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The Best Time to Visit Chabahar, the Port of Wonders in Iran!

Discover the Optimal Moment to Explore Chabahar's Enchanting Beauty

Have you ever imagined the coexistence of sea and desert? Or walking on Mars? To turn these dreams into reality, just visit Chabahar at the best time! Known as “the four springs” for its eternally spring-like, sunny weather, Chabahar is the southernmost city of Sistan and Baluchestan, located near the Makran Sea and the Indian Ocean. This city is recognized as the warmest spot in the country during winter and the coolest during summer. Travelers can choose the best time to visit Chabahar based on their trip goals.

Introducing Chabahar City

Bioluminescence Lighting in Darak Beach, Chabahar
Bioluminescence Lighting in Darak Beach, Chabahar

Chabahar is situated in the southeast of the country, beside the Indian Ocean and the Oman Sea, and has a population of approximately 160,000. It is Iran’s only oceanic port and comprises parts such as Chabahar, Konarak, and Negur. Besides its suitable commercial location, Chabahar boasts numerous scenic and natural attractions, and its residents earn their living through fishing and agriculture.

Climate of Chabahar City

Nature of Chabahar
Nature of Chabahar

Chabahar’s climate is similar to the Indian coasts due to its proximity to the Indian Ocean shores; however, it experiences much less monsoonal rainfall than India. Annually, as the warm summer air fronts advance across the country, Chabahar’s climate cools down due to the monsoon winds, making it the best time to visit.

The monsoon winds begin in early summer and last until the end of September, occasionally affecting the central regions of the country. Despite these winds in the summer and warmer months of the year, Chabahar’s weather does not become excessively hot. Also, during winter and the colder months, the city’s climate becomes milder.

Best Season to Travel to Chabahar

Coastal Line of Oman Sea in Chabahar
Coastal Line of Oman Sea in Chabahar

The best time to visit Chabahar depends on travelers’ objectives. If you seek calming weather and don’t mind high humidity and muggy conditions, plan your visit during May and June.

If your intent is to photograph Chabahar’s beautiful nature, it’s best to choose regular, non-holiday days. During holidays, the city’s attractions tend to be more crowded. If you prefer milder weather, consider traveling during February and March.

Photography at Chabahar Beaches
Photography at Chabahar Beaches

Since these two months precede the Nowruz holidays, tourist attractions in this city are less crowded during these months, and Chabahar hotel prices are more reasonable compared to other times of the year. If you are comfortable with warm weather, summer can also be the best time to visit Chabahar during the Monsoon Festival.

This festival is one of Chabahar’s most spectacular events, held over eight weeks from July 22 to September 13. It features camel racing, traditional food festivals, performances of Baluchi and traditional music, and several other ceremonies.

Tourist Attractions in Chabahar City

Martian Mountains of Chabahar
Martian Mountains of Chabahar

Chabahar’s tourist attractions are divided into historical and natural categories. Travelers, after determining the best time to visit Chabahar, can include several attractions in their itinerary based on their interests. Historical attractions in Chabahar include:

  • Chabahar Local Museum
  • Dezak Jame Mosque
  • Tis Jame Mosque
  • Pirouz Gat Castle
  • Telegraph Building
  • Ancient Tis Village
  • Jin Cemetery in Tis


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Natural attractions in Chabahar include:

  • Darak Village
  • Hara Forests
  • Ban Masiti Caves
  • Makran Tree
  • Martian Mountains
  • Lipar Lagoon
  • Gel Fshan Mountain

How to Travel to Chabahar?

Darak Beach in Chabahar, Where the Desert Meets the Sea
Darak Beach in Chabahar, Where the Desert Meets the Sea

The first method is by air; the city has an airport, and travelers can easily book flights to this destination. The flight from Tehran to Chabahar takes about two hours.

The second method is by bus; in recent years, with improved bus conditions, traveling by bus has become easier and more enjoyable. Traveling to Chabahar by bus takes about ten hours. Travelers can also drive to this city if they enjoy driving. Although this method does not involve purchasing a ticket, fuel costs must be considered. Traveling to Chabahar by train is another enjoyable travel method.

Since Chabahar does not have a railway line, travelers must take a train to Bandar Abbas and then reach Chabahar by bus.

Hotels and Accommodations in Chabahar

In Chabahar, various hotels and accommodations are available, differing in price based on their services and amenities. Some travelers prefer staying in local homes, while others opt for well-equipped hotels.

Travelers can select suitable accommodations from OrientTrips according to their preferences after choosing the best time to visit Chabahar. Four-star hotels in Chabahar include Lipar Hotel, Laleh Hotel, and Shahan Hotel. Venus Hotel and Azin Hotel are three-star hotels, and Sepideh Hotel is a two-star hotel in this city.

Oman Sea View From Chabahar Beaches
Oman Sea View From Chabahar Beaches

Chabahar also offers the following traditional guesthouses:

  • Ramin Traditional Guesthouse
  • Shajareh Traditional Guesthouse
  • Derak Traditional Guesthouse
  • Baluch Traditional Guesthouse
  • Az Traditional Guesthouse
  • Parhizkar Traditional Guesthouse
  • Gad Traditional Guesthouse

Travel Costs to Chabahar

Traveling to Chabahar, like any other city, has its specific costs; however, these costs vary depending on transportation, accommodation, food, and other factors. Thus, budget-conscious travelers can choose the best time to visit Chabahar by gathering information on costs during different months of the year. You can book your preferred hotel in Chabahar at the best price from OrientTrips.

Waves in the Beach of Chabahar at Sunset Located in Sistan and Baluchistan
Waves in the Beach of Chabahar at Sunset Located in Sistan and Baluchistan

Chabahar Has Spring-like Weather!

Due to its unique location, Chabahar is one of the country’s major commercial ports and a popular tourist destination. This city enjoys a moderate, spring-like climate throughout the year. Thus, the best time to visit Chabahar depends on travelers’ goals. If reading this blog has inspired your next destination to be Chabahar, you can purchase your flight ticket to this beautiful port at the best price from OrientTrips.

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