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Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse, Kashan

The Enchanting Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Visiting historical attractions is a vital part of any journey. Viewing these masterpieces is like taking a trip through time, connecting us with the cultures of the past. Kashan is undoubtedly one of the best cities to explore historical sites. This ancient city is full of unique landmarks. The Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse stands as one of the most important and beautiful attractions in Kashan, captivating its visitors with its remarkable craftsmanship and design.

History of the Bathhouse

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
Historical Bathhouse of Sultan Amir Ahmad

The Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse is among the oldest bathhouses in Iran, with origins dating back to the Seljuk period. A devastating earthquake in 1150 caused extensive damage to the structure. The current edifice was constructed over the remains of the old one during the Qajar era, specifically in the year 2154. This exquisite bathhouse was listed as a national heritage site of Iran in 1976.

Architecture of the Bathhouse

Rooftop Of Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
Architecture of Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse (photo by Iran Tourism & Touring Organization)

Spanning an area of 1000 square meters, the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse ranks as one of the most beautiful bathhouses in the world. Its adornments, including exquisite lime plastering, stucco decorations, tile work, and arched ceilings, showcase the magnificent architecture of Iran. Like many historical bathhouses, it was built slightly below ground level to maintain warmth inside the structure.

Different Sections of the Bathhouse

The Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse is composed of two main sections—small and large—each with various parts:


Sultanamirahmadbathhouse Entrance
Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse Entrance (photo by ARW Travels)

The bathhouse’s journey begins with an entrance court, leading to an intricate portal or entrance hall, pivotal in the bathhouse’s architecture. This section is decorated with fine tile work, stucco, and muqarnas (stalactite ceiling decorations). After this, an octagonal space fitted with a winding corridor directs visitors to the changing room.

Sarbineh (Changing Room)

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
Resting Platforms in Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse (photo by Travel to Iran)

The sarbineh serves as the modern-day equivalent of a changing room. It’s traditionally the most ornately decorated part of a bathhouse. The beautiful plasterwork here is particularly striking. The bathhouse’s changing room is octagonal with a large central pool, surrounded by platforms for resting.

Garmkhaneh (Hot Bathing Hall)

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
Hot Bathing Hall in Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse

The hot bathing hall is the bathhouse’s heart, where bathing takes place. It’s a simpler design compared to the other areas, divided into three parts by four pillars. The central section leads to the khazineh (hot water pool), and the two side sections include bathing spaces with a central pool. A smaller hot bathing hall next to the khazineh was once reserved for nobility.


Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
The Ceiling of Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

The rooftop of the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse stands as an iconic spot in Kashan and a popular subject for photographers. The turquoise and azure tiles that glisten under the sun, the intricate seven-layer plastering, and the noteworthy architecture attract thousands of domestic and international tourists annually. This historic site appeals to those passionate about history, tourism, architecture, conservation, photography, and is highly recommended for students and researchers. The spaces of the bathhouse, comprising the reception area, entrance hall, connecting corridors, the changing room (Sarbineh), the cold bathing hall (Sarmakhaneh), the hot bathing hall (Garmkhaneh), the royal seat (Shahneshin platform), the water reservoir (Khazineh), cleaning rooms, sanitary services, and two water wells, provide a full spectrum of cultural and architectural exploration.

Access Route to Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse in Kashan

If you’re planning a visit to the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, locating it is straightforward whether you’re coming from Tehran or already in Kashan. Here’s a guide on how to get there from Tehran with an emphasis on clarity and ease of travel.

From Tehran to Kashan

There are two main routes to access Kashan from Tehran, both converging past the city of Qom. The quicker route takes you via the Tehran-Qom freeway directly toward Kashan. Alternatively, a slightly longer journey (270 kilometers) would be through the Tehran-Varamin motorway, joining the Qom-Garmsar freeway, typically taking around 3 hours and 20 minutes.

Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse
Sultan Amir Ahmad Historical Bathhouse (photo by Apochi)

Reaching the Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse

Upon reaching Kashan:

  1. Proceed along the Amir Kabir Highway (Qom-Kashan).
  2. After passing the Kashan-Qom toll booth, take the right exit onto Boulevard Imam Reza.
  3. Continue straight through the first two roundabouts until reaching the third one, Imam Hassan Square.
  4. Exit the roundabout onto Boulevard Shahidan Stoudeh and continue straight until reaching Qazi Asadollah Square.
  5. Take a left turn into Fazel Naraghi Street; this street stretches out to guide you directly towards the destination.
  6. Look for Alavi Alley on your right-hand side about 400 meters (or a two-minute) down the road.
  7. Turn right onto Sultan Amir Ahmad Alley, where the bathhouse is located.

With this easy-to-follow route, visitors can reach the historic bathhouse without any hassle. Keep in mind the bathhouse’s contact number (031 55220038) and address in Isfahan, Kashan, Alavi Street, Sultan Amir Ahmad Alley for any inquiries or assistance.

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Final Words

The Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse stands as a testament to Iran’s rich architectural legacy, bringing together history enthusiasts, architects, students, and tourists in a celebration of cultural heritage. Visiting this iconic bathhouse in Kashan is more than just a stop on a tour; it’s an enlightening journey into the heart of Persian architectural genius.

As you plan your itinerary, remember that the journey to Kashan can be as memorable as the destination itself. Whether you’re absorbing the landscape on a drive from Tehran or navigating the historic streets of Kashan, each moment contributes to a fuller appreciation of Iran.

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