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Goharshad Mosque: A Masterpiece of Islamic Architecture

Goharshad Mosque: History and Access

Visitors to Mashhad often include the Goharshad Mosque in their itinerary. Located near the sanctified shrine of Imam Reza, the mosque’s imposing blue domes captivate many. Due to its strategic location, it sees a high volume of pilgrims visiting after paying homage at Imam Reza’s shrine, making it one of the most frequented mosques in the country.

Those who have explored this historical mosque witness its unparalleled architecture and beauty. The mosque’s design, particularly its tile work and calligraphy, stands as a masterpiece of Iranian architecture from the Timurid era.

Connected to Imam Reza’s shrine through eight large and small entrances, the mosque encompasses a courtyard measuring 2,850 square meters, making it one of the largest structures in the Razavi Khorasan province. Despite centuries passing by, Goharshad Mosque remains a significant attraction in Mashhad, serving not only as a place for congregational prayers but also for political and cultural gatherings.

If you plan to visit Imam Reza’s shrine, consider flying to Mashhad. While there, make sure to visit the ancient Goharshad Mosque – you won’t regret it.


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A Closer Look at Goharshad Mosque’s Rich History

Constructed during the Timurid dynasty, the mosque was commissioned by Goharshad Begum, a prominent Timurid queen, in 1418 AD. The mosque has endured significant damage over the years due to natural disasters and human conflicts but has been meticulously restored, preserving its historical essence.

Goharshad Mosque in Mashhad
Goharshad Mosque in Mashhad (photo by Wikipedia)

The Architectural Splendor of Goharshad Mosque

Spanning approximately 9,400 square meters, the mosque is located south of Imam Reza’s mausoleum and connects to various sections of the shrine. Its design includes seven prayer halls and four vast iwans (porches), showcasing the mosque’s architectural magnificence.

Visiting Goharshad Mosque
Visiting Goharshad Mosque (photo by Tripadvisor)

Notable Sections of Goharshad Mosque

  • The Southern Iwan (Iwan of Saheb al-Zaman): Known for its intricate marble work and size, this iwan is among the mosque’s most striking features.
  • Eastern and Western Iwans: These areas are adorned with beautiful Islamic calligraphy and tile work, reflecting the artistic heritage of the Timurid period.
  • The Main Dome and Minarets: The mosque’s dome and minarets, decorated with blue tiles and Kufic inscriptions, stand as a testament to its architectural grandeur.
Inside Goharshad Mosque
Inside Goharshad Mosque

Visitation Guidelines

Visiting Goharshad Mosque does not require special arrangements. Its proximity to Imam Reza’s shrine makes it easily accessible to visitors, offering a spiritual and architectural journey into Iran’s rich history.

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Accessing Goharshad Mosque

Given its location near Imam Reza’s shrine, access to Goharