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Pahlevanpour Garden in Yazd: A Must-Visit Attraction

One of the fascinating attractions in Yazd that will leave you in awe is Pahlevanpour Garden in Mehriz. Some locals refer to it simply as Pahlevan Garden. This beautiful garden, located in Mehriz, has a romantic story of two families whose gardens were once adjacent. With the marriage of their children, the wall separating the gardens was removed, giving birth to Pahlevanpour Garden.

The unique architecture of this garden catches the eye and entices tourists to explore. In this article from SURFIRAN’s travel magazine, I share my experiences from my visit to Mehriz.

Where is Pahlevanpour Garden?

Pahlevanpour Garden is located in Mehriz County, Yazd Province, on Motahari Street. This garden, with its beautiful architecture and lush trees, showcases Mehriz to other cities.

Visiting hours for the garden are from 8 AM to 6:30 PM. The garden is closed on certain days such as 18th Safar, Tasu’a, Ashura, the death anniversary of Imam Khomeini, the martyrdom of Imam Jafar Sadiq, and the martyrdom of Imam Ali.

History of Pahlevanpour Garden

History of Pahlevanpour Garden in Yazd
History of Pahlevanpour Garden in Yazd

Pahlevanpour Garden dates back to the Qajar era. Originally owned by Hassan Malarza, the garden later became the property of his son-in-law, Ali Pahlevanpour, a prominent merchant in Yazd.

A well-known story tells of two separate gardens owned by Hassan Malarza and Ali Pahlevanpour. After the marriage of Hassan’s daughter and Ali’s son, the wall between the gardens was removed, merging them into what is now known as Pahlevanpour Garden.

Upon entering, the sound of flowing water from the Hassanabad aqueduct welcomes visitors. This water, which flows through the garden, is sourced from the aqueduct and is the final stretch of this ancient waterway.


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Name Origin of Pahlevanpour Garden

The garden was named after Ali Pahlevanpour, the son-in-law of Hassan Malarza. When Hassan’s daughter married Pahlevanpour’s son, the garden was renamed Pahlevanpour Garden.

Architecture of Pahlevanpour Garden

Architecture of Pahlevanpour Garden
Architecture of Pahlevanpour Garden

The architecture of Pahlevanpour Garden is a blend of ancient Iranian styles and modern garden design. This mix is evident despite the garden’s relatively young age. This style can also be seen in some other gardens in Yazd.

The central pavilion or Kushk is a prominent feature, combining traditional and central courtyard architecture, enhancing the garden’s beauty. Notable buildings in the garden include the Kushk building, the winter house, the sherbet house, the kitchen, the bathhouse, and the caretaker’s residence.

The garden’s water streams along two main axes, creating a stunning landscape with trees lining both paths, adding to the garden’s orderly and beautiful appearance.

Inside Pahlevanpour Garden

View from the Inside of Pahlevanpour Garden's Main Building
View from the Inside of Pahlevanpour Garden’s Main Building

Pahlevanpour Garden offers more than just a quick visit. The first thing that grabs your attention is the sound of water flowing from the aqueduct, bringing life and greenery to the garden. The sounds of the wind rustling through the trees and birds chirping add to the garden’s charm.

The garden’s water channels, in collaboration with the wind, create a pleasant atmosphere, making you forget the scorching midday sun. The trees provide ample shade, turning the paths into a starry sky-like scene.

Stables, Tower, and Barn

The stables, tower, and barn, located at the entrance, were built during the Qajar era but adorned with decorations from the Zand period, adding simplicity and beauty to these structures.

The Beauty of Pahlevanpour Garden in Yazd
The Beauty of Pahlevanpour Garden in Yazd

Kushk (Main Building)

The most magnificent building in the garden is the Kushk, also known as the sherbet house, constructed during the Qajar era. This 2.5-story building, located along the main garden path, features halls, the Kolah Farangi mansion, pavilions, and a pool house.

The Kolah Farangi mansion is one of the most exquisite parts of the Kushk, adorned with beautiful decorations. Water from the Hassanabad aqueduct flows through the building, symbolizing the essence of life.

