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Discover the Abbas Abad Historical Complex

A Captivating Journey Through Iran's Rich Cultural Heritage

The Abbas Abad Gardens are not only a UNESCO World Heritage listed site but also represent one of Iran’s most prestigious Persian gardens. Situated near Behshahr and close to the city of Sari, this area annually welcomes numerous tourists seeking to experience its tranquility and natural beauty. Here are compelling reasons to include the Abbas Abad Historical Complex in your travel itinerary:

  • World Heritage Site: The Abbas Abad Garden is recognized by UNESCO for its historical significance and beauty.
  • Natural Beauty: Located in northern Iran, this site is celebrated for its scenic landscapes and popular recreational area.
  • Amenities: Visitors have access to various facilities including restaurants and boating, enhancing the leisure experience.
  • Human-Made Nature: This complex, amidst rugged mountains, showcases human ingenuity in harmony with nature.

The History Behind the Abbas Abad Complex

Abbas Abad Historical Complex in Sari
Abbas Abad Complex, Sari, Iran

Constructed under the orders of Shah Abbas I of the Safavid dynasty during 1020-1021 AH, the remaining features of this extensive site include gardens, a bathhouse, towers, and cobblestone roads.

Architectural Marvels of the Abbas Abad Complex

Abbas Abad Historical Complex in Sari
Architecture of Abbas Abad Complex (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

The Abbas Abad Complex, benefiting from its terrain and abundant water, exhibits symmetry in its architecture, akin to other Persian gardens. Strategically positioned atop a natural hill, it incorporates several stairs and platforms, leading visitors to its most elevated section where a historic mansion is visible. Notable structures within this vast complex include:


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  • Water Control Tower and Dam: Designed by Shah Abbas, this dam collects winter waters, controlled by a tower with various gates for distribution to nearby villages.
  • Lake Island Structure: A brick and mortar pavilion, submerged during high water, appears as an island, originally intended to reinforce the dam but later used for recreational purposes by Shah Abbas II.
  • Dual Watchtowers: These mud-brick towers, placed 175 meters apart on the lake’s eastern side, offer strategic views.
  • Northern Landscaping: Terraced gardens built on a 30-meter high hill with central platforms, demonstrating unique water channeling through cascades and pools, creating mesmerizing views.
  • Southern Landscaping and Bathhouse: Although much of the southern area remains unexcavated, visible pools and flooring hint at its similarity to the northern landscape, albeit with less prominence. The bathhouse, retaining traditional features, showcases tiles with lapis lazuli, turquoise, and yellow hues from the period.
  • Abbas Abad Garden and Palace: This terraced garden, carved out of a hill with symmetrical design, integrates with the natural slope, featuring clay pipes that play the “music” of flowing water, creating unparalleled views. The remains of a Safavid era palace, situated 2 kilometers north of the garden, offer a breathtaking view over the Behshahr plain, hinting at its royal past with glazed blue, turquoise, green, and brown tiles.

Amenities and Access to the Abbas Abad Complex

Abbas Abad Historical Complex in Sari
Visiting Abbas Abad Garden in Sari (photo by Wikipedia)

Thanks to easy car access, pleasant surroundings, historical sites, and agreeable climate, the Abbas Abad Complex stands out as a unique leisure spot in Behshahr. This beautiful space offers tranquility and various recreational facilities such as boating in the Abbas Abad Dam Lake, picnicking, children’s playgrounds, restaurants, teahouses, and garden walks.

How to Reach the Abbas Abad Historical Complex

Access is via a narrow, paved road; start from Behshahr, entering Imam Reza Boulevard. Before reaching Abbaspour Hotel, you’ll see the entrance to Abbas Abad Road on the right. Following this road for 1 kilometer towards the Behshahr-Gorgan highway, a right exit appears, leading directly to the Abbas Abad Lake after 4 kilometers through the forest.

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