Mesr Desert Exploration: An Unrivaled Beauty

Iran Desert Garmeh And Mesr Desert

Anyone who travels only once to the desert knows well that each heart is tranquilized by looking at the horizon of the desert. Watching the desert denotes; life is current at the moment. On a trip to the desert, any regret of the past and any concern for the future becomes void and the desert governs the lives of tourists. The desert is a charm that will never let you go. Among all the Iranian desert attractions, the desert of “Mesr” is one of the best destinations for tourism and nature exploration for the lovers of this beauty.


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ٰThe “Mesr” village

The desert of “Mesr” has taken its name from a simple and free-standing village of the same name, which is located nearby. This small village has only 180 inhabitants and is located 55 km from the city of Khor, located in the province of Isfahan. Village houses are built very simply- just like the houses of other Iranian desert areas; thatch walls, dome ceilings and wooden doors, each of which are in harmony with the nature of the desert. Next to each house, there is a small stable in which the locals keep turkeys, goats and sometimes camels.

Walking with bare feet on the soft and warm sands of the desert is immeasurably refreshing. In the evening, when the sun slowly decreases its height, the desert resembles a wavy sea, and its magnificence is constantly being increased. As the night arrives, thousands of stars rise and watching the stunning sky makes you wonder and connects the human being to the depth of existence. The desert of “Mesr” is a suitable place for holding stellar tours or Astro-Tourism.

Sliding down and rolling over the hills

But traveling to the desert is not empty of fun and laughter. Sliding down and rolling over the hills is so enjoyable and exciting. You can also ride local camels and explore the desert.

Other attractions in this area include the Mesr village palm tree gardens and canebrakes, the village of Garmeh, the polygons of the salt lake, the Chal-e Selknon, and Takht-e Abbasi. Chal-e Selknon is a massive pit that is created by a flood in the area, and Takhts are said to be places that are higher than the surrounding area and its surface is smooth and standing on them opens up a unique view of the golden hills for you.

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Desert is the habitat for animals that insist on staying in places where life is not possible. Zagh-e Boor (Pleske’s ground jay), which I found only in the desert areas of Iran as well as sand cat (Felis margarita) and sand fox (Vulpes rueppellii) are among the most beautiful creatures in wildlife. Rabbit, Jaculus (two-legged cannabis), Zygophyllum eurypterum (kind of small tress), Astragaluses and palm trees are other examples. It may not seem at first glance, but the desert is full of life with constant joy.

The desert of “Mesr” alongside the desert of “Maranjab” are the top tourist options to explore the deserts.

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