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Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills

Dizin ski resort is not only the most significant ski resort in Iran, but also is the most reputable and prestigious ski resort in the whole Middle East.

Located north of Tehran Dizin is the first ski resort in Iran to be recognized by FIS as an International Ski Resort for holding international tournaments.

This recognition of Dizin resort is achieved due to various qualities and facilities, including technical mandates such as ski slope, length of the ski trails, venue of the tournaments and the amenities.


Ski-boarding at Dizin Resort

Ski-boarding is allowed at Dizin, unlike some other ski resorts, and this brings about more skiers and ski boarders to this resort.

Dizin is 123 km north of Tehran via Chalous Road and 71 km via Shemshak Road. There are 4 cable cars (gondolas), 2 chair lifts, 9 button lifts (dish téléskis) and 1 t-bar lift (hammer lift) installed at this resort. The lowest altitude of this resort is 2650m and the highest is 3600m.

Backcountry Skiing at Dizin

Skiing In Dizin. The Largest In The Middle East
Skiing in Dizin. The largest in the Middle East

Dizin offers different runs for alpine, cross country, and backcountry skiing/snowboarding.

There are two hotels, over 19 chalets and restaurants in and out of the resort with a variety of food options to cater to your needs.

Amateur Piste at Dizin Ski Resort

There is also an amateur piste for kids and beginners at the bottom of the slopes with ski instructors available on site.

Dizin ski resort is not only the most significant ski resort in Iran, but also is the most reputable and prestigious ski resort in the whole Middle East.

Amenities at Dizin Ski Resort

Wondering about the variety of amenities available at the vast Dizin Ski Resort? This destination, situated among Tehran’s ski slopes, boasts some of the best facilities for athletes, skiers, and tourists alike. Here, we outline the diverse amenities and attractions that enhance your experience at Dizin.

Gondola Lifts

The gondola lifts at Dizin Ski Resort differ significantly from other types of ski lifts. Instead of sitting on simple benches suspended in the air, you’ll find yourself seated in cabins, elevated several meters high, traveling from one station to another. Each station varies in altitude and accessibility, adding a unique element to your journey.

Among Dizin’s gondola lifts, noteworthy ones include the “Shaleh Gondola Lift,” spanning 1,750 meters with a height of 480 meters, the “Peak Gondola Lift,” extending 1,950 meters with a height of 430 meters, and the “Valley Gondola Lift,” the longest in Dizin at 2,480 meters with a height of 510 meters. Lastly, there’s the “Grass Gondola Lift,” covering 1,480 meters and reaching a height of 385 meters.

Chairlifts at Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills
Chairlifts at Dizin Ski Resort

Chairlifts, the essential safety seats operated from round-trip stations, are a key feature at Dizin Ski Resort. Their main difference from gondola lifts is their open design, with no cabins and fewer seats. Prominent chairlifts include the “Peak Chairlift,” measuring 1,820 meters in length and 380 meters in height, and the “Grass Chairlift,” spanning 1,430 meters with a height of 335 meters.

Disc Ski Lifts

Disc ski lifts are designed for skiers’ convenience, facilitating easy movement without much elevation. These lifts consist of poles with attached discs, moving back-to-back.

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills
Disc Ski Lifts at Dizin Ski Resort

Skiers can hold the pole with one hand while placing the disc between their legs, using it as a lever to glide smoothly to their destination. Remember two key points when using disc ski lifts: do not let go of the pole before reaching your destination and avoid sitting on the discs, as they are meant only for pushing you over the snow.

Rotating Ski Lifts

The rotating ski lifts at Dizin Ski Resort are another type of chairlift. They rotate at the start and end points for loading and unloading skiers. Note that these lifts do not stop at the stations, so skilled and professional skiers must know how to get on and off while the lift is in motion.


Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills

Another exciting feature of Dizin Ski Resort is the availability of snowmobiles. These are rented out to enthusiasts for thrilling rides across the snowy landscape.

Dining at Dizin Ski Resort

Shaleh Restaurant Perched at an altitude of 2,980 meters, Shaleh Restaurant is a culinary gem in the heart of Dizin Ski Resort. It offers stunning views of Dizin’s pristine landscapes. Part of the 4-star Shaleh Dizin Hotel, it provides a range of services for tourists, enhancing their dining experience with breathtaking scenery.

Chaman Restaurant

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills
Chaman Restaurant at the Dizin Ski Resort

One of the most luxurious dining spots at Dizin Ski Resort is Chaman Restaurant. Located at an elevation of 2,650 meters, near the north of the Chaman slope, it’s a benchmark for many ski paths. Chaman Restaurant doesn’t just offer a food menu; it also includes a café, perfect for various beverages. Its circular, all-glass structure offers panoramic views of the Alborz Mountains, making dining there, especially after a long walk or a thrilling ski session, exceptionally enjoyable.

Lotus Restaurant

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills

Lotus Restaurant, situated beside the Gajereh Dizin Hotel, stands out as one of Dizin’s most famous dining venues. It includes a café, a Western and Iranian restaurant, and one of Tehran’s best fast food joints. The quality of the food, coupled with its stunning, captivating décor at the foothills of the Alborz, ensures a delightful meal. Prices at Lotus Restaurant are reasonable, considering the high quality of food. The restaurant’s proximity to the Gajereh Hotel, one of Dizin’s most renowned hotels, located just 3 kilometers from the ski resort, adds to its appeal. Its varied decor across different sections adds to the dining experience.

Off-Piste Restaurant

Located within Dizin Ski Resort, Off-Piste Restaurant offers a diverse menu, including Iranian cuisine and fast food options, along with a café. This restaurant provides a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for skiers and visitors to relax and refuel.

