Hormuz Island Travel Guide

Hormuz Island; the Rainbow Island in the south of Iran

Welcome to the enchanting world of Hormuz Island, a hidden jewel in Iran’s crown, waiting to captivate your senses with its vibrant landscapes and rich cultural heritage. As a focal point for travelers seeking an experience beyond the ordinary, Hormuz offers a stunning array of natural wonders and a deep dive into authentic Persian culture.

At the heart of Hormuz’s appeal lies its striking natural beauty. The island, often celebrated as the “Rainbow Island,” is a canvas of vivid colors. Its unique red soil, known locally as “Gelak,” creates a stunning contrast against the serene blue of the Persian Gulf. For those who love nature, Hormuz provides an array of activities.

You can hike through the awe-inspiring Rainbow Valley or unwind on the picturesque Silver Beach, each offering a unique perspective of this Iranian paradise.

Hormuz Island – The Rainbow Island In The South Of Iran

But Hormuz is not just about natural beauty. The island is a melting pot of cultural experiences, brimming with local traditions and hospitality.

During your visit, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the local way of life. Delight your taste buds with traditional Hormuz cuisine, a feast of flavors that reflect the island’s rich culinary heritage. Wander through the winding streets to discover the unique architecture of the island’s homes and public buildings, each telling a story of the island’s history and people.

For travelers looking to explore this captivating destination, planning your trip is a breeze. At OrientTrips, you can find all the essential travel services, from visa assistance to hotel bookings. And for a deeper exploration of Hormuz and other Iranian gems, SURFIRAN offers tailor-made tours that promise an unforgettable journey into the heart of Iran’s most beautiful landscapes and cultural sites.

Hormuz Island’s Climate

Before planning a trip to Hormuz Island, it’s crucial to understand its climate for well-informed and appropriate scheduling. Hormuz, located in southern Iran, neighbors Bandar Abbas and Qeshm Island. Like other southern regions, it experiences long summers with virtually no winter.

Summer temperatures, especially in August, can soar above 46 degrees Celsius, accompanied by high humidity levels. However, Hormuz Island enjoys a moderate climate during autumn, winter, and spring.

Here is a table outlining the climate of Hormuz Island, tailored for travelers who are planning a visit:

MonthAverage High (°C)Average Low (°C)Precipitation (mm)Best Time to Visit
This table provides a clear overview of the average high and low temperatures, along with precipitation levels for each month. It also includes recommendations on the best times to visit, considering the overall climate conditions. The months marked “Yes” are highly recommended for visiting, “Maybe” indicates moderate suitability, and “No” suggests less favorable conditions for tourists.

Best Time to Visit Hormuz Island

The ideal time to visit Hormuz Island varies for everyone. Some equate the best time with the most pleasant weather, while others consider cost-effectiveness. Therefore, if you’re not comfortable with hot weather, we recommend planning your trip from early autumn to late spring, when the weather is generally moderate.

However, if you’re okay with the island’s heat and high humidity, summer might be the best time for you. Not only will the island be less crowded, but you’ll also get to experience an affordable trip to the stunning red island of Hormuz, savoring its unique charm.


The island has changed during centuries. It was known as Organa to the ancient Greeks and as Jarun in the Islamic period. Its name changed to “Hormuz” from the important harbor town of Hormuz on the mainland. Marco Polo visited the island in 1290 while traveling by land, as he described in his travelogue. Later, Ibn Battuta visited the island and New Hormuz.

In the 15th century, Hormuz was visited several times by a Chinese fleet led by Zheng He, as he explored the Indian Ocean during the Ming Dynasty’s naval ventures.

Persia Kingdom Ormus Strait Hormuz Old Plan Bellin
Persia Kingdom Ormus Strait Hormuz Old plan Bellin 1756

In 1507, the Portuguese captured the island and it was incorporated into the greater Portuguese Empire. They constructed a fortress on the island to deter potential invaders, naming it the Fort of Our Lady of the Conception. As a result, the island became an emergency stopover point for Portuguese ships traveling to Goa and Gujarat. Finally, the island was captured from the Portuguese by a combined Anglo-Persian force at the behest of the English East India Company in 1622.

During the Safavid Era, Shah Abbas I did not have trust in local people of the island. Later he developed the nearby mainland port of Bander Abbas to become the center of trade. Therefore, the Hormuz went into decline during that time and many of its inhabitants seasonally moved to their fields and orchards around the old Hormuz.

