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Best Routes for Traveling from Tehran to Tabriz

What is the Best Route for Traveling from Tehran to Tabriz?

When planning a trip, a common question is: “How long will it take to get there?” You need to know when to leave, when to arrive, and what to do in between. If you plan to travel to or through Azerbaijan, it’s important to know the distance between Tehran and Tabriz, or vice versa.

In this article from SURFIRAN’s travel magazine, I’ll explain the travel time from Tehran to Tabriz by car, airplane, train, and more.

Distance from Tehran to Tabriz

Distance from Tehran to Tabriz | Distance from Tabriz to Tehran

Traveling from Tehran to Tabriz by Car and Bus
Traveling from Tehran to Tabriz by Car and Bus

Traveling to Tabriz takes less than a day. After reading this guide on the distance from Tehran to Tabriz, check out some of the attractions in Tabriz for a well-rounded travel plan. No matter the season, be aware of the weather conditions to pack accordingly.

Distance from Tehran to Tabriz by Car and Bus


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The distance from Tehran to Tabriz is 630 kilometers. If you plan to travel by road, you will reach Tabriz in about 7 to 8 hours.

Route 1

Start by entering the Tehran-Karaj Highway and continue towards Qazvin. You can extend your journey by visiting the cities between Tehran and Tabriz. The distance from Tehran to Qazvin is 162 kilometers, which takes about two hours.

If you have the necessary equipment, take the old road to Qazvin. Spend a few hours in the city visiting the Bell Tower, Chehel Sotoun Palace, and Sa’d al-Saltaneh. Then, head towards the Qazvin-Zanjan Highway. The distance from Qazvin to Zanjan is 178 kilometers. Don’t miss the Grand Bazaar of Zanjan, which stretches from Saadi Street to Asghariyeh Street. After the Zanjan-Tabriz route, you will reach the beautiful city of Tabriz.

Tehran-Tabriz Buses
Tehran-Tabriz Buses

Route 2

The second route takes you through the scenic northern roads. The distance from Tehran to Rasht is about 6 hours. Travel from Tehran to Gachsar. From Gachsar, take the winding road through Chalous-Tonekabon-Ramsar-Roodsar-Lahijan to reach Rasht.

Continue from Rasht to Ardabil. Spend a few days visiting Lake Shorabil and the Meshginshahr Suspension Bridge, and enjoy the sights of Ardabil. Continue the road from Ardabil to Tabriz.

Route 3

The third route to Tabriz makes the trip longer, taking about 8 hours, passing through the city of Hamedan. Spend a day in the village of Varkaneh, enjoying local bread and cheese. Pass through Qazvin and Zanjan to finally reach Tabriz.

Distance from Tehran to Tabriz by Train

Travel from Tehran to Tabriz by Train
Travel from Tehran to Tabriz by Train

Traveling by train is cost-effective, safer, and allows you to enjoy natural scenery from the window.

To travel to Tabriz by train, head to the western railway station, which is not far from the city center. The train stops at the following stations:

  • Karaj
  • Qazvin
  • Takestan
  • Khorramdarreh
  • Zanjan
  • Mianeh
  • Khorasanak
  • Maragheh
  • Ajabshir
  • Azarshahr
  • Tabriz

The journey duration varies depending on the type of train. Regular trains take 11 to 12 hours, while high-speed trains take 6 hours. If traveling by train, carry a power bank, inflatable neck pillow, enough water, and warm clothing.

When traveling by train, adhere to general rules such as no smoking, proper use of restrooms, and speaking quietly in compartments.

Distance from Tehran to Tabriz by Airplane

Traveling from Tehran to Tabriz by Airplane
Traveling from Tehran to Tabriz by Airplane

The aerial distance from Tehran to Tabriz is 528 kilometers. A flight to Tabriz departs from Mehrabad Airport and lands at Madani International Airport in just over an hour. Before flying, familiarize yourself with prohibited items in the cabin. The weight limit for cabin baggage is between 7 to 8 kilograms.

Since Tabriz is a cold city, bring warm clothing. Adhering to general rules ensures a comfortable journey for you and your fellow passengers. Air travel significantly shortens the travel time between Tehran and Tabriz.

Best Route for Traveling to Tabriz

Choosing the best route to Tabriz depends on your time and budget. If time is a priority, allocate a higher budget and travel by airplane. Traveling by car takes longer but offers comfort and relaxation throughout the journey. Train travel is cost-effective and safe, allowing you to enjoy scenic views but also takes longer.

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