Dizin Ski Resort’s Cozy Cabins

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills
Dizin Ski Resort’s Cozy Cabins

The wooden cabins, also known as ‘Shaleh,’ are a popular accommodation choice at Dizin Ski Resort. Equipped with fireplaces, terraces, barbecue facilities, and Western-style bathrooms, these cabins are conveniently located near Building No. 2 of Dizin Hotel.

These cabins are designed with vehicle access in mind. However, due to high demand, especially on weekends, they are usually not rented out for less than two nights. Rental prices start from 2 million Iranian Rials per night.

The architecture of these cabins beautifully integrates with the mountainous terrain and ski slopes. Their distinctive gabled roofs make them easily recognizable in Dizin. These wooden cabins are an ideal stay for groups of 4 to 5 people, making them a favorite among professional skiers who visit Dizin in groups.

Explore the Thrills Beyond Skiing at Dizin Ski Resort


If you’re an archery enthusiast or a seasoned archer, Dizin Ski Resort offers unique experiences. In winter, you can try ski archery, combining skiing with precision shooting. During summer, roll-ski archery on the grassy slopes is a must-try. This blend of dynamic movement and focus is exhilarating and challenging.


Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills

For the adventurous souls, paragliding over Dizin is an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a skilled paraglider or accompanied by a professional, the heights of the Alborz range offer perfect launch spots. Soar above Tehran’s Dizin Ski Resort, feeling light and thrilled, as you take in the panoramic views.

Kite Flying

Especially in summer, the Chaman slopes of Dizin turn into a kite-flyer’s paradise. Enjoy the rush of kite flying at high altitudes and create a lasting memory of your time at Dizin Ski Resort.

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills

Snowman Building

What’s a visit to a snowy place without some fun in the snow? A quintessential part of any trip to Dizin Ski Resort is frolicking in the snow, building snowmen, and engaging in snowball fights. The highlight is the annual Snowman Festival, where creativity meets snow, and the best snow sculptures win prizes.

Tube Riding

Tube riding is a popular activity at Tehran’s Dizin Ski Resort, especially loved by families and youngsters. The joy of sliding and rolling in the snow makes for an enjoyable and laughter-filled experience.

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills

Mountain Biking

Another exhilarating summer activity at Dizin is mountain biking. The resort hosts competitions where professional cyclists display thrilling stunts and racing skills. It’s not just a sport but a spectacle of agility and speed against the backdrop of the Alborz Mountains.

Best Time to Visit Dizin Ski Resort

Dizin Ski Resort, located in the high altitudes of the Alborz Mountains near Tehran, is a prime destination for winter sports enthusiasts. If you’re aiming for skiing and enjoying snow-related activities, the best time to visit is from late autumn (December) to early spring (April). During these months, the resort offers excellent snow conditions and a lively atmosphere.

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills

However, Dizin isn’t just a winter wonderland. In summer, it transforms into a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Due to its cool climate and lush greenery, it attracts visitors for various activities like mountain biking, archery, and kite surfing. Additionally, it’s one of the few ski resorts accessible during the summer, making it a unique destination for tourists.

Directions to Dizin Ski Resort

Reaching Dizin Ski Resort can be an adventure in itself, with two main routes available. One is via the scenic Chalus Road, and the other is through the Shamshak-Dizin route.

For those traveling from Tehran, the Shamshak-Dizin route is more direct. However, be prepared for a winding and challenging drive that requires skilled driving. This path is known for its twists and turns, offering an exhilarating journey to the resort.

Dizin Ski Resort: Tehran’s Gateway to Winter Thrills

Alternatively, the Chalus Road route is a visual treat. Starting from Karaj, this route allows you to experience the stunning landscapes and unique features of the Chalus Road. Take the turn at Velayatroud village towards the Dizin road, and you might even enjoy some of the attractions along the Chalus Road.

Both routes offer their unique charms and challenges, making the journey to Dizin Ski Resort as memorable as the destination itself.

Dizin Ski Resort: FAQs

When is the best time to visit Dizin Ski Resort?

Best Time to Visit: If your aim is skiing and enjoying winter sports, the ideal time to visit Dizin Ski Resort is from late fall (around December) to early spring (up until April). For those seeking summer activities like kite surfing, mountain biking, and archery, summer is also a great time to visit due to Dizin’s cool climate and lush green landscapes.

How can I reach Dizin Ski Resort?

Accessing Dizin: You can get to Dizin Ski Resort via two main routes – the Chalus Road and the Shemshak to Dizin route. If you’re coming from Tehran, the Shemshak route is closer but involves more twists and turns, requiring skilled driving. Alternatively, the scenic Chalus Road offers its unique charm and beauty.

Are there non-ski activities available at Dizin Ski Resort?

Non-Ski Activities: Absolutely! In addition to skiing, Dizin offers a variety of activities like paragliding, kite surfing, mountain biking, and even archery. In winter, there’s also the fun of snow tubing and building snowmen, with an annual snowman festival that’s a highlight for visitors.

Can I find accommodation easily in Dizin?

Accommodations in Dizin: Yes, Dizin offers a range of accommodations, including cozy wooden cottages known as ‘Shalleh’, equipped with amenities like fireplaces, terraces, and barbeque facilities. For more luxurious stays, several hotels in the vicinity cater to different preferences and budgets.

Is Dizin Ski Resort suitable for professional skiers?

For Professional Skiers: Dizin Ski Resort is a top choice for professional skiers, offering challenging slopes and excellent snow conditions. The resort is known for its high-quality, powdery snow, making it a favorite among seasoned skiers.

Is there a rental service for ski equipment at Dizin?

Equipment Rental: Dizin Ski Resort provides ample facilities for renting ski and snowboarding equipment. You’ll find a variety of shops offering the latest gear for rent at reasonable prices.

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