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Kalbadi House: A Qajar Era Gem in Sari

A Living Testament to Sari's Past

Sari, the verdant heart of Mazandaran province, is enveloped by forests, mountains, and the sea, drawing travelers eager to immerse themselves in its natural beauty. While the expectation from a city like Sari might lean heavily towards natural attractions, it also hosts historical gems that shine brightly amidst its green landscape. One such treasure is the Kalbadi Historical House, located in the city center of Sari. With a history spanning over a century, this house offers a glimpse into fascinating architectural wonders. Follow SURFIRAN as we explore more about Kalbadi House.


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The Timeless Charm of Kalbadi House

Located near Sari’s iconic Clock Square, a symbol of the city, Kalbadi House is easily accessible from Revolution Street. As you venture into the neighborhood of Ab Anbar No, you’re led to this historical site.

Initially, the grand wooden door with attractive decorations catches your eye, leading through a narrow hallway to the courtyard. Stepping down into the courtyard feels like a journey back in time to the Qajar era, complete with a picturesque pond adding a touch of elegance to the space.

Kalbadi Historical House
Kalbadi House in Sari, Iran

Constructed under the orders of a Qajar army commander, Sardar Jalil, the house was originally named “Amirieh” after his son, Amir Nosrat. However, following Amir Nosrat’s untimely death, the property was inherited by his son, Manouchehr Khan Kalbadi, a prominent local figure who resided there until his death in 1983.

In 1991, the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization acquired and subsequently restored the house. By 2009, it was opened to the public as an ethnography and archaeology museum.

Architectural Splendor of Kalbadi House

Kalbadi Historical House
Visiting Kalbadi House in Sari, Iran

Reflecting Qajar era aesthetics, Kalbadi House is constructed from brick, wood, and tile, featuring distinct inner and outer sections fully adorned with tiles. The two-story structure has a rectangular shape with a basement that once served as a refrigerator. Each floor houses a “Shah Neshin” (literally “King’s seat”), the most attractive parts of the house, flanked symmetrically by staircases and rooms. Perhaps the most captivating elements are the colorful windows and “Orsi” (traditional lattice woodwork), lending the building a unique charm.

You might notice differences between the first and second-floor windows due to replacements made during the restoration. The staircases within the house have been sealed, with new stairs constructed on the northern side for access to the second floor. The house comprises both Andaruni (inner) and Biruni (outer) sections, with the latter located to the left of the main entrance, featuring a small courtyard and room.

Kalbadi Historical House
Entrance of Kalbadi Historical House

Other notable parts of the house include a bath, kitchen, stables, and servant quarters. However, the kitchen seen today is a result of renovations, with the original version no longer existing. The bath comprises a “Garmkhane” (warm room) and “Sarbineh” (dressing room), with numerous cold and hot water reservoirs.

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Designated as a valuable Qajar period artifact, Kalbadi House was listed as a national heritage site in Iran in 1998.

While the allure of the sea and forests might be your primary reason for visiting Sari, don’t overlook its historical attractions. These sites offer a different perspective of the city, showcasing its architectural and historical richness.

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