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Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Tabriz

Best Affordable Hotels in Tabriz

Located in the northwest of Iran, Tabriz is a beautiful city that attracts many travelers, despite being a bit far from the “classic road”. Once a major trading city on the Silk Road, Tabriz is famous for its splendid bazaar, the world’s biggest covered bazaar and one of the oldests, listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. But Tabriz has many other beautiful sights to mesmerize visitors, such as its 14th century Blue Mosque, its old citadel and stunning places nearby such as the troglodyte village of Kandovan. If you’re considering adding this city to your itinerary, here are some good budget hotels to put on your list.

1. Ahrab Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Tabriz
Ahrab Hotel, Tabriz

Ahrab Hotel is a well-located 3-star hotel. Opened in 2015, it’s one of Tabriz’s most recent modern hotels. Ahrab Hotel is located at a close distance on foot to Arg-e Alishah, Shahriar’s House Museum, and less than 2 kilometers away from the Grand Bazaar, making it convenient to visit the city. Equipped with 48 comfortable and modern rooms over 5 floors, Ahrab Hotel is one of the best hotel deals in Tabriz.

2. Esteghbal Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Tabriz
Esteghbal Hotel, Tabriz

Located on the other side of the river, some 1.5 kilometers away from the bazaar and the Blue Mosque (20 minutes on foot), Esteghbal Hotel offer a great quality of service for a reasonable price. This 3-star hotel is indeed considered among Tabriz’s best hotels. Opened in 2014, it has 42 modern rooms over 11 floors, a restaurant, a 24-hour coffee shop and facilities for business travelers.

3. Morvarid Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Tabriz
Morvarid Hotel, Tabriz

Located nearby Ahrab Hotel, Morvarid Hotel is, likewise, a well-located hotel in Tabriz. It’s only 2 kilometers away from the Grand Bazaar, which can be reached in 10 minutes by taxi. Also a 3-star hotel, Morvarid Hotel is yet a more affordable and simple option. The rooms are clean, comfortable and the breakfast is simple yet good enough according to travelers on TripAdvisor. There are also many restaurants and cafes nearby which makes it pretty convenient.

4. Gostaresh Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Tabriz
Gostaresh Hotel, Tabriz

Located outside of the city center, on a large boulevard, near Abresan Metro Station, Gostareh Hotel is a good option for travelers visiting Tabriz with a car or willing to be a bit outside of the crowded pedestrian area. Built in 1993, Gostareh Hotel has 145 rooms that have been renovated in 2017 and are all equipped with modern commodities. With 11 floors, it offers beautiful views over the city at night.

5. Behboud Hotel

Top 5 Cheap Hotels in Tabriz
Behboud Hotel, Tabriz

Behboud Hotel is an apartment hotel located in the southeast area of Tabriz, at a close distance from the city center (only 10 minutes by taxi to the Grand Bazaar and just 7 minutes away from Shahriar’s House Museum). It’s a good option for travelers looking for a place with reasonable prices and good services. The rooms are spacious, clean, and equipped with a small kitchen. Furthermore, the hotel is located in a quiet alley making it pretty peaceful.


Tabriz Hotels

Plan Your Stay in Tabriz

Contrary to cities like Shiraz or Isfahan, Tabriz doesn’t offer a large variety of accommodations. Only a few traditional houses have been turned into boutique hotels and most of the good addresses consists in modern yet nice hotels, where you can stay for a few nights without spending all your money.

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