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Bagh Lar Baghi Park, Tabriz

Escape to Tranquility at Bagh Lar Baghi Park in Tabriz

Bagh Lar Baghi Park, also known as “Baghlarbaghi,” stands as a prominent tourist attraction in Tabriz, Iran. Established in the early years following the Islamic Revolution in the 1970s, this park holds a special place among the city’s recreational spots, alongside Elgoli Park and Bagh-e-Golestan.

The park’s gates open daily from 16:00 to 24:00, providing ample opportunities for visitors to explore its offerings during these eight hours.

Situated strategically adjacent to Esteghlal Boulevard, in the northern vicinity of Vali-Asr Street, near Vali-Asr Park, Bagh Lar Baghi Park boasts a rich history and has been a hub of recreational activities for Tabriz residents for several decades.


Bagh Lar Baghi Park In Tabriz
Baghlarbaghi Park in Tabriz (photo by Alibaba)

The development of this sprawling recreational complex commenced in 1993, covering an impressive area of 22 hectares along Esteghlal Boulevard.

This endeavor was initiated with the support of Tabriz’s then-mayor, Engineer Darvishzadeh, and received official inauguration in August 1994, attended by the Minister of Interior Affairs and provincial authorities. The construction of Bagh Lar Baghi Park required an initial investment of 10 billion Rials.

Over the years, the park has blossomed into one of Iran’s top recreational destinations, housing various commercial units catering to all seasons and offering a diverse range of entertainment facilities. Even after several decades, Bagh Lar Baghi Park continues to hold its status as a major leisure center in Iran.

Green Spaces

Bagh Lar Baghi Park In Tabriz
Green Spaces of Bagh Lar Baghi in Tabriz (photo by Alibaba)

Before the inception of Bagh Lar Baghi Park, this area was a continuous expanse of orchards, primarily featuring apricot trees, in the Chalbi and Golkar regions of eastern Tabriz. The recreational complex was thoughtfully constructed amidst these sprawling orchards in the early 1970s. While many of the surrounding orchards have given way to residential buildings, the park’s interior remains lush and verdant, graced by native trees. Some old orchards still exist in the western and eastern sections of Bagh Lar Baghi Park.

In recent years, there were plans to replace Bagh Lar Baghi Park with a seven-star hotel, which met with public opposition and outcry, leading to a halt in the project. Today, the fate of the park remains uncertain.

Facilities and Attractions

Amusement Park

Bagh Lar Baghi Park In Tabriz
Amusement Park in Bagh Lar Baghi Park in Tabriz (photo by Alibaba)

Bagh Lar Baghi Park boasts a comprehensive amusement park offering a wide variety of attractions suitable for both adults and children. These include the Ranger, Family Train, Monorail, UFO, Adult Jet Ski, Wave Pool, Ferris Wheel, two Saba Boats, Haunted House, 4D Cinema, Spacewalk, Space Exploration, Zip Line, Electric Cars, Waterfall Slide, and more. It is regarded as one of the largest amusement parks in Tabriz and the northwestern region of Iran.

Bird Garden

Bagh Lar Baghi Park In Tabriz
Bird Garden in Bagh Lar Baghi in Tabriz (photo by Alibaba)

Within Bagh Lar Baghi Park lies a bird garden, also referred to as “Tabriz Zoo.” Unfortunately, concerns have arisen about the living conditions of the animals in this facility, with criticisms regarding inadequate and inhumane conditions.


At the park’s entrance, a spacious restaurant caters to visitors with a diverse menu, satisfying the tastes of both locals and travelers. It remains a popular dining destination.

Bagh Lar Baghi Park In Tabriz
Restaurants and Water Features in Bagh Lar Baghi in Tabriz

Water Features

In the earlier years of its establishment, Bagh Lar Baghi Park featured a splendid central pool adorned with numerous fountains and water features. However, this central pool and its associated water features were dismantled in the spring of 2015 for reasons that remain unclear, leaving a void in the park’s ambiance.


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Final Words

In summary, Bagh Lar Baghi Park, located in Tabriz, is a historic recreational complex that has served generations of residents and visitors. It offers a diverse range of attractions, including an amusement park, bird garden, restaurant, and beautiful green spaces. While facing challenges in recent years, it remains a significant leisure destination in the city. For more information on Tabriz and its attractions, consider exploring our Tehran Travel Guide and Isfahan Travel Guide on SURFIRAN.

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