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Saraye Ameriha Hotel in Kashan: A TripAdvisor Perspective

Experience the Essence of Persian Hospitality

Saraye Ameriha Hotel opened in 2014, after 5 years of renovation, as Kashan’s most renowned 5-star hotels. This amazing 250-years old building is one of Kashan’s finest and largest traditional houses. While some of these houses were turned into museums, Saraye Ameriha gives travelers a chance to travel in the past by staying in one of its rooms or suites, which are greatly decorated with traditional Persian architecture and design.

Offering 38 rooms, two restaurants and a coffee shop, Saraye Ameriha Hotel also has several beautiful and pleasant courtyards. Furthermore, the hotel is ideally located in the city center of Kashan, just a couple of minutes by foot from the city’s main attractions.

If you are considering pampering yourself with a night at Saraye Ameriha Hotel, here’s an overview of what other travelers have said about this hotel on TripAdvisor.

Saraye Ameriha Hotel in Kashan: What Travelers Are Saying


Travelers who have stayed at Saraye Ameriha Hotel in Kashan were amazed by the blend of Persian architecture and modern facilities. The peaceful environment, the professional staff and the great food were among other strong suits of this hotel.

A Trip Back in Times

Inside Saraye Ameriha Hotel
Inside Saraye Ameriha Hotel

Most travelers who left a review on Saraye Ameriha Hotel mentioned the breathtaking environment of the hotel, which made them feel like spending a luxury night some 200 years ago. Shadi J (Jan 2024) described: “The hotel’s mesmerizing interiors enhanced every aspect of our stay, from dining in the Mirror Hall to taking a tea break in the basement café” while Golsa H (Dec 2023) said: “From the moment I walked through the door, I was greeted with stunning decor and luxurious furnishings, made me feel like royalty.” Some pointed out that despite its antic aspect, it has all the comfort of a modern hotel, such as Mahmood H (Apr 2024): “By staying in this hotel, you will travel through history and at the same time you will benefit from the modern facilities of luxury hotels”. Mehdi E (Apr 2024) also wrote: “The place was spectacular. Although the hotel building is historical and very beautiful, it offers you the facilities of a modern hotel. If you want to get the maximum beauty from the hotel, book your room on the second floor. The view outside is unique. ” Likewise, Marc N (Jan 2024) advised: “The Salt Room is one of a kind. Don’t miss it and give yourself a special treat.”

Friendly Staff

Saraye Ameriha Rooms
Saraye Ameriha Rooms

While not being so extensive on the praises, most travelers have mentioned the staff in their review, described as “friendly”, “kind”, and “respectful”. Mahmood H (Apr 2024) explained: “The attitude of the staff was very respectful; they gave gifts to the guests at the time of check-out”. Hamed M (Jan 2024) also wrote: “excellent staff behavior and a peaceful and pleasant environment for a memorable stay” and Vala K (Dec 2023) added: “All respect for the general manager who does a great job here; a true sample of excellent hospitality.”

Quiet and Central Location

Twin Rooms of Saraye Ameriha Hotel
Twin Rooms of Saraye Ameriha Hotel

Saraye Ameriha Hotel is located a few meters away from Kashan’s famous historical houses, in the historical center of the city. Not only is it convenient, but the location is also pretty quiet and relaxing according to reviewers. Nasim B (Nov 2023) described it as a “eye catching hotel location” while Parsian P (Dec 2023) wrote: “It was a wonderful experience, having peace in a silent and magic location with great hospitality.” Zeinab K (Oct 2023) likewise said that the “location was great and close to many attractions, hotel environment itself was also very welcoming and calm.”

Tasty Persian Food

Saraye Ameriha Hotel's Restaurant
Saraye Ameriha Hotel’s Restaurant

Beside serving breakfast, Saraye Ameriha Hotel also has two restaurants and one coffee shop that several travelers have mentioned in their reviews. Foozhan Badie (Jan 2024) declared that “the food was delicious. Both breakfast and lunch.” Sara M (Dec 2023) also explained: “After looking at everything we went to eat and OMG Iranian foods are the best. The café had a traditional theme and it was so cozy and in the other hand so fancy.” Eventually, skhezri65 (Dec 2023) also suggested “Talare Ayeneh restaurant of this hotel, if you are looking for a traditional and complete Iranian restaurant with delicious food”.

