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Shahzadeh Mahan Garden, Kerman

A Desert Oasis in Iran

Touring and visiting the charming and refined perspectives of the garden is one of the best hobbies, particularly if you are going to visit a historic and stunning garden like Shahzadeh Mahan Garden in the heart of a desert.

Shahzadeh Mahan Garden is one of the glorious gardens, which is located two kilometers from Mahan city and near Kerman.

It is one of the most up-and-coming places in Kerman province, probably because it is considered one of the 9 Iranian and world-famous gardens, which was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2011.

This garden was built by the order of Mohammad Hasan Khan Sardar Irvani, the ruler of Kerman at the time, 2 kilometers from Mahan, on the slopes of the Tigran Mountains, on the way to the Silk Road in the late Qajar period.


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The building inside it was later built by Abdul Hamid Mirza Nasiroldowleh, the ruler of Kerman during his eleven years of the statute.

Architecture and Plan

Shahzadeh Mahan Garden is one of the full-fledged Iranian gardens and one of the best sloping gardens. One of the characteristics of such matching gardens is the unique and spectacular display of water in the form of stairs and on horizontal and vertical levels.

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The size of this rectangular garden is about 5.5 hectares, which is 407 meters long and 122 meters wide, and includes the entrance gate, bathroom, mansion, water supply network, and pond, which are enclosed by a high fence of trees and are like a green gem in the heart of the desert. It shines and is pleasing to the eye.

When you enter this garden, you will see a gorgeous, two-story entryway through which you can see the interior and green space of the garden.

There are rooms for living and drawing room on the upper floor of this main hall. Sub-entrances are also built along the length of the garden. After passing through this part, you will enter the interior of the garden.

12 levels of stairs with waterfalls, fountains, and two pools are surrounded by tall trees in the garden. The water stream that flows in this place enters from the top of the garden.

The source of this stream is the Tigran aqueduct, which originates from the heights of Jopar, and after watering the fields and paths, it flows in the form of waterfalls on the stepped surface and the sloping surface, and continues to the outside of the garden and goes to Mahan.

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At the end of the garden and perpendicular to the main axis, there is a pavilion with an attic, which is 235 meters away from the main entrance. This mansion has an area of 487 square meters and was a place for reception and residence of the owner of the garden.

This part is currently being renovated into a restaurant by the private sector. Behind this building, there is a small garden with fruit trees. Stream first passes through the waterways of this area and then enters the main channels.

The service buildings of the Mahan Garden are also tangent to the main wall of the garden and outside it. In the east of the palace, there is a bathhouse and in the upper part of the bathhouse, there is a residential building of the guard.

A part of this building faces the back space of the house and due to its depth, this building protrudes from the wall of the complex more than other rooms around the garden. On the opposite side, you can see rooms that are left unfinished.

Facilities of Shahzadeh Mahan Garden

Restaurant: Undoubtedly, sitting in the pleasant atmosphere of the garden and eating delicious food is very appealing.
In this garden, a restaurant located in the dais mansion and sometimes in the open space of the garden welcomes guests. In addition, you can use free internet in this restaurant.

Guest house: visit Shahzadeh Mahan Garden safely and don’t worry about overnight stay; Because it is possible to stay overnight in the guest house of this garden.

Horse riding: The possibility of horse riding around this garden is provided for those who are interested.

Shopping for handicrafts: In the garden mansion, some rooms are dedicated to selling souvenirs and all kinds of rugs and carpets, which are undoubtedly attractive to see and you can buy them as souvenirs for your family and friends.

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