Exploring Fath Abad Garden in Kerman, Iran

Where Dreams Bloom and Time Stands Still

Kerman Province, located in southeastern Iran, is one of the country’s most historic regions. It hosts approximately 7,000 valuable historical sites, with 700 registered as national heritage sites. In this piece, we focus on Fath Abad Garden (Beyglerbeyi Mansion), a Qajar era estate situated 25 kilometers from Kerman city in Ekhtiarabad village. Join SURFIRAN for an in-depth look at Fathabad Garden in Kerman Province.

Kerman: A Tourism Hub in Iran

Fath Abad Garden, Kerman
Fathabad Garden, Kerman, Iran

Each Iranian city has the potential to be a tourism hub, with Kerman ranking among the top 5 tourist destinations in Iran, thanks to its historical attractions. Fath Abad Garden, with its Qajar era roots, was registered as a national heritage site on February 1, 2003. Managed under Kerman’s General Directorate of Endowments and Charitable Affairs, the garden’s restoration was overseen by the Cultural Heritage Organization. Currently, it is managed by Sarvnoaz Nakhaei, former manager of the Shazdeh Garden restaurant and hotel.


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The Design of Fath Abad Garden

Inspired by Kerman’s Shahzadeh Garden, Fathabad Garden dazzles with its beautiful lighting, making it a perfect attraction for both daytime and nighttime visits. It’s one of Iran’s largest and most diverse medicinal plant gardens.

Key Sections of Fath Abad Garden

The Main Building of Fathabad Garden

Fath Abad Garden, Kerman
The Main Building of Fathabad Garden

At the garden’s northern end, the two-story main building features stunning arches and traditional Qajar-style rooms. Made of raw bricks and mud mortar, coated with a layer of gypsum, the interior boasts beautiful plasterwork. The most famous room is the Shah Neshin (royal) room.

The Governors’ Museum

This valuable section displays biographies and images of Kerman’s governors.

The Painting Room

Located in the main building, this room, once the residence of Kerman’s ruler, is adorned with precious murals and gold decorations. Currently, it’s closed for restoration.

The Chaharfasl (Four Seasons) Mansion

Moving 30 meters east from the main building, you encounter the Chaharfasl Mansion, known for its single-story design, central dome, and columned porches. Its brickwork and plasterwork are exceptionally beautiful. Today, it serves as a VIP area for various ceremonies and events.

Fath Abad Garden, Kerman
Fathabad Garden at Night, Kerman, Iran

Medicinal Plant Cultivation Lands

Kerman is famous for its herbal medicines, and part of the garden’s restoration involved dedicating an area to cultivating medicinal plants. This section is the largest of its kind in Iran.

Access to Fath Abad Garden in Kerman Province

Address: Kerman Province, Kerman City, Republic Boulevard, Air Force Boulevard, Ekhtiarabad, Fathabad Garden

To visit, follow the address above. Note that there’s no bus or taxi service directly to the garden, so a private vehicle or taxi is necessary.

Visiting Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Fath Abad Garden
Green Space in Fath Abad Garden (photo by Tripadvisor)

Nearby Attractions to Fathabad Garden in Kerman Province

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