Hotel Shiraz By Travel To Iran Agency
Parmis Hotel Shiraz (photo by Travel to IRAN Agency)

Another of the best hotels in Shiraz is Parmis Hotel Apartment, which is located in the center of the city on Piruzi St., near Shahada Square. Parmis Apartment Hotel is an affordable hotel and can be a good choice for you among the hotels in Shiraz.

This hotel-apartment was built in 2007 with 12 rooms on 2 floors and was renovated in 2018. In the rooms and apartments, kitchen and cooking equipment are considered so that travelers have more comfort during their stay. In addition, housekeeping services are provided to guests. The hotel’s professional and friendly staff welcome and entertain the guests.

Due to the convenient location of this hotel, access to shopping centers in Shiraz is easy. Also, just a few minutes’ walk from the apartment hotel, you can visit historical and scenic places such as Karim Khan citadel, bazaar and Vakil bath.

If you want to have your meal or snack in a restaurant or coffee shop, there are various cafes and restaurants near Parmis Apartment Hotel. Zandiyeh metro station and bus station are also close to the apartment hotel and you can easily use public transportation to move around the city.

Green House Apartment Hotel

Green House Hotel Shiraz
Green House Hotel Shiraz (photo by Alibaba)

Khaneh Sabz Shiraz Hotel & Apartment was established in 2005 in three floors and 20 rooms and apartment units. Also, to provide better facilities and services, this hotel was renovated in 2016.

It is easy to access the sightseeing and touristic places of Shiraz such as Vakil Bazaar, Karim Khan Citadel and Shahcheragh, and it is at most 3 kilometers away from this hotel. This one-star hotel-apartment welcomes guests and travelers with trained and experienced personnel.

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