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The 10 Best Beaches in Iran to Visit

From Persian Gulf to Caspian Sea

You certainly know about Iran’s beautiful deserts, amazing Islands, beautiful architectural sites, and maybe snowy mountains. But did you also know that Iran is a perfect destination for beaches?

With the Caspian Sea in the north and the Persian Gulf and Oman Gulf in the south, the country has 2.400 kilometers of beautiful and diverse coastlines. In this article, find our favorite choices of beaches to visit in Iran.

1. Mogham Beach

Mogham Beach
Erosion on the coastal areas has created fascinating formations and remarkable landscapes. Maksar Beach is located on the route from Bandar-e Maqam to Parsian. The entire coastline is composed of eroded sandstone rocks, creating a beautiful panorama that resembles large stone sculptures.

Far from the usual tourist route, Mogham Beach, in Bandar-e Mogham (Hormozgan Province), is one of the most beautiful beaches in Iran. Located on the southern coast, the turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf create a beautiful contrast with the warm yellow colors of the high rocks of the beach, which were sculpted by the erosion of water and wind over the centuries. It’s an amazing location to swim and enjoy the beauties of the sea.

Why visiting Parsiyan in Hormozgan?

Mogham Beach is located on the coastline between the cities of Bandar Abbas and Bushehr. It is 10 kilometers away from Parsiyan, the easiest access point to the beach. The whole coastline has several beautiful beaches which are perfect for swimming and snorkelling in clear waters. At night, it is sometimes possible to watch phytoplankton as well.

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2. Hengam Khamassi Beach

Hengam Khamassi Beach
Hengam Khamassi Beach

Hengam is a small island of the Persian Gulf, located south of Qeshm Island. It is famous for being pretty untouched, with vast coastlines of pristine beaches. While there are many beautiful beaches to visit on the island, such as the Silver Beach which has silver colored sand, Khamassi is one of the most popular. There you will find a nice sandy beach to lay on, with some high rocks to get some shade and crystal clear waters full of colorful fishes to swim in. Khamassi also offers a breathtaking view at sunset.

Why visiting Hengam Island?

Nature lovers will enjoy Hengam Island for its wildlife, both in the sea and on the ground: from wild gazelles to dolphins, the island is a small paradise for animals. It’s a perfect destination to spend the day while visiting the neighboring island, Qeshm Island, and can be easily reached by boat from Kandaloo Port.

3. Hormuz Red Beach

Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island

The Red Beach of Hormuz Island is one of the most iconic natural landmarks of Iran and is quite unique in the world. The sand gets this reddish color because of a high concentration of iron oxide, which is also the reason why it is used in the local cuisine. As for the visitor, it offers one of the most memorable views in the Persian Gulf.

Why visiting Hormuz Island?

Hormuz Island is a small island of the Persian Gulf located between the port city of Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island. It’s an extraordinary island with numerous natural wonders, such as naturally carved rocks, colorful mountains and beautiful beaches. As it’s quite famous and crowded, the Red Beach is not proper for swimming, but there are many other beaches that offer this opportunity.

4. Kish Ladies’ Beach and Marjan Beach

Kish Island
Kish Island

Kish Island is one of Iran’s most famous destinations for swimming and chilling at the beach. It offers many facilities for snorkeling, diving, stand up paddle boarding, and all kinds of watersports. Kish Ladies’ Beach is one of the most famous spots for women, as it allows them to enter the water dress as they want and relax on this sandy beach with peace of mind. Marjan Beach is another top beach of Kish Island, where both men and women are allowed and can enjoy the large sandy shores and turquoise blue waters.

Why visiting Kish Island?

Kish Island is the favorite destination of travelers looking for an island with modern facilities in resort hotels and beaches. Indeed, this small island not only has beautiful natural landscapes but also has all the commodities to enjoy watersports, relax at luxury hotel, receive massages and even enjoy cultural and historical sightseeing with the Kariz Underground City and the Greek Ship.

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5. Qeshm Namakdan Beach and Naz Islands Beach

Qeshm Travel Guide

As the largest island in the Persian Gulf, Qeshm Island offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach with a great variety of landscapes. The southern coast has numerous hidden gems and one of the most beautiful is Namakdan Beach, located on the west of the island, near the Salt Cave. It’s a great destination to swim, with most often no other visitors around. Local people also like to gather during weekends at the beach of Naz Islands, two islands near the coast that can be reached on foot by low tide.

