Visiting Shiraz During Nowruz: Tips for a Great Trip

Why is Spring the Best Time to Visit Shiraz?

One of the most common questions about traveling to Shiraz is why spring is considered the best season for visiting. Many people choose Shiraz as their destination to enjoy its unique nature. Therefore, they prefer spring, especially May, when the city’s beauty peaks.

Traveling to Shiraz During Nowruz: Yes or No?

Spring and Nowruz in Shiraz
Shiraz During Nowruz

Another question often arises regarding whether to visit Shiraz during the Nowruz holidays. It’s crucial to consider several important factors for a trip to Shiraz during Nowruz.

One of the main concerns is hotel reservations. Due to the high influx of travelers and the city’s busy nature during Nowruz, finding hotel accommodations can be challenging. It’s advisable to plan your trip well in advance and book your hotel online. Additionally, when visiting Shiraz’s tourist attractions, be prepared for potentially long wait times. If these issues don’t deter you, traveling to Shiraz during Nowruz can be a special experience, offering unique attractions of the city during this festive season.


Shiraz Hotels

Spring Ceremonies in Shiraz

The following sections introduce ceremonies and events that take place in Shiraz during spring and Nowruz, providing more insight into what to expect when visiting the city during this season.

Exhibitions in May

Spring and Nowruz in Shiraz
Spring in Shiraz

Various exhibitions and events are organized in Shiraz during the second half of May. These include photo exhibitions of old Shiraz, calligraphy exhibitions, and showcases of artists’ works, including miniature paintings and carpets.

Additionally, if you visit Shiraz in June, you might have the opportunity to attend the International Balloon Festival, assuming it is scheduled to be held in Shiraz again.

Exploring Shiraz During Nowruz

If you find yourself in Shiraz during spring and Nowruz and wish to explore the city and its sights, it’s essential to be well-informed to make the most of your time and visit as many tourist attractions as possible during the holiday period.

Nowruz Celebrations at Ancient Persepolis

Persepolis, with its international fame, is perhaps the most significant tourist attraction in Shiraz. It’s recommended to visit this historical site on the first day of your trip. Once the capital of Iran, even the ruins of Persepolis offer an indescribable pleasure.

Other Historical Attractions

Nowruz Festivities in Shiraz's Eram Garden
Eram Garden, a quintessential example of Persian landscape design in Shiraz, becomes a vibrant hub for visitors during the Nowruz festivities. Annually, as the New Year dawns, individuals flock to this botanical paradise to revel in the celebrations amid its lush surroundings, symbolizing a fresh start amidst the garden’s historical beauty.

For those interested in exploring more of Shiraz’s historical sites, the Narenjestan Garden, Zinat Al-Molk House, Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, Karim Khan Citadel, Shapouri House, and Afif-Abad Garden are also worth visiting.


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Vakil Bazaar: A Shopper’s Delight

Spring and Nowruz in Shiraz
Iranian Carpet Shops in Vakil Bazaar of Shiraz

Shopping is an integral part of the Iranian travel culture. Vakil Bazaar is a must-visit when traveling to Shiraz in spring. It offers a chance to buy souvenirs for loved ones and enjoy the nearby Vakil Mosque and Bath.

New Year Celebrations at Hafezieh

New Year Celebrations at Hafezieh: Honoring Hafez of Shiraz
Each year, a significant number of tourists along with the local populace of Shiraz assemble at the Hafezieh memorial site, dedicated to the 14th-century illustrious poet, Hafez of Shiraz. This convergence takes place to mark the onset of the New Year. Situated in Shiraz, the Hafezieh area, renowned as the burial site of Hafez, becomes a focal point for these celebrations. Participants honor the poet’s legacy by engaging in the reading of his distinguished poetry at his tomb. This annual event is emblematic of a culturally enriched commencement of the New Year, reflecting the profound historical and cultural heritage of the region.

While in Shiraz during spring and Nowruz, visiting Hafezieh, the tomb of Hafez, one of Iran’s most celebrated poets, can make your trip even more memorable.

Saadi Tomb

Spring and Nowruz in Shiraz
Tomb of Saadi in Shiraz, Iran

Saadi, known for his works “Bustan” and “Golestan,” is another revered Iranian poet buried in Shiraz. The current Saadi tomb, built in 1952, offers a peaceful place to pay respects to Saadi.

Shiraz Souvenirs

Spring and Nowruz in Shiraz

It would be unthinkable to visit Shiraz in spring and Nowruz without picking up some of the city’s famous souvenirs, such as Masghati, Halva, Shirazi cookies, roasted almonds, Ranginak, bitter orange blossom water, rosewater, woodwork, enamel work, and marquetry.

Travel to Shiraz with OrientTrips During Nowruz

Tourists Visiting the Tomb of Cyrrus in Shiraz
Tourists Visiting the Tomb of Cyrrus in Shiraz

If you’re planning to visit Shiraz this spring and Nowruz, consider taking advantage of the special hotel, flight, bus, and train discounts offered by OrientTrips for the Nowruz holidays. Booking your travel services through OrientTrips not only saves you money but also ensures you won’t have to worry about hotel reservations during the busy Nowruz period. With careful planning by these tours, you’ll get to see all of Shiraz’s tourist attractions during your Nowruz vacation.

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