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Filband Village: A Destination Which Elevates you above the Clouds!

A destination which elevates you above the clouds!

Known as the roof of Mazandaran, Filband is an undiscovered, wonderfully beautiful village above the mountains!

Heaven on earth!

Filband Village.Photo by Hadi Nikkhah

In the northern province of Iran, Filband, an unbelievably beautiful village is located. With an altitude more than 2300 meters above the sea, Filband has gained fame as the roof of Mazandaran. Here, you will normally find the village covered with white, fluffy clouds and way cooler than other parts of the region. Because of its altitude and special climate conditions, Filband is known to be the village above the clouds and a wonderful destination for those who seek unique natural landscapes. We assure that you will have a hard time here putting your camera down!

The name in local language means frustration and tiredness, suggesting that it is so hard to get to the village due to its location. Being the highest part of Mazandaran province, it is not surprising to think so, especially in the colder seasons of the year. Here the winter starts really soon and ends very late.As a result local people have to leave their houses during some periods of the year and the village becomes completely vacant. In the past, accessing Filband was considered to be very hard and, in some seasons, almost impossible. Nowadays, however, Filband has become easily accessible thanks to existing asphalt road which connects it to the main Tehran-Haraz road.

Head in the clouds!


The main reason why people love to visit this dreamy village is the clouds. The mountains in Filband which are in such a high altitude usually trap the passing clouds. Thus, if you stay in the village, the landscape you will probably observe is a sea of clouds, covering the village and dense forests around it. It is, therefore, a fantastic destination for photographers and nature lovers, as it provides you with less seen sights.

Best time to visit

Dreamy sunrise in Filband.

As mentioned above, it is not a good idea to visit the village during the second half of the year. As well as being very cold and icy, it would be so hard and dangerous to reach there. In fact, Filband is a country yard where people choose as their destination to escape the heat of the city during the hot days of summer. So, the best time for visiting it is from late April to September and October, before the weather gets cold again.

Sunset in Filband.

To see the sea of clouds, it is recommended to visit Filband in the last months of Spring. During this season, you will see heaven’s sky here, as local people may say! Sunrises and sunsets are also magnificent and you’ll observe the sky changing colors in a way that it can hardly be seen in other parts. The tranquility and calmness of the village, along with a delightful climate and fresh mountain air, will turn your trip to an unforgettable experience. At the end of the trip you will probably be reluctant to leave Filband and return to the hustle and bustle of the city!

What is waiting for you?


On your way up to the village, you will have the chance to see so many picturesque scenes. From toy-town cottages to standalone trees, each view will amaze you and urge you to stop and take a picture. You’ll see many flocks of sheep and goats on your way and hear the rings of their bells breaking the silence of the forested mountains. Moreover, although the village is very tiny, it offers innumerable scenic views, each reminding a wonderfully beautiful postal card!

Where to stay?

You can stay in the village and enjoy the views or you can go mountain climbing if you wish. There is a peak called Hasin Bon, for instance, which you can choose as your destination. There are also some rivers with pure water in this region, which are believed to have therapeutic effects by local people.

Please note that the facilities and accommodations are really basic in this remote village and it has preserved its natural, authentic spirit. You will have the option to stay with locals in their cottages and chill out in their balconies with the views of the mountains and clouds or you can choose camping and setting up your tent wherever you wish. Don’t forget about taking warm clothes as well. The temperature will drop dramatically as you go higher and the weather is so unpredictable here. Be well equipped for Filband and cherish every moment that you spend in this dreamy natural attraction!

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