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Discover the Martian Mountains of Chabahar

Martian Mountains of Chabahar: A Unique Geological Marvel

For enthusiasts of planetary landscapes beyond Earth, the opportunity to visit Chabahar’s Martian Mountains, also known as the Miniature Mountains, is one not to be missed. These mountains, a highlight among Chabahar‘s attractions, present a unique and captivating appearance reminiscent of Martian terrain.

Location of Chabahar’s Martian Mountains

The Martian Mountains of Chabahar, known as the Miniature Mountains, stretch from the west of Chabahar towards the east, extending for dozens of kilometers up to Pakistan. To witness these mountains, one must travel approximately 50 kilometers from Chabahar.

Address: Sistan and Baluchestan, Chabahar, 50km from Chabahar, Chabahar to Gwadar Road

Why “Martian” or “Miniature”?

Miniature Mountains of Chabahar
Miniature Mountains of Chabahar

One might wonder why these mountains are referred to as “Martian” or “Miniature“. Erosion and a specific type of sedimentation have given these mountains an uneven surface resembling that of Mars, hence the name. The lack of vegetation further adds to their Martian resemblance. The term “Miniature” comes from the delicate and uniform furrows seen on these mountains.

Evolution and History

Martian Mountains in Chabahar
Martian Mountains in Chabahar

The Martian Mountains of Chabahar are estimated to be five million years old, formed over the years through sediment accumulation. Clay, sand, and the remnants of fish and crustaceans are the primary constituents of these sediments. It is believed that these mountains were once buried under the earth. Over time, seasonal rains and wind erosion sculpted the current landscape, with the rains continuing to shape the mountains’ unique miniature patterns.

How to Reach the Miniature Mountains of Chabahar?

The best route to the Miniature Mountains of Chabahar is via the Chabahar-Gwadar road. About 50 kilometers down the road, the Martian Mountains become visible. Access is possible via vehicles such as minibuses and cars.

Visiting Martian Mountains of Chabahar
Visiting Martian Mountains of Chabahar (photo by Tripadvisor)

Best Time to Visit

Avoid visiting the Martian Mountains of Chabahar during the hot and dusty summer months. The beginning of spring, autumn, and winter offer the best climate for visiting these mountains. Morning or late afternoon is the ideal time for visits to avoid the intense heat and direct sunlight.

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Activities in the Miniature Mountains of Chabahar

Whether you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast or a stargazer, the Martian Mountains of Chabahar offer something for everyone. Activities include hiking, rock climbing (for those adequately skilled and equipped), stargazing, and nature photography.

Way to Martian Mountains of Chabahar
Way to Martian Mountains of Chabahar

Amenities and Facilities

The popularity of the Miniature Mountains among tourists has led to the development of various amenities in this area, including a large tourist complex between the mountains and the Oman Sea, offering green spaces, suites, gazebos, restrooms, and a special platform for stargazing.

Nearby Attractions

Visiting nearby attractions can enrich your trip to the Martian Mountains. Notable sites include the Gwatar Port, Lipar Wetland, and the village of Tis, each offering unique natural and cultural experiences.

Dining and Accommodation


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After exploring, refuel at local restaurants such as Jewel Restaurant and Shapur Restaurant. For a comfortable stay, consider hotels like the five-star Lipar Hotel or the four-star Laleh Hotel, ensuring a restful base for your adventures.

Travel Tips

When visiting, wear a hat and sunscreen to protect against the sun. If camping near the Martian Mountains, ensure you have the necessary gear. For a hassle-free experience, consider booking a Chabahar tour.

A View From Martian Mountains of Chabahar
A View From Martian Mountains of Chabahar

Similar Natural Wonders in Iran

If you’re captivated by the Martian or Miniature appearance of these mountains, consider visiting similar geological formations in Nehbandan, Hormozgan, Khuzestan, and the Martian hills of Damghan.


A trip to the Martian Mountains of Chabahar offers a unique encounter with a landscape that resembles the planet Mars. Activities such as stargazing, hiking, and rock climbing, along with the availability of amenities, make it a must-visit destination.

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