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Discover The Bandar Abbas Bazaar

A Timeless Treasure Trove of Culture and Commerce

The Old Bazaar of Bandar Abbas, known among locals as the Traditional Bazaar, is one of the most favored markets and a key tourist destination in the city. Situated on Talaghani Boulevard, the market enjoys close proximity to the city center and other significant parts of Bandar Abbas.

A Treasure Trove of Variety

Discover The Bandar Abbas Bazaar
Bandar Abbas Old Bazaar

In the Old Market of Bandar Abbas, you can find an array of items spanning various materials and price ranges, making it an ideal spot for those in search of traditional and antique tools. A notable feature of this market is its wide range of handicrafts and souvenirs, offering tourists a great opportunity to take a piece of the city’s culture back home.

Despite the city’s modernization and the rise of shopping malls and centers, the traditional market continues to play a vital role in the lives of the locals. Known for its reasonable prices and honest vendors, it remains bustling with local patrons most days of the week.


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A Glimpse into History

While precise details about the establishment of this market are scarce, it’s known from local lore that the Traditional Market has been a hub for new, used, and traditional goods for many years. Covering a vast area, the market’s large size accommodates a diverse range of products, ensuring visitors and especially tourists leave satisfied.

Should you be in search of unique clothing or rare items not found in surrounding shops, the Old Market of Bandar Abbas is a must-visit. Minimal time spent here can fulfill all your shopping needs.

Discover The Bandar Abbas Bazaar
Shopping in Bandar Abbas Bazaar

Map and Introduction to Different Sections

The Traditional Market is located on Talaghani Street, nearing Bahadori Street to the south. The market dazzles visitors with its assortment of local dried fruits and vegetables, fish, intricately designed rugs, baskets, beautiful fabrics, and more, showcasing an impressive variety that astonishes everyone.

Tourists can also explore beautiful markets near the Old Market to broaden their knowledge of Bandar Abbas’s culture and people. Here are some of the most famous markets to consider:

Lari Market (Night Market)

Discover The Bandar Abbas Bazaar
Lari Market, Bandar Abbas

Operating mainly at night, Lari Market or Night Market offers a variety of goods, with a focus on local and non-local clothing. Items here are reasonably priced and of good quality, catering to all demographics. Contrary to what tourists might expect, this market is lively with a diverse crowd enjoying the hustle and bustle.

Central Market

Discover The Bandar Abbas Bazaar
Central Market, Bandar Abbas

The Central Market, known as City Center among locals, is a common feature not only in Bandar Abbas but also in other cities.

Olive Shopping Center

Discover The Bandar Abbas Bazaar
Olive Shopping Center, Bandar Abbas

Located two stories high and within a short distance from the beach, Olive Shopping Center offers a tranquil retreat for the mind and soul. With various stores offering clothing, food, and more, tourists will find this shopping center appealing.

Visiting the Old Market of Bandar Abbas

If you’re keen on experiencing different cities’ lifestyles, cultures, ethics, and customs, Bandar Abbas in Hormozgan province is an excellent choice. The city is renowned for its hospitable people who warmly welcome tourists and introduce them to their culture.


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Before packing your bags for Bandar Abbas, make sure to research the weather and the best times to visit. According to studies, early December to early March offers the most moderate weather, making it an ideal time for travel. You might also consider visiting during the Sand Sculpture Festival in Mehr month or the Jahlh Mardan Festival during Nowruz.

Due to its significance in the city, the Traditional Market of Bandar Abbas is open for most days and hours, allowing you to visit at various times to purchase diverse souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones.

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