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Omid: In-love Siberian Crane


Omid is the name of a male Siberian crane who has been migrating from Siberia to Fereydunkenar in Iran for many years now to spend the winter there. He flies all the way long alone since he has lost his pair 14 years ago.

Do birds mate for life? Maybe Omid is the only bird who has proven that the answer to this question is Yes! Once again, this white Siberian crane entered Iran after his two-month fly of a distance of 5000km from Uvat in western Siberia to Fereydunkenar. And just like the past 13 years, he is migrating all alone, as he has lost his pair.


Omid and Arezoo are the names given to this in-love couple by nature lovers and birdwatchers. Omid literally means hope and Arezoo means dream. After losing his pair, Omid returns each year all alone to this wetland to make us believe in love! That´s why birdwatchers call him Omid, as this Siberian crane has turned to a symbol of hope among them. Hope to rebuild a life or hope to preserve a memory.


Different bird species remain in bonded pairs for different lengths of time. But cranes are perennially monogamous breeders and establish long-term pair bonds which may last the lifetime of the birds.


It was in 1974 that for the first time white Siberian cranes were seen in the wetlands of Azbaran and Sorkhrood in Mazandaran, and since then some of them have migrated to the wetlands of Mazandaran province each year except for one year.

The Siberian crane enters the Fereidunkar Wetland every winter from early November to winter and spends about 6 months there. Since Omid is the only migrating bird left of his flock, environmental organizations are trying to help preserving this in-danger specie and make the environment a safe place for him to spend the winter. Each year with the arrival of this rare bird, a symbolic event in the northern parts of Iran takes place to celebrate the return of hope to this wetland.

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