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Explore Larak Island: What You Need to Know for Your Journey

Visit Pristine Beaches and Captivating Landscapes in Larak Island

Larak Island is one of the scenic islands of Hormozgan Province in southern Iran. Still relatively unknown to many travelers, Larak offers pristine, untouched areas filled with tourist attractions. This blog introduces you to the intriguing Larak Island!

History of Larak Island

The beautiful Larak Island was under the dominion of the Portuguese, the British, and the Dutch from the 16th century for a period. Since then, remnants such as military forts and cannons remain, illustrating the island’s historical significance. During the reign of Shah Abbas, Larak and other Hormozgan islands were returned to Iranian sovereignty.

Larak Island, Qeshm, Iran
Larak Island, Qeshm, Iran

Geography of Larak Island

Larak stretches over 11 kilometers, with its highest point reaching 138 meters above sea level. With a population of about 1,000 people, it is situated approximately 30 kilometers from Bandar Abbas. The main economic activities are diving and fishing, with limited agricultural activities. Understanding Larak’s geographic and cultural context is essential for appreciating its tourist spots.

Attractions on Larak Island

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Visitors to Larak are captivated by the island’s natural beauty. With minimal tourist footfall, the island boasts untouched natural areas and significant mineral resources like sulfur, red oxide, iron ore, and salt. Here are some of the must-see places on Larak Island. Book your flight, visit Larak, and explore its attractions and stunning nature!

Portuguese Fortress

Portuguese Fortress of Larak Island
Portuguese Fortress of Larak Island

The Portuguese Fortress is among the most famous landmarks on Larak Island. Built during the Safavid era to protect the island, it shares similarities with the Portuguese forts on Hormuz and Qeshm Islands. Despite the years, the fort’s robust wooden columns have preserved its integrity, with Larak’s fortress being larger than its counterparts on Qeshm and Hormuz.

Beautiful Beaches of Larak Island

Larak Island Beaches at Night
Larak Island Beaches at Night

The island’s pristine beaches are among its top attractions. Visitors can enjoy the most beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters. The surrounding sea, with depths ranging from 2 to 33 meters, hosts diverse marine life such as corals, anemones, and ornamental fish. At night, the interaction of waves with the shoreline creates a mesmerizing light effect, enhancing the scenic beauty.

Lighthouse and Sunken Ship of Larak

Lighthouse of Larak Island
Lighthouse of Larak Island

Larak Island features a lighthouse that has become a significant tourist attraction. Below this structure lies a rectangular base, with the main lighthouse section above. About 5 kilometers west of the lighthouse, you can see a sunken ship, partially above water.

Diving in Larak’s Enchanting Sea

Visiting Persian Gulf from Larak Island's View
Visiting Persian Gulf from Larak Island’s View

Diving here offers memorable experiences thanks to the captivating waters and underwater marine life. If you enjoy diving in Qeshm, you’ll love the underwater adventures Larak has to offer.

Amenities on Larak Island

While Larak is limited in facilities due to its small size and low population, it’s mostly frequented by day visitors from other parts of Hormozgan Province. Transportation on the island is restricted to a few motorcycles, and there’s only one shop in the village of Larak where residents purchase their necessities.

Visiting Larak Island
Visiting Larak Island

Souvenirs from Larak Island

Local handicrafts made from beach shells are popular souvenirs. Since fishing is a prevalent occupation, visitors can also buy a variety of fresh seafood from the locals, including the famous Tandoori fish.

Best Time to Visit Larak

The best time to visit Larak, given its very hot and humid climate, is from late November to mid-March. During this period, the weather is relatively mild and spring-like, ideal for enjoying the beautiful beaches.

Beautiful Sunset at Larak Island
Beautiful Sunset at Larak Island

How to Get to Larak

You can reach Larak by boat from Bandar Abbas or from Qeshm Island’s Zakeri or Doha piers. Ferries have fixed departure times, but you can charter a speedboat.

Accommodation and Hotel Booking in Larak Island


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Larak’s small size means limited accommodation options. The island has a camping site for those interested in camping. For hotel stays, consider nearby islands like Qeshm or Kish for overnight accommodations or make it a day trip. You can also plan a multi-day stay to fully experience this extraordinary island.

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