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Exclusive Women’s Swimming Area in Kish

A Haven for Aquatic Enthusiasts

In Iran, including Kish Island, due to regulations, swimming areas for men and women are separate. The women’s swimming area, referred to in Iran as the Women’s Exclusive Beach, was designed and constructed in recent years so that women on the island can enjoy swimming in the sea.

In this article, we aim to address the most important questions you might have about facilities, costs, and other details. So, before spending a special day on this island, stay with us until the end of this article.

Address of Kish Women’s Beach

This complex, covering approximately 20,000 square meters, is located on Iran Boulevard, Sanaei Street, at the end of Arian Street in the northeastern part of Kish. You can reach this attractive location by using taxis, both in-person and online, or the double-decker buses in Kish. Additionally, since the Women’s Beach is along the cycling path of Kish Island, women can also access it by bicycle.

Cost of Kish Women’s Beach

The entrance fee for the Kish Women’s Beach varies for visitors. The ticket price for visitors is less than $5.

Kish Women's Beach
Kish Women’s Beach

Operating Hours of Kish Women’s Beach

The Women’s Beach is open year-round from 7 AM to 6 PM.

Women’s Beach in Spring

Since Kish Island usually hosts various tourists in the spring, it is recommended to visit the beach early in the morning to avoid crowds.

Women’s Beach During Ramadan

Interestingly, unlike other cities in the country, there are no restrictions on using tourist services in Kish during Ramadan. You can use the women’s exclusive beach during this time, just like any other time of the year.

Women's Beach of Kish Island
Women’s Beach of Kish Island

Women’s Beach in Summer on Kish Island

Due to the extreme heat in Kish during summer, it is not the best time to enjoy this location. However, if you want to sunbathe, you can use the beach in the early morning or late afternoon.

Women’s Beach in Autumn and Winter on Kish Island

Autumn is the best time to fully enjoy and spend a pleasant day at the Kish Women’s Beach. During this season, the island is not crowded with tourists due to the warmth, making it an ideal time to visit the beach. However, in winter, when the weather in Kish gets cooler, the best time to visit and use the beach’s facilities is from 12 PM to 4 PM.

Facilities of Kish Women’s Beach

Facilities of Kish Women's Beach
Facilities of Kish Women’s Beach

One of the main attractions of this beach is the use of freshwater in its private showers. The beach also offers sunshades, a snack bar, tube rentals, various games, and most importantly, professional lifeguards, ensuring a safe swimming experience.

Henna and Hair Braiding Stalls

After spending a few hours at the beach, you can get beautiful henna designs on your hands.

Hair Dryers

Each shower is equipped with a hair dryer for drying hair after bathing.

Changing Rooms

The beach has approximately 1,500 lockers, and a key is provided to you upon entry.

Play Areas and Equipment

If you enjoy beach games, you can play volleyball, handball, and badminton with friends. There are also play areas for children. However, boys over three years old are not allowed in this area.


Apart from various sports, if you are looking for professional workouts, the gym at the Kish Women’s Beach is ideal for muscle recovery.


The area is covered with 42-meter metal structures at a height of 18 meters, ensuring privacy from above.

Massage at Kish Women’s Beach

If you are visiting Kish Island to relax, don’t miss the massage services offered at the beach. The beach provides exclusive spa and massage services for women.

Beach Loungers at Kish Women’s Beach

Beach Loungers at Kish Women's Beach
Beach Loungers at Kish Women’s Beach

You can use the numerous beach loungers at Kish Women’s Beach for sunbathing. These loungers are placed under sunshades, providing a comfortable resting spot.

Shopping Stalls at Kish Women’s Beach

If you did not bring a bikini, you can purchase one from the stalls at the beach. There are also two small restaurants offering fresh juices, Iranian and international dishes, and snacks.

Important Places Near Kish Women’s Beach

Exclusive Swimming Area for Women in Kish
Exclusive Swimming Area for Women in Kish

If your primary reason for visiting Kish is to enjoy the Women’s Beach, it is helpful to know about nearby places. If you are visiting with your family, the men’s beach in Kish is also close by, allowing simultaneous use of both facilities.

The Women’s Beach is located on Arian Street, with notable nearby places including Darchin Restaurant, Kolbe Anar, Nardoneh, Gilak Restaurant, and Penguin Restaurant. Additionally, the village of Masheh and its Grand Mosque are nearby. The Kish Airport is 5.5 kilometers from the Women’s Beach, a 10-minute taxi ride. Here are some hotels and tourist attractions near the Women’s Beach.

Hotels Near Kish Women’s Beach


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Hotels such as Espadana, Vida, and Grand Hotel are among the closest accommodations to the beaches in Kish. If you book Espadana Hotel Kish, you will only be 1 kilometer away from the beach. Vida Hotel Kish is another nearby accommodation offering excellent amenities like a children’s park, sports field, car rental, jacuzzi, green space, and more.

Tourist Attractions Near Kish Women’s Beach

The Masheh Village Mosque, located less than 500 meters from the Women’s Beach, is one of the oldest mosques on Kish Island. It is recommended to visit this beautifully designed mosque after enjoying the beach.

Masheh Village Beach, Kish Island
Masheh Village Beach, Kish Island

Rules of Kish Women’s Beach

Due to religious considerations, your mobile phone will be collected upon entry to the Women’s Beach. It is recommended to bring a mobile device so you can receive a locker key. Without a mobile device, you may not be given a locker key due to strict regulations. To ensure a stress-free day, store all valuable items in the beach’s safes and enjoy a dreamy day.

Tips for Visiting Kish Women’s Beach

  • Follow the entrance instructions of the beach.
  • Plan your visit according to the beach’s operating hours.
  • Bring sneakers if you want to visit the colorful turtles and different fish species.
  • Food cannot be brought into the beach; purchase snacks from the stalls inside.
  • If you love sunbathing, bring sunscreen, skin care products, and a sunhat to avoid sunburn.
  • Although the beach provides all swimming equipment, it is advisable to bring your swimsuit and gear, especially during busy seasons like winter and Nowruz, to avoid extra costs.
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Reviews of Kish Women’s Beach

In this article, we covered all the important points for visiting the Women’s Beach in Kish and having a memorable day. One downside mentioned is the lack of proper hygiene and cleanliness. Due to some women’s inappropriate dress, bringing boys under three years old might be restricted.

You might also face difficulties finding a taxi after leaving the beach and may need to use the bus. If you have experience visiting Kish Island and the Women’s Beach, share your thoughts with us.

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