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Tarbiat Street in Tabriz: A Historic Street

Where History and Modernity Intertwine

Tarbiat Street, a central pedestrian thoroughfare in Tabriz, Iran, boasts a rich history dating back to the Pahlavi dynasty. Named after Mohammad Ali Tarbiat, the then mayor of Tabriz, this street marks a significant modernization effort in the city’s history. Initially, Tarbiat Street cut through the residential complex of Qajar-Batmanghelich, which was expropriated by Reza Shah after his coup in 1925. In the 1990s, under Mayor Darvish Zadeh, it transformed into a pedestrian-only area, enhancing its appeal and accessibility.

Tarbiat Street Today: A Bustling Hub

Tarbiat Street in Tabriz: A Historic Street
A Day in Tarbiat Street of Tabriz

Presently, Tarbiat Street is a vibrant hub in Tabriz’s city center. It encompasses a section of the famous Tabriz Bazaar, specifically the Shishe Gar Khane, and is lined with modern shopping malls like Shekh Safi, Shams-e Tabrizi, and Molana. This street is not only a shopping destination but also a showcase of special architecture, reflecting the city’s historical and cultural richness.

Historical Significance

Tarbiat Street in Tabriz: A Historic Street
Walking Through Tarbiat Street in Tabriz (photo by Flickr)

Tarbiat Street’s historical significance extends beyond its modern developments. Before its establishment in the 20th century, it was part of the ancient Silk Road. This association with one of history’s most important trade routes adds a layer of historical importance to Tarbiat Street.

Key Locations and Connectivity

Tarbiat Street in Tabriz: A Historic Street
Visiting the Tarbiat Street of Tabriz, Iran

Historically, Tarbiat Street served as a vital connection between several neighborhoods, like Nobar, Maqsudiyeh, and Chernadab. It led to key destinations such as the old Allah Big road, Dorreh Darbandi, and the old Shishegar Khane Bazaar. Today, it connects to important streets like Imam Khomeini Street and Ferdowsi Street, making it a critical part of Tabriz’s urban layout.


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At the start of Tarbiat Street, you can find the historic Shaban Mosque, an important religious site in Tabriz. The street also houses the former residence of Prince Zia’ al-Dawleh Amanullah Mirza, which has now been converted into a commercial area with various modern facilities.

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