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Rab’-e Rashidi: A Historical School in Tabriz

Tabriz's Timeless School of History

Rab’-e Rashidi, an ancient academic and cultural center in Tabriz, Iran, bears a rich history dating back to the early 14th century. Established during the reign of Ghazan Khan of the Ilkhanid dynasty, this site was a brainchild of Rashid al-Din Hamadani, the celebrated chief minister.

The Foundation of Rab’-e Rashidi

Ancient Complex Of Rab E Rashidi In Tabriz
Rab’-e Rashidi School, Tabriz, Iran

Rashid al-Din’s vision brought together intellectuals in philosophy, science, and medicine. The site thrived as a hub of knowledge until Rashid al-Din’s execution in 1318. His son Ghiyas al-Din attempted a revival in the 1330s, but the site declined after his murder in 1336.

A Richly Endowed Complex

Ancient Complex Of Rab E Rashidi In Tabriz
Rab’-e Rashidi Complex in Tabriz

The complex, documented in a foundation document from August 1307, housed over 100 employees and 220 slaves. It included a book production workshop, responsible for notable manuscripts like the Jami’ al-tawarikh. The employees ranged from laborers to skilled professionals, along with salaried students.

The Later Years and Decline

Ancient Complex Of Rab E Rashidi In Tabriz
Inside Rab’-e Rashidi Complex in Tabriz

After falling into ruin, Shah Abbas selected Rab’-e Rashidi for a fort in the early 17th century. By the century’s end, even these buildings were in ruins. Today, only a fraction of the establishment remains, with most structures perhaps buried underground. Archaeologists continue to uncover the site’s secrets.

Architectural and Cultural Legacy

Ancient Complex Of Rab E Rashidi In Tabriz
Architecture of Rab’-e Rashidi School in Tabriz

All that remains today are some masonry bases, possibly including the foundation of an astrological observatory mentioned in Rashid al-Din’s writings. The site also yielded mosaic fragments dating back to Rashid al-Din’s era up to the Safavid period.

The Endowment and Its Impact

Ancient Complex Of Rab E Rashidi In Tabriz
Ancient Complex of Rab’-e Rashidi in Tabriz

The endowment was substantial, with Rashid al-Din and later his sons overseeing it. The Quran was recited round-the-clock, and the complex hosted a hospital, Sufi devotional area, and various educational and religious activities.


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The Fortifications and Structure

The complex, atop a hill, was surrounded by walls and accessed through a grand portal leading to a courtyard with iwans. It included a bathhouse and other essential facilities, reflecting the grandeur of the Ilkhanid era.

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