Why visiting Qeshm Island?

Qeshm Island is a top destination to visit in the south of Iran. Not only it has plenty of beautiful beaches and easy access to Hormuz and Hengam Islands, but it’s also a UNESCO geopark. As such, the islands possess many stunning natural sites with great geological importance, such as the Chahkooh Canyon, the Star Valley, and the Salt Cave. Visitors will also enjoy discovering the local culture, a mix between Persia and the Arab world.

6. Bonood Beach

Located near Mogham Beach, Bonood Beach is one of these hidden gems that can be found along the Hormozgan coastline. Located near the fishing village of Bonood, this beach has beautiful sandy creeks carved by the sea between the rocks. It’s a perfect destination for swimming and enjoying the clear waters of the Persian Gulf.

Why visiting Bonood?

A trip to Bonood will allow you not only to enjoy the beauties of the beach, but also to discover the picturesque village of Bonood, near Asaluyeh. The whole area is made of various beautiful beaches to discover, such as Kushkonar and Mogham.

7. Darak Beach

Darak Beach
Darak beach is one of most strange, yet amazing spots of Iran and even the world, where the sea and the desert meet. This exceptional paradox has created such a beauty that, in spite of being discovered and known just recently, has been visited by many travelers and tourists. Read more

Imagine the vast sand dunes of the desert meeting the blue waves of the sea. That’s exactly what’s waiting for the visitor at Darak Beach, a stunning beach in the Gulf of Oman, in the southeast of Iran. A few palm trees here and there are making the decor complete for some of your most beautiful memories of beaches in Iran. While making memorable photoshoots, Darak Beach is not the most proper location for swimming because of its proximity with the village.

Why visiting Sistan and Baluchistan?

This southeastern province of Iran is one of the less visited in Iran and Darak Beach can indeed be hard to reach depending on where you are coming from. Yet, besides the amazing coastline and beaches, Baluchistan is a blend of rich culture and unique natural landmarks, such as the Martian Mountains and the Berris Port.

8. Rishehr Beach

Rishehr Beach
Rishehr Beach

Rishehr Beach is one of Bushehr’s beaches, a city located in the southwest of the country. For sunset and during the weekend, it’s a spot highly appreciated by locals to sit by the deep turquoise waters of the Persian Gulf and have a walk barefoot in the sand.

Why visiting Bushehr?

Rishehr is located just 30 minutes south of the historical city center of Bushehr, a lovely old port city. Bushehr has kept a unique atmosphere with its white buildings and old architecture. The city is particularly famous for its local music and has a few music festivals every year.

9. Gisoom Beach

Gisoom Beach

It’s not only on the southern coast of Iran that visitors can appreciate the beach. In the northern provinces as well, Gilan and Mazandaran in particular, the Caspian Sea offer some nice beaches with a completely different atmosphere. Gisoom is one of them, and probably the most famous. Located in the Gilan Province, Gisoom Beach is near the lush environment of Gisoom Jungle, making the green forests meeting the blue waves of the sea. Gisoom Beach is a popular camping destination and also offers many watersport activities.

Why visiting Gilan?

Gilan is a beloved province for all Iranians, famous for its green forests and tasty food. While the waters of the Caspian Sea are not as stunning as the Persian Gulf, that green and lush environment creates a unique atmosphere. Rudkhan Castle, Masouleh Village, Rasht Bazaar, and the lagoon of Bandar Anzali are among the most famous sightseeing of the region.

10. Maroo White Beach

Maroo White Beach
Maroo White Beach

Also called Shidvar Island, Maroo Island is a tiny island of the Persian Gulf that reminds of the Caribbean islands. Visitors can enjoy its beautiful beach of white sand and crystal clear waters. It’s a perfect destination for swimming and diving to see colorful fishes and plenty of corals.

Why visiting Maroo Island?

Nature lovers will be in paradise on Maroo Island. The island is protected by the Environment and Maritime Organization and requires an authorization to be visited. It’s accessible by boat from Bandar-e Mogham and can easily be visited over one day and it’s pretty small.

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