Main Building of Pahlevanpour Garden in Autumn
Main Building of Pahlevanpour Garden in Autumn

Workshops and Warehouse

The carpet weaving and spinning workshops and the warehouse were built during the Qajar era, serving as workspaces for the garden workers. The northern part of the garden houses buildings where workers and staff used to rest.

Winter House

The Winter House was built during the Pahlavi era and includes several living rooms, storerooms, and a kitchen, designed for use during the cold winter months.

Anthropology Museum

Anthropology Museum of Pahalavanpour Garden
Anthropology Museum of Pahalavanpour Garden

Initially located in a historical bathhouse in Mehriz, the Anthropology Museum has now moved to Pahlevanpour Garden, housing over 4,000 artifacts, including local tools, traditional clothing, old inscriptions, and cooking utensils.

Kitchen, Bathhouse, and Warehouse

Excavations revealed additional structures like the kitchen, warehouse, and bathhouse, located next to the Kushk.

Pahlevanpour Garden Hotel in Mehriz

Pahlevanpour Garden Hotel in Mehriz
Pahlevanpour Garden Hotel in Mehriz

Pahlevanpour Garden has been transformed into a hotel, enhancing visitors’ stay. The hotel, which began operating in 2009, features 13 rooms with one to four beds and a parking lot with a capacity of 400 cars.

Amenities in the garden include a football field, beach volleyball court, foosball, and table tennis. The suites offer a historical experience, reminiscent of life in the Qajar era.


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How to Get to Pahlevanpour Garden

The garden is 47 km from Yazd and takes about 28 minutes to reach. The nearest airport is Shahid Sadooghi International Airport, 48.6 km away, with a travel time of approximately 44 minutes.

From Tehran, it’s best to fly to Yazd, though traveling by train is also an option, with the station 44 km from the garden.

Directions from Tehran to Pahlevanpour Garden

Drive from Tehran to Mehriz via the Tehran-Qom highway, continuing to the Persian Gulf Freeway, then to the Amir Kabir Freeway, and follow the Kashan-Natanz and Na’in-Mehriz highways until reaching Motahari Street.

Nature of Pahlevanpour Garden in Mehriz
Nature of Pahlevanpour Garden in Mehriz

Best Time to Visit Pahlevanpour Garden

Spring and autumn are the best times to visit, avoiding the summer heat. Spring brings new life to the garden, while autumn offers cool weather and beautiful scenery.

Amenities at Pahlevanpour Garden

The garden offers excellent facilities, including a parking lot for 400 cars, a restaurant, restrooms, and a playground.

Nearby Attractions

If you plan to stay for a few days, explore nearby attractions such as Sarv Park, Hassanabad Spring, Khoshnevis Garden.

Sarv Park

Sarv Park, Yazd, Iran
Sarv Park, Yazd, Iran

Located 3.9 km from Pahlevanpour Garden, Sarv Park surrounds an ancient tree over 2,000 years old, offering a place for relaxation and recreation.

Hassanabad Spring

Hassanabad Spring of Yazd
Hassanabad Spring of Yazd

The Hassanabad aqueduct near the garden supplies high-quality water free of minerals like calcium, magnesium, or sodium.

Khoshnevis Garden

Khoshnevis Garden, Yazd
Khoshnevis Garden, Yazd

A similar garden now turned into an accommodation, located 1.5 km from Pahlevanpour Garden, perfect for those who want to enjoy the historic atmosphere.

Recommendations for Visiting Pahlevanpour Garden

Plan your visit between 8 AM and 6:30 PM to avoid closures. Avoid days when the garden is closed for religious observances. Explore the Kushk and Kolah Farangi for their beauty and history. Purchase a ticket for entry and enjoy the spacious parking lot.


Pahlevanpour Garden in Mehriz, Yazd, is a historical gem that has evolved into a beautiful tourist destination, offering a glimpse into the Qajar era. Book your trip to Yazd and immerse yourself in the rich history and beauty of this garden.

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