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Kashan is one of the most visited cities in Iran and is famous for the small adobe alleys of its historical center and its beautiful historical houses. Located between Tehran and Isfahan, it’s usually a one or two-night stop for travelers visiting Iran. These past years, a great number of traditional houses have been renovated in Kashan and turned into beautiful traditional hotels. But rest assured: even if you’re travelling on a budget, you can also stay in one of these traditional houses, as all of them aren’t luxury options. In this article, discover the best cheap hotels in Kashan to enjoy your stay, without spending all your budget!

1. Khademi Traditional Hotel

Khademi Hotel in Kashan

At a short walking distance from Borujerdi and Tabatabaei Historical Houses, Khademi Traditional Hotel is a great option for staying in Kashan without spending too much. This 250 years old mansion displays beautiful stucco and plater work, all around its central yard. This traditional hotel only has 10 rooms, which also provides quietness to the place, a detail appreciated by reviewers on TripAdvisor.

2. Adib House Boutique Hotel

Adib Hotel in Kashan

Adib House, called Morshedi 2, is probably one of the most famous budget-friendly options in Kashan, as it also provides a great level of service. This 250 years old traditional house is ideally located in Kashan historical center and presents the typical architecture of traditional houses. It offers various types of rooms, from VIPs to normal rooms, whose decorations are one of the hotel’s highlights according to visitors on TripAdvisor.

3. Sabaghian Boutique Hotel

Sabaghian Hotel in Kashan

It may not be the cheapest option available in Kashan, but Sabaghian Boutique Hotel is worth mentioning as the prices they offer are pretty reasonable in comparison to the quality of their services. Sabaghian Boutique Hotel is a 250 years old traditional house with gorgeous architecture, located in Kashan’s city center in close proximity to Kashan Bazaar. The hotel has 17 beautiful rooms over 700 square meters and three floors. Most visitors on TripAdvisor have enjoyed staying in one of the best examples of a typical traditional Persian house.

4. Noghli Traditional Hotel

Noghli Hotel in Kashan

This traditional hotel is a 150-years-old mansion dating back from the Qajar Era and located near Agha Bozorg Mosque. Noghli Traditional Hotel is registered on Iran’s Heritage Sites list as the smallest historical house in Iran. Yet, it features all the elements of a traditional Persian house, with 7 rooms, a central yard, and it even has a rooftop cafe which offers an enjoyable view over the old city. On TripAdvisor, travelers praise the pleasant and peaceful atmosphere of this ancient house.

5. Amirza Traditional Hotel

Amirza Hotel in Kashan

Amirza Traditional Hotel is another interesting budget option in Kashan, as it is a traditional house both from the Qajar and Pahlavi Era. It is well located in Kashan’s historical city center, at a short 5-minute walk from Kashan Bazaar, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse and Kashan traditional houses.

Visitors Amira Traditional Hotel has 12 rooms dispatched over two levels, some with bathrooms inside the rooms, some with shared bathrooms outside the rooms.

On TripAdvisor, most visitors are praising the cleanness of the rooms and the kindness of the owners.

Plan Your Stay in Kashan


Kashan Hotels

If you’re planning to stay overnight in Kashan, you will find a lot of options to stay at a traditional house and feel like traveling in time for a night! Among these 200 to 150-years-old houses, many are offering a great quality of services for a low fee.

So don’t miss your opportunity to spend a night in one of Kashan best cheap hotels and beautiful traditional houses!

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