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10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel

Experience the Hidden Gems of Iran this Nowruz

Traveling during Nowruz in Iran to untouched and scenic areas offers a unique and engaging experience. From the lush and beautiful Alborz mountains to the untouched deserts of Kashan and Isfahan, from the forests of Gorgan to the ancient cities of Yazd and Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, Iran showcases destinations that display its stunning nature and unique culture.

Nowruz travels provide an opportunity to experience unique moments among Iran’s natural and historical attractions. In this article, we introduce you to 10 untouched destinations in Iran for Nowruz travel.


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1. Babak Fort, East Azerbaijan

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Babak Fort, East Azerbaijan, Iran (photo by Tripadvisor)

One of the beautiful places for Nowruz travel in Iran is Babak Fort near the village of Kaleybar, close to Tabriz. This village, located 200 kilometers from the city of Tabriz, boasts untouched and beautiful nature. In this village, you can stay overnight and head towards the historical Babak Fort after breakfast. From the heights of the fort, you can observe the beautiful plains and forests of Arasbaran. If you wish, you can also travel to the tourist area of Ainaloo, about an hour away from the fort. This journey offers you untouched nature, history, and culture.

Babak Fort stands tall on a peak. It offers views of forests, valleys, and fog. Watching the blue sky, the greenery of bushes and trees, and the sunlight peeking through the clouds is very tempting. If you are familiar with the Arab invasion of Iran, you have undoubtedly heard of Babak Khorramdin. He fought the Abbasid Caliphate for two decades. Today, only remnants of Babak Fort remain. However, it is estimated that this strategic fort could have been used for planning ambush and siege operations. A trip to this historical site will be very interesting and memorable.

2. Cloud Forest (Jangal-e Abr), Semnan

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Cloud Forest, Semnan, Iran

Between Gorgan and Shahroud, there is a side path. Along this path, a village and a forest named “Cloud” are visible. Another untouched destination for Nowruz travel in Iran is the Cloud Forest. There is also a village nearby where you can avail of its services. The Cloud Forest is very untouched and natural and has a rich wildlife, but it is better to spend the night with others. For those looking for an untouched forest to spend their holidays, the Cloud Forest is undoubtedly one of the best options.

This forest is a remnant of the Hyrcanian forests that have survived for millions of years. The roof of this forest is covered with clouds throughout all seasons. In the six months of winter, due to the cold, it is not possible for tourists to use nature. But in the six months of spring and summer, this scenic forest can be visited.

In this forest, you can camp next to mountain springs. Observe various birds flying. You can spend hours hiking in the forest paths. You can collect various medicinal plants. You can also visit nearby villages such as Shirinabad and Bastam.

3. Marakan Protected Area, West Azerbaijan

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Marakan Protected Area, West Azerbaijan,Iran

The Marakan Protected Area in West Azerbaijan province is one of the untouched destinations that is very beautiful and attractive for Nowruz travel in Iran. This area, despite similarities to the Cloud Forests in northeastern Iran, is located in the northwest of the country. To reach this beautiful area, you must step between the city of Jolfa and the Aras River. On this path, you can benefit from untouched and beautiful nature.

If you have a professional guide with you, you will have a unique experience of the rich wildlife habitat of this area. Here, you can use the wild fruits of the trees and witness eagles flying, deer and wild sheep roaming in the mountains, swimming ducks and otters in the water, and other amazing natural scenes of this area.

The Marakan Protected Area, as a natural sanctuary, helps preserve biodiversity and wildlife and houses many rare and important species. Due to its stunning natural landscapes and moderate climate, it is an ideal destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts.

4. Alamut, Qazvin Province

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Alamut, Qazvin (photo by Wikipedia)

Alamut is a very beautiful and scenic area located 70 to 80 kilometers from Qazvin. This area, with its natural mountain scenery, spring vegetation, and Evan Lake, is one of the main tourist attractions and a suitable option for a Nowruz trip in Iran.

Alamut Castle was once the government seat of Hassan-i Sabbah, one of the most powerful rulers of his time. After leaving the Seljuk court for Egypt, he returned to Iran and founded the Ismaili sect. In this castle, there are many stories and legends about his ruling style, which will be fascinating for those interested in history.

Visiting Alamut Castle will be a unique experience for those interested in history and the culture of the region. In addition to seeing the historical castle, observing the natural scenery of the area will undoubtedly be enjoyable. The incredibly beautiful mountain landscapes and abundant spring vegetation give visitors a sense of calm and wonder. Additionally, Evan Lake, located near the castle, is a peaceful and beautiful place for walking and resting.

Overall, Alamut is a scenic destination for tourists and those interested in history and culture. This area offers many opportunities for exploration and getting acquainted with the history and natural beauty of the region.

5. Nozhian Waterfall, Lorestan Province

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Nozhian Waterfall, Lorestan, Iran (photo by Wikipedia)

Nozhian Waterfall is one of the beautiful natural attractions located in Lorestan province and another attractive destination for a Nowruz trip in Iran. This waterfall, with a height of 95 meters, is one of the largest waterfalls in Iran and has a lot of appeal for tourists and nature enthusiasts. To reach this beautiful waterfall, it is better to move from the Khorramabad beltway towards the untouched nature of the waterfall.