Reviews Summary of Saraye Ameriha in Kashan

On TripAdvisor, Saraye Ameriha Hotel has a score of 5/5 stars, out of 997 reviews, which makes it the first best hotel in Kashan, out of 11 hotels. The vast majority of reviewers were absolutely charmed by their stay at this hotel. Almost all travelers were amazed by its unique environment, as the both the rooms and the common areas display the best of Persian architecture.

The Beauty of Saraye Ameriha at Night
The Beauty of Saraye Ameriha at Night

Critical Reviews of Saraye Ameriha Hotel in Kashan

Negative reviews of Saraye Ameriha Hotel in Kashan are very few, as reflected by its general score of 5/5. Furthermore, the latest negative review dates back from July 2022. Since that date, all reviews are either “very good” (4/5) or “excellent” (5/5). In the past, some travelers have complained about the front desk staff and some problems in the rooms with the cooling and heating system, which seems to have been solved since.

Conclusion: SURFIRAN’s Perspective on Saraye Ameriha Hotel in Kashan

Staying at Saraye Ameriha Hotel
Staying at Saraye Ameriha Hotel

Saraye Ameriha Hotel is one of Iran’s most gorgeous hotels. This 250-years old traditional house was greatly renovated, offering a unique environment to travelers who can discover the greatness of Persian architecture and arts. While it may not be accessible to all budgets, this 5-star hotels definitely deserves being Kashan’s top rated hotel.

Saraye Ameriha Hotel Amenities

  • 24-hour front desk
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee Shop
  • Massage services
  • Meeting rooms
  • Car hire
Architecture of Ameriha House in Kashan
Architecture of Ameriha House in Kashan

Saraye Ameriha Hotel’s Proximity to Major Attractions

Ideally located in the city center of Kashan, Saraye Ameriha Hotel is a short distance by foot from the following mentioned attractions:

Rooms from 81€/night

Best Affordable Hotels in Kashan


Kashan Hotels

If you are rather looking for a more affordable hotel in Kashan, here are some of our best recommendations:

1. Khademi Traditional Hotel Kashan

Khademi Traditional Hotel, Kashan
Khademi Traditional Hotel, Kashan

Khademi Traditional Hotel is another traditional house, with a beautiful architecture, renovated into a hotel. While the house is quite vast, it offers only 10 rooms which are organized around a central yard. Khademi Traditional Hotel is located in Kashan’s historical center, with close proximity to the main sightseeing.

Rooms from 22 /night

2. Sabaghian Boutique Hotel Kashan

Sabaghian Boutique Hotel, Kashan
Sabaghian Boutique Hotel, Kashan

Sabaghian Boutique Hotel is another 250-year old traditional house, located near Kashan’s bazaar and the Friday Mosque. It has 17 rooms organized around its central courtyard and a beautiful Persian architecture.

Rooms from 36€ /night

3. Morshedi House

Traditional Guesthouse Morshedi House Kashan
Morshedi House, Kashan

Morshedi House is located in Kashan’s city center, near other traditional houses. This 200-year old building was renovated into a small hotel that offers 8 rooms. While not being the most stunning traditional house it stills features all elements of Persian architecture and can offer a more intimate experience.

Rooms from 53€ /night

4. Adib Boutique Hotel (Morshedi 2)

Adib Boutique Hotel, Kashan
Adib Boutique Hotel, Kashan

Adib Boutique Hotel is also a traditional house that has been recently renovated to become a hotel. It’s the second hotel of the Morshedi Group. The decoration inside and outside showcase the most beautiful Iranian arts. Furthermore, it is ideally located at close distance from Kashan’s other traditional houses.

Rooms from 54€ /night

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