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Climbing Karkas Mountain: A Thrilling Experience

Discover the Wonders of Karkas Mountain

When you reach the peak, you are so amazed by your abilities and find such peace that it might not be possible to experience it on any other trip. This incredible feeling on Karkas Mountain, where even vultures do not fly higher, is very beautiful.

Where is Karkas Mountain?

Karkas Mountain is located in the western part of Natanz county. You can fly to Isfahan and then drive to Karkas Mountain, or travel to Natanz by train or car. In the village of Kasha, there is parking available before you start your hike.

Location of Karkas Mountain on Google Maps

Why is it Named Karkas Mountain?

At The Top of Karkas Mountains
At The Top of Karkas Mountains

The name “Karkas” comes from the vultures seen around the area. Locals also believe that the mountain is so tall that even vultures cannot fly above it. There’s also a legend that a vulture overturned a poisoned cup meant for Shah Abbas, who then, in regret after killing the bird, built a shrine atop the mountain and named it after the vulture.

Climbing Route of Karkas Mountain

Climbing Routes of Karkas Mountain
Climbing Routes of Karkas Mountain

Karkas Mountain stands at 3,850 meters and is a good training ground for those aspiring to climb peaks above 4,000 meters. The most famous route is the southern route or Kasha route. You’ll pass walnut trees along this path, which are markers of the route and offer shade for short rests. There is also a small spring along the way where you can refresh yourself.

The ascent from the Kasha route takes between 5 to 7 hours, making it possible to complete the climb in a day.


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Facilities Along the Climbing Route

Many climbers prefer to rest at the shelter and start early in the morning. The Kasha shelter has a decent capacity and a nearby spring to fill water bottles. The shelter is equipped with restrooms, but you need to fill a jug from the spring before using the facilities and return it after use to maintain order.

While the route may not be as lush as those of Alam-Kuh or Azad Kuh, it has its own attractions, such as various medicinal plants, potential sightings of wild goats, boars, and protected wildlife like lizards and snakes. If you’re lucky, you might also see inverted tulips along the way. The view from the summit is breathtaking, with a sign depicting a vulture where climbers often take photos as a memento of their achievement.

Karkas Mountain's View
Karkas Mountain’s View (photo by Wikiloc)

Other Climbing Routes

Besides the southern route, there are other routes like the northeastern (Orreh), northwestern (Bidhand), and eastern (Tameh) routes.

Essential Equipment for Climbing Karkas Mountain

Depending on the season, equipment needs can vary. Generally, you should bring trekking poles, water bottles, a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, essential medications, warm clothing, and suitable hiking boots. In colder seasons, crampons might be necessary. Carry enough water and snacks for energy. If you plan to stay overnight, bring a sleeping bag.

Winter Climbing Karkas Mountain
Winter Climbing, Karkas Mountain (photo by Wikiloc)

Safety Tips

The route to Karkas Mountain is marked, but you should hike with a knowledgeable guide or carry a map and route file. The risk of altitude sickness is lower due to the mountain’s moderate height, but practice regular deep breathing to prevent it. If someone shows symptoms like dizziness, nausea, or headache, descend to lower altitudes immediately.


Travel Insurance

Remember to take all your trash with you to keep the environment clean. The lack of amenities makes it hard to clean the area, so your efforts to maintain cleanliness are crucial.

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