The trip to Nozhian Waterfall will take about less than an hour and you will find yourself flying through the beauties of nature. When you arrive at your destination, you will reach an amazing and peaceful place to stay in nature. The sound of water flowing from the waterfall and the greenery of the mountains, along with the scent of natural plants, will present you with infinite beauty.

The geographical location of Nozhian Waterfall in untouched nature provides an extraordinary opportunity for rest and tranquility. You can walk in this beautiful place and take memorable photos. The untouched nature and natural landscapes of this area will give you peace, vitality, and an unforgettable experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, a trip to Nozhian Waterfall in Lorestan province will be a great option.

6. Shadegan Ponds, Khuzestan Province

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Shadegan Ponds, Khuzestan (photo by Wikipedia)

Shadegan Ponds in Khuzestan province are among the most beautiful tourist attractions in the country and a suitable choice for a Nowruz trip in Iran. This pond, with its untouched nature and stunning landscapes found in it, is especially attractive in the spring season. In this season, the colorfulness of plants and blossoms gives the pond a special beauty and appeal.

Despite Shadegan Ponds hosting various species of birds, the abundance and diversity of birds in this pond are greater in the spring season. Migratory birds from all over the world come here and nest in this untouched nature. In addition to birds, various fish can also be observed in this pond.

Unfortunately, Shadegan Ponds face challenges such as land use change, water pollution, and reduced water resources. These problems can severely threaten the habitat of this pond and ultimately lead to its destruction. Therefore, protecting the environment and natural resources of this area is very necessary.

Visitors intending to travel to Shadegan Ponds should be sensitive to this issue and comply with environmental protection laws and measures taken to preserve the pond.

7. Tabas, South Khorasan Province

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Tabas, South Khorasan (photo by Wikidata)

Tabas is a historical and beautiful city in South Khorasan province, Iran. This city became famous for its historical storm in 1344, but in addition to that, it is an area full of other natural and historical attractions and one of the best options for a Nowruz trip in Iran.

One of the main attractions of Tabas is Golshan Garden Tabas. This garden, with its beautiful architecture and abundant flowers and plants, is a very delightful place for walking and resting. In addition to the city of Tabas, the surrounding villages are also worth visiting. Ezmighan is one of these villages, famous for its rice cultivation. By seeing the rice fields in this village, you can enjoy the beauty and tranquility of natural landscapes.

Halvan is another attraction near Tabas. This village is located next to the untouched desert and natural beauties. Esfahak is one of the villages around Tabas, which has been welcomed by tourists with its eco-lodges. By staying in these lodges, you can get acquainted with the culture and life of the people of this region and have the experience of an untouched trip in nature.

Morteza Ali Spring is another historical attraction near Tabas. All these areas, with their natural and historical diversity, attract tourists and provide them with a beautiful and varied travel experience.

8. Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall

The beautiful Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall is located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province in southwestern Iran. This waterfall is situated in an untouched area and is one of the tourist attractions of this region and a suitable destination for a Nowruz trip in Iran.

To reach Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall, first, you have to move from Yasuj, the capital of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad province, towards Baba Meydan. This path is beautiful and full of natural attractions. After reaching Baba Meydan, you have to use a side road that leads to the valleys and Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall. This side road, with its pleasant landscapes and green desert, guides you to the beautiful waterfalls of Tang-e Tamoradi.
Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall consists of seven small waterfalls. The area where Tang-e Tamoradi Waterfall is located is covered by Zagros forests. The forests, with oak trees, have given this area a special natural beauty.

9. Mesr Desert, Isfahan Province

Mesr Desert, Iran
Mesr Desert, Iran

Mesr Desert is a suitable destination for a Nowruz trip in Iran. If you like to spend your Nowruz holidays in a peaceful environment away from excitement, Mesr Desert is a suitable option. This beautiful desert is located in Isfahan province and has many untouched attractions.

In Mesr Desert, you can visit desert houses, historical castles, natural landscapes, and palm groves. You also have the opportunity to ride camels and try local foods. The vast area of Mesr Desert provides the possibility of accommodating a large number of travelers. However, it is recommended to book your desired accommodation before traveling. The desert lodges of Mesr Desert, with their traditional architecture, guarantee a pleasant and memorable Nowruz experience.

10. Siah Gav Twin Lakes, Ilam Province

10 Untouched Destinations in Iran for Nowruz Travel
Siah Gav Twin Lakes, Ilam

If you plan to travel to Ilam province during the Nowruz holidays, be sure to visit Siah Gav Twin Lakes. This lake is very beautiful in the spring season and is one of the untouched and popular destinations for a Nowruz trip in Iran. The twin lake consists of two lakes named Siah Gav and Abdan, which are more than twenty meters deep. These two lakes are connected by a ten-meter canal. You can include a trip to Ilam province in your Nowruz plan and enjoy the natural attraction of the twin lake in this province.


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Final Words

Nowruz travels in Iran provide an extraordinary opportunity to experience this country full of untouched and unique options. From sandy hills and desert dunes to lush mountains, Iran is recognized as a rich and diverse tourist destination. With its unique history and culture, historical temples, vibrant markets, and scenic deserts, a Nowruz trip in Iran will be an attractive and different experience for enthusiasts of adventure and culture.

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