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Tehran to Kermanshah Route and Distance Guide

How Far is it from Tehran to Kermanshah?

In this section of the SURFIRAN travel magazine, we will explore the distance from Tehran to Kermanshah, and how long it takes to travel between these two cities by car, train, or airplane.

Kermanshah is one of Iran’s oldest cities, boasting numerous historical, natural, and tourist attractions. Many travelers include Kermanshah in their travel plans. There are several routes from Tehran to Kermanshah, each offering various points of interest along the way.

As you may know, Kermanshah province is located in the western part of Iran and has experienced many events, such as wars and earthquakes, throughout history. Despite this, its historical essence remains intact. During the Nowruz holidays, many people choose to travel to Kermanshah due to its pleasant spring weather. However, they may wonder about the distance from Tehran to Kermanshah and the routes available. Let’s explore the answers to these questions.

Time and Distance from Tehran to Kermanshah

To understand the travel time from Tehran to Kermanshah, you must first decide on your mode of transportation. You can travel to this beautiful province by car, train, or airplane.

Distance from Tehran to Kermanshah by Car

Distance from Tehran to Kermanshah by Car
Distance from Tehran to Kermanshah by Car

The road distance from Tehran to Kermanshah varies depending on the chosen route. There are three main routes:

  • Route 1: 531 kilometers
  • Route 2: 538 kilometers
  • Route 3: 573 kilometers

Depending on the route, the travel time by car is between 6 to 7 hours.

For a faster journey, you can book a plane ticket and cover the 6 to 7-hour road trip in just 1 hour. The aerial distance between Tehran and Kermanshah is 423 kilometers. However, flight duration may vary due to weather conditions. Traveling by plane has its advantages, such as avoiding long hours on the road and arriving refreshed and ready to explore the city.

Traveling to Kermanshah by Car

Traveling to Kermanshah by Car or Bus
Traveling to Kermanshah by Car or Bus

If you prefer traveling by car, you can take your time, make several stops, and enjoy the attractions along the way. Here are the three main routes:

Route 1: Through Saveh

This is the shortest route, taking about 5 hours and 45 minutes to 6 hours. Drive through the Saveh road, pass Hamedan and Kangavar to reach Kermanshah. From Tehran to Saveh is 148 kilometers, taking nearly 2 hours. Along the way, you might see many vendors selling pomegranates from Saveh or take a break for tea. You can also visit Hamedan’s attractions before continuing your journey.

Route 2: Through Qom

This route passes through Qom, Arak, and Malayer. After passing these cities, follow the Nahavand-Kermanshah road, then continue on the Kermanshah-Hamedan road to reach Kermanshah.

Route 3: Through Jihunabad

From Saveh highway, head towards Jihunabad. Pass Qahavand, Jokar, Farsfaj, and Godin, then join the Kermanshah-Hamedan highway to reach your destination.

Best Route: The first route (Tehran-Saveh) is the best as it takes about 6 hours. The other two routes take around 7 hours.

When traveling by car, ensure you have essential supplies like snacks, tea, coffee, a first aid kit, a foldable chair, a water bottle, disposable dishes, and any other necessary items.

Distance from Tehran to Kermanshah by Train

Train Ticket

Traveling by train is ideal for group travelers or those who prefer not to drive. The train journey from Tehran to Kermanshah is one of Iran’s longest rail routes, taking about 11 hours.

The train stops at:

  • Samangan
  • Hamedan
  • Malayer
  • Nahavand
  • Kangavar
  • Sahneh
  • Kermanshah
Traveling from Tehran to Kermanshah by Train
Traveling from Tehran to Kermanshah by Train

The cost of the train ticket depends on the type of train. For a long journey, it’s advisable to book a seat in a comfortable train.

Traveling to Kermanshah by Airplane


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For a quicker and more comfortable journey, you can fly from Tehran to Kermanshah. The flight takes about 1 hour, departing from Mehrabad Airport and arriving at Kermanshah Airport. Book your ticket through SURFIRAN for affordable rates.

Airfare might be higher during holidays, but the view of the Zagros Mountains from above is worth it.

Traveling to Kermanshah by Airplane
Traveling to Kermanshah by Airplane

Best Way to Travel from Tehran to Kermanshah

Choosing the best way to travel to Kermanshah depends on your time and budget. If time is a priority and you have a higher budget, flying is the best option. If you prefer to save money, traveling by car or train is more economical.

Traveling by car is preferable as it allows you to explore attractions along the way and take breaks as needed. However, if you enjoy the scenic views and relaxed pace, the train is a good choice.

Share Your Experience

If you have traveled from Tehran to Kermanshah by any of these means, please share your experiences and tips with us.

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