Hormuz Island – The Rainbow Island In The South Of Iran

After a period of Omani administration in the 19th century, it remained a sparsely inhabited fishermen’s island. It experienced some development in the later years of the 20th century.

Today, Hormuz Island is one of the most visited islands in the southern part of the country, especially during the fall and winter when the weather is pleasant.

Costs of Traveling to Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island

Aside from the expenses incurred to reach Bandar Abbas or Qeshm, visiting Hormuz Island can be one of your most budget-friendly trips. The cost varies depending on your distance from Bandar Abbas and your mode of transportation.

The price of activities in Hormuz will vary based on their quality and quantity. For example, renting a tricycle for an hour and a half-day diving tour have different costs. Remember, most attractions in Hormuz have free entry.

Accommodation in Hormuz, like in Kish, varies in price based on the quality of the stay. In addition to hotels, you can also opt for hostels and eco-lodges in Hormuz. The cost of hotels and accommodations varies depending on the facilities provided. Alternatively, you can camp on the beaches of Hormuz for free, keeping in mind the tidal movements.

It is highly recommended to try the seafood prepared with local sauces. These sauces, crafted by the women of Hormuz, incorporate the island’s unique red soil, offering a distinctive and intriguing flavor.

Traveling from Tehran to Hormuz Island: By Plane, Train, or Bus?

It might seem unfair that most travel distances in Iran, and even globally, are calculated from Tehran. However, Tehran is the most populous city, and its residents are frequent travelers. In an article like this, it’s not feasible to list every city.

Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island

A crucial point to remember: Hormuz does not have an airport. So, if you’re planning to fly from Tehran to Hormuz Island, you’ll need to book a flight to either Bandar Abbas or Qeshm.

Since your destination is one of the beautiful islands in the stunning Persian Gulf, it’s clear you can’t directly reach Hormuz by train or bus. For land travel to Hormuz Island, head to Bandar Abbas first. Upon arrival, you’ll need to continue your journey to Hormuz by boat or sea buses.

Distance from Tehran to Bandar Abbas by Plane

The flight from Tehran to Bandar Abbas takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Distance from Tehran to Qeshm by Plane

The flight from Tehran to Qeshm is around 2 hours.

Distance from Tehran to Bandar Abbas by Train

Traveling from Tehran to Bandar Abbas by train takes about 20 hours.

Distance from Tehran to Bandar Abbas by Bus

The bus journey from Tehran to Bandar Abbas is approximately 16 hours.

Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island

Best Hotels on Hormuz Island

While I have experienced touring Hormuz, I stayed in Qeshm, so I don’t have first-hand experience with accommodations on Hormuz Island. However, during my research for this article, I realized there are no 5-star or 4-star hotels on Hormuz Island. If I’m mistaken and you know of any 4 or 5-star hotels in Hormuz, please comment at the end of this article so I can update the content.

3-Star Hotels on Hormuz Island

For cost-effective accommodation, consider the 3-star hotels on Hormuz Island. They offer sufficient amenities while keeping your budget in check.

Sahel Sorkh Hotel (Red Beach Hotel)

Sahel Sorkh Hotel
Sahel Sorkh Hotel (Red Beach Hotel)

Sahel Sorkh Hotel (Red Beach Hotel) in Hormuz is the first hotel we recommend for your visit to the island. As a 3-star hotel, it offers fairly good amenities. The suites are equipped with beds, a kitchen, a separate bathroom, and standard hotel facilities like TV, fridge, and limited internet. The good news is that the hotel’s restaurant serves local and seafood dishes.

Hormoz Hotel

Hormoz Hotel

Hormoz Hotel is another 3-star hotel located near the multi-purpose pier of the island. Its facilities are comparable to standard hotels in Iran. The hotel restaurant serves a variety of Iranian dishes, and its proximity to Hormuz’s attractions makes your stay more enjoyable.

Eco-Lodges on Hormuz Island

Eco-lodges like Majara, Khondagh, Koutouk, Darreh Shenha, Mother Hassan, and others make up the list of eco-lodges on Hormuz Island. Most of these accommodations share similar facilities and even architectural styles.

Staying in Hormuz’s eco-lodges offers the unique experience of interacting with locals, savoring delicious local dishes, and typically, more affordable accommodation costs compared to hotels. These factors make a trip to Hormuz Island even more memorable.

Here are details of two eco-lodges in Hormuz, while information on others can be found online by searching for “Hormuz eco-lodges.”

