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10 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Iran This Year

Our Top Reasons for Visiting Iran

In this article, I am going to give 10 convincing reasons to help you overcome your doubts and even encourage you to consider your next trip to this mysterious land as soon as you return to your home country!

With 196 countries and countless exciting destinations worldwide, there is so much to see in a very limited time. Even the most well-traveled person roughly gets to visit all and has to be selective. So, why should you consider visiting a country like Iran, especially when it comes to all those negative news and stereotypes surrounding it?

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In this article, I am going to give 10 convincing reasons to help you overcome your doubts and even encourage you to consider your next trip to this mysterious land as soon as you return to your home country!

1. Iranian Hospitality Will Amaze You!

There is a Persian saying which goes: “A guest is loved by God” and this is a true belief, widely reflected in Persian culture. As a tourist, you will sense the kindness and affection of Iranian people toward foreigners whom they consider as “dear guests”. Iranians love to receive you warmly in their country.

Why you should visit Iran?

They may not be able to communicate flawlessly through words, but they will surely demonstrate you their willingness to make you feel at home.

While traveling in Iran, you will probably get invited to people’s houses to try a homemade dish or spend a joyful evening together while drinking a delicious Iranian tea.

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Human interaction is an important part of any trip to Iran and this makes your journey a more distinctive, unique experience.

2. Iran is one of the most affordable destinations

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Whether you want to travel cheaply or lavishly in Iran, there will be limitless options for you. You can either accommodate in a 300-year-old luxurious palace and feel like an ancient Persian king or queen or you can try backpacking and hitchhiking to travel on a budget. In both cases, you will spend a lesser amount of money in comparison to other similar destinations. If you prefer a quaint guesthouse or home-stay, you can spend 10 days or more with a limited budget around 150$, which is amazing considering the quality of service you are going to receive. Add to this the fact that you can buy exotic, unique souvenirs like Persian carpet or the world’s best saffron with a fairly acceptable price.

3. You can experience all four seasons in a single trip to Iran

In a geographically diverse, vast land like Iran, you will have the chance to experience different climates within just a few hours. It sounds amazing that you can enjoy skiing in the slopes of Alborz mountains in the northern parts of the country and lie on the warm, sunny beaches of Persian Gulf at the very same day by taking a short, domestic flight.

Few countries offer such a diverse climate to tourists, so you better grab the chance to experience different climates in Iran’s forests, deserts, mountains and beaches in just a single trip.

4. You will travel back in time by exploring Iran’s rich history and background

The name of Iran has always been intertwined with a very ancient history. It brings to mind many historical sites, myths, and legends that can excite any traveler.

From the magnificent Persepolis- which even today, its ruins demonstrate the glory of this magnificent city- to some of the oldest human settlements in the world, all Iranian monuments and sites will bring you a sense of awe and admiration toward this ancient civilization. So, if you interested in history and culture, visiting Iran with twenty-one UNESCO world heritage sites is a must!

5. Iranian dishes will reveal you the pleasures of Persian cuisine!

They say you can add an extra day to your life trying new food. When it comes to Persian cuisine, I completely agree with that! There are so many diverse flavors and tastes you can try in Iran and each one of them are unique in their own way.

Khoresht E Gheimeh
Gheimeh, one of the most popular foods in Iran!

Besides, Iran is a heaven for sweet lovers for almost any city in the country produces its special type of sweets and pastries. So, be ready to gain some weight while in Iran, as it is really hard to say no to all these delicious options!


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6. Iran is safe destination for tourists

Unlike what the media is trying to portrait, Iran is among the safest countries for travelers and it is not just an empty claim.

Almost any tourist who travels to Iran is astonished by the contradiction which exists between the real Iran and the image of this country in the mass media. I have heard from many foreigners that Iran is one of the safest countries they have ever traveled to. Once you are here, you will confirm it yourself.

7. Navigating transport in Iran is easy and cheap.

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Iran has a fairly well-developed transportation system and if you intend to visit several cities in this country, you can easily do it. As well as the paved road system which links most of Iran’s towns and all of its cities, you can also travel by train or plane.

Buses are clean and spacious but if you are limited on time, planes and trains in Iran are fast and economical alternatives. Although there are different classes at different prices, transport in Iran is generally inexpensive and lets you plan your trip easily and effectively.

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8. The diversity of touristic resources in Iran is unbelievable!

For almost all types of travelers, Iran has something to offer. If you are interested in culture, for instance, Iran will be your heaven. You will have the chance to meet several ethnic groups from Kurds and Azaris to Lurs and Balochs and learn about their authentic customs. If you are into art, then the amazing architecture of Iran’s monuments, unbelievable collections of its capital’s museums and the music and cinema will satisfy you. For nature lovers, mountain climbers and hikers, Iran has some of the most breathtaking natural attractions. If you are a photographer, I assure you that you are going to take some of your most unique photos in Iran!

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9. Romantic Persian gardens and ancient cities of Iran resemble legendary tales.

If you walk in one of the largest cities of the world built almost entirely out of adobe or chill out for a few hours in a dreamy Persian garden, you may feel that you are a part of a very old legend. Although modernity is transforming the appearance of different cities in Iran, there are still cities and places which have preserved their authenticity and unique style. They freeze time with their architecture and atmosphere. So, you can forget about the fast-paced life of cosmopolitan cities and immerse yourself in a different rhythm of life, as if you are a personage in a very ancient tale!

Eram Garden
Eram Garden is a historic Persian garden in Shiraz. The word “Eram” is the Persianized version of the Arabic word “Iram” which means heaven.

10. Iran is like nowhere else and you better discover it yourself!

Iran is totally different from other countries in the middle east and although you may have many ideas around this country, the fact is that you will never know until you see it for yourself. This is especially true for Iran as a country which needs more honest and unbiased opinions of real human experience. Once you are here, you will realize that what you have observed is far from what you previously had in mind. Maybe that’s why they say traveling makes you a more open-minded person.

After all, isn’t that what traveling and exploring is all about? Join SURFIRAN tours.

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