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Kish Bird Garden: A Feathered Paradise

Kish Bird Park - All You Need To Know

Kish Bird Garden offers an unforgettable experience where visitors can stroll among trees, listen to the songs of various birds, and admire their stunning colors. This attraction stands out as a unique tourist destination on Kish Island, drawing nature enthusiasts with its diverse avian population brought from all corners of the globe. Join SURFIRAN as we delve deeper into what makes Kish Bird Garden a must-visit for any traveler.

Kish Bird Garden or the Dolphinarium Park!

Bird Garden in Kish Island
Bird Garden in Kish Island

You might be puzzled by this title. In reality, Kish Bird Garden is part of the Kish Dolphins Complex. Established in 2001 by Hossein Sabet, owner of the Dariush Grand Hotel, it was the first dolphinarium park in Iran. The uniqueness of Kish Aquarium and Dolphinarium has been unparalleled. In 2014, the park’s ownership transferred to Seyed Abdolreza Mousavi, owner of Zagros Airlines. Spanning approximately 100 hectares in the southeastern part of Kish Island, the park is divided into several distinct sections, including the Bird Garden.

A Dream Come True at Kish Bird Garden

Bird Garden Kish Island
Bird Garden, Kish Island

The Bird Garden occupies about three hectares of the Dolphinarium Park, hosting over 57 bird species. It is split into two main areas: caged birds and free-flying birds.

The Caged Birds Section

This section houses wild birds and those that cannot be freed for various reasons. Designed with lush, beautiful landscapes, visitors can explore this area either on foot or by train buses, observing birds within their enclosures. Each cage features a plaque detailing the inhabitants’ species, scientific names, habitats, diet, living conditions, and characteristics.

The Free-flying Birds Section

Beyond the cages lies an open space where domestic and free-flying birds live in near-natural conditions, prevented from escaping by high nets. This area replicates the birds’ natural habitats as closely as possible, ensuring they can breed and live comfortably.

What You Will Discover

Birds in Kish Bird Garden
Birds in Kish Bird Garden

In this garden, over 57 bird species thrive both in cages and free. You’ll find peacocks, green parrots, guinea fowls, geese, birds of paradise, crowned cranes, ostriches, secretary birds, cockatoos, Chinese pheasants, and umbrella cockatoos. Many of these birds originate from Africa, though species from other continents have also been introduced.


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The Toucan, known from the cartoon “Serengeti Pete,” is a highlight. With its large, colorful beak, this intelligent and playful bird attracts everyone’s attention. The African Penguin, a species at risk of extinction found in Cape Town’s Boulder’s Beach, can also be seen here, charming visitors with their small, adorable stature.

Be cautious, as these delightful creatures can become defensive and may peck if they feel threatened, hence their containment. The park also features a pond where flamingos dance on their long legs, grey and white pelicans prepare to fish, crowned cranes show off their golden crests, alongside ibises, swans, and various storks.

Other Animals at Kish Bird Garden
Other Animals at Kish Bird Garden

Don’t be surprised to see monkeys or deer during your visit, as the garden also homes some domestic animals. A section is dedicated to reptiles, including various snakes, lizards, and the Gando crocodile, Iran and Pakistan’s native and largest reptile.

How to Visit Kish Bird Garden

Located in Kish Island’s southeastern corner, on Marjan Boulevard within the Dolphin Park Complex, you can contact Kish Bird Garden at +98 764 444 5237. Most hotels on Kish offer tours to attractions like the Ancient City of Harireh and Kish Amusement Park, including visits to the Bird Garden and Dolphinarium.

Entry fees are discounted for children aged two to four, similar to many Kish hotels, and free for those under two. Operating hours typically are from 6 PM to 8 PM in the first half of the year and from 4 PM to 6 PM in the latter half. A complete tour of the garden takes about two to three hours.

Remember, being part of the Dolphinarium Complex, other attractions like dolphin shows, cafes, and restaurants might distract you, so plan your visit during the garden’s operating hours. Note that professional cameras are not allowed inside; for souvenir photos, professional photographers are available onsite.

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