Majara Eco-Lodge

Majara Residence
Majara Residence (meaning adventure) is a seaside accommodation complex in the island of Hormuz.

The newest eco-lodge in Hormuz, Majara, was built in 2020. Its architecture differs from other eco-lodges, utilizing the vibrant colors of Hormuz’s soil in constructing its cottages. The cottages feature beds and tables and are conveniently located near the sea and Hormuz Island’s attractions, making it an ideal spot for leisure and exploration.
aThe opening of Majara Eco-Lodge is scheduled for May 2021. Want to be its first guest? Start planning your trip to Hormuz Island now.

Hormuz Island

Tourist Attractions in Hengam Island

There are numerous places to visit in the island which totally depend on how much time you have to explore the area. Of course, in only one day you can easily see the main attractions of Hormuz Island. But if you have plenty of time to stay on the island you may discover some secrets of the place. Here is the list of places  you can go and enjoy while traveling around the island.

Portuguese Fort

The Portuguese Fort (The Fort of Our Lady) is a red stone fortress and one of the last surviving monuments of Portuguese colonial rule in the Persian Gulf.

The fortes are located in the northern part of the island and were constructed on the reddish stone on a rocky promontory. It is said that the fort was originally cut off from the rest of the island by a moat, traces of which still remain. Although most of the roof caved in long ago, much of the lower part of the very substantial outer walls are intact, with the remains lying on different levels of the site.

The Museum and Gallery of Dr. Ahmad Nadalian exhibit the artwork of this environmental artist who is internationally well-known. Many of his works are in other museums around the globe. His environmental art projects include the carving of rocks and paintings by natural colors.

Silence Valley

The Silence Valley is where you will be definitely amazed by its beauty and great silence. To reach the place you need to walk a few hundred yards to enjoy the wonderful mountains covered with crystalline salts. It is believed that the rock salt releases very positive energy, therefore, after spending some time in the area, you will surely have a great deal of energy.

Hormuz Island

Valley of the Statues

With a few hundred meters to the beach, there is tall status in the area. These are all likened to an animal with the imagination of viewers. If you use your imagination you can see a dragon, birds and some other mythical creatures.

Rainbow Mountains

True to its name, and the reasons why Hormuz Island is nicknamed the Rainbow Island, the Rainbow Mountains is a must-see while on the island. The site is easily accessible from the main road.

The entire island is made of colorful mountains and you can freely walk through most of the middle of it. This particular spot is the best place to stop and check out all the colors.

Ahuan Plain

One of the tourist attractions on Hormuz Island is the Ahuan Plain. Here, you can watch the graceful dance of the Ahuan, creating a memorable scene to cherish. It’s important to maintain a peaceful interaction with these animals to ensure they are not frightened by human presence.

Hormuz Island – The Rainbow Island In The South Of Iran

Turtle Beach Visit on Hormuz Island

A highlight of visiting Hormuz Island in late winter and early spring is witnessing nesting turtles on the beach. The Persian Gulf is home to 5 types of turtles, with 2 species nesting on Hormuz’s Turtle Beach.

While Turtle Beach has become a popular spot, it’s advised that tourists limit their visits to protect the natural environment and prevent disturbing the turtles.

Hara Forest

The well-known Hara, or Mangrove Forest, is a unique feature of the Persian Gulf. Several areas, including Qeshm, Chabahar, and Hormuz, host these forests. Characterized by 3 to 6-meter-tall trees with bright green foliage, these forests thrive in the brackish waters of the region.

Hormuz Island – The Rainbow Island In The South Of Iran

Diving Around Hormuz Island

Diving is one of the most thrilling activities you can enjoy in the Persian Gulf islands. The waters around Hormuz, with their ideal depth and conditions, are among the best diving spots in the Persian Gulf, especially for those new to diving or who have never swum in open waters.

Experiencing the seabed, witnessing fish and sea corals, is not only fascinating but also incredibly calming. To dive around Hormuz, you should book one of the half-day diving tours available on the island. All diving equipment will be provided, and every pair of divers is accompanied by a trained instructor for safety and guidance. This ensures a memorable and safe diving experience for everyone, regardless of their skill level.

Best Cafes and Restaurants on Hormuz Island

Exploring the flavors of southern Iranian cuisine in Hormuz is a memorable part of any trip.

Khonji Zadeh Restaurant

Khonji Zadeh in Hormuz offers high-quality traditional foods in a clean environment. Their seafood dishes are particularly memorable for their taste and quality, and the prices are economical.

Khale Fatemeh and Khalu Shahriar’s Eatery

This eatery, also a traditional dining hall, serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It features a variety of seafood and Iranian dishes.

Hormuz Island

Golak Café

Also known as Sormeh Cafe, Golak is a popular spot in Hormuz, particularly appealing to tourists. It serves a variety of drinks and local dishes. Visiting Golak is a must when you’re on Hormuz Island.

Saboura Café

Part of Saboura Hostel, this cafe is located in the central area of the island. The cafe owner is very hospitable and friendly. Enjoying a Tegari drink here in Hormuz’s warmth is a delightful experience.

Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island

Badiel Local Restaurant

Badiel is a family-run business where guests are served in the family’s courtyard. While the menu is not extensive, it features the most famous local dishes and popular Iranian foods. According to users, the quality of food is excellent.

Organic Cafe Solidon

Solidon, keeping its patrons very satisfied, is an organic cafe near Sahel Sorkh Hotel in Hormuz. If you’re staying at this hotel, you can easily enjoy delicious and organic foods here.

Mash Masoumeh Restaurant; Recommended in Hormuz

Mash Masoumeh is a traditional restaurant flourishing under the management of a local Hormuz lady. It offers various seafood and Iranian dishes. Apparently, Mash Masoumeh’s fish stew (Ghalieh Mahi) is a must-try!

Tips for Traveling to Hormuz

  • When visiting Hormuz, always bring plenty of cool clothing, especially if you’re traveling during the warmer months. The long walks around the island to enjoy the natural scenery will necessitate frequent clothing changes.
  • If you plan to camp on Hormuz’s beaches, always ask locals about the tide levels. You don’t want to be caught off-guard by rising waters, which could harm you or your electronic devices.
  • A power bank is essential for this trip. Bring it along to avoid any inconvenience! Also, don’t forget sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection.
  • Never take Hormuz’s soil as a souvenir! This act can damage the island’s environment over time. Besides, it’s illegal, and you won’t be allowed to transport soil through Bandar Abbas airport.
  • Remember, the locals in tourist villages continue their lives after our visits. Treat their living environment as respectfully as you would want yours to be treated.
  • Each region in Iran has its unique culture and traditions. The kindness and hospitality of the Iranian people do not give us the right to interfere with the cultural and traditional fabric of different areas. Always interact with respect and avoid disrupting the traditional ways of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I stay on Hormuz Island?

A day trip can cover the main sites, but a 3-day stay allows for a more relaxed experience, including beach camping. A week-long visit is ideal for deeper exploration and camping at various sites.

What are the main attractions on Hormuz Island?

Key attractions include the Portuguese Castle, Silence Valley, Rainbow Mountains Valley, Valley of Statues, and the Nadalinan Museum.

Can you stay on Hormuz Island?

Yes, you can stay on Hormuz Island. There are various accommodation options ranging from hotels and hostels to eco-lodges and camping spots.

How do you get to Hormuz Island?

You can reach Hormuz Island by ferry from Bandar Abbas or Qeshm Island. The ferry service is the primary means of transportation to the island.

Does Hormuz Island have an airport?

No, Hormuz Island does not have an airport. The closest airports are in Bandar Abbas and Qeshm, from where you can take a ferry to Hormuz.

Does anyone live on Hormuz Island?

Yes, people live on Hormuz Island. It has a small, permanent local population that resides in the main village.

Why is Hormuz Island red?

Hormuz Island is red due to the presence of a high concentration of iron oxide in its soil, which gives the soil and beaches a distinctive red hue.

How many people live on Hormuz Island?

The population of Hormuz Island is relatively small, but the exact number fluctuates. It’s a close-knit community primarily involved in traditional livelihoods like fishing and crafts.


Hormuz Island stands as a unique and captivating destination, offering a blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and environmental wonders. From its iconic red and rainbow-colored landscapes to the warm hospitality of its residents, Hormuz invites travelers to experience a world unlike any other. Whether it’s through exploring its scenic vistas, indulging in local cuisine, or immersing in traditional activities, Hormuz provides an unforgettable journey. As visitors, it’s vital to approach this beautiful island with respect for its environment and culture, ensuring that its charm and splendor are preserved for years to come. So, pack your bags, set off on this adventure, and prepare to be enchanted by the magic of Hormuz Island.

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