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Video: The story of a US citizen returning to Iran after 50 years

A short talk with the American tourist about revisiting Iran after half a century.

“‘Are you sure you wanna go to Iran?’ some of my friends asked me after they knew about my trip to Iran.” Says Allen. The American retired Asian studies professor of San Diego State University who decides to visit Iran again after half a century.

Dr. Allen Wittenborn, who is 80 years old now, visited Iran first in 1969. It was when the former King was in power. He started his journey from London and visited many cities and countries like Paris, Prague, Istanbul, etc. and then arrived in Tehran. It was when he was astonished by the modern, open atmosphere of Tehran. He believes the society was comparable to European countries and even the US.

Allen decided to visit Iran to see himself the real picture of Iran apart from the engineered picture that the media lead people to believe.

However, this time Allen was in Iran for 15 days on our Persia in depth tour and had the chance to visit many more cities like Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz and other small villages in between. In this interview he tells us about his experience and his most favorite tourist site.

Therefor as an American citizen who has been in Iran 50 years ago and who loves travelling it would be really compelling to hear about his experience of travelling in Iran and what he liked or didn’t in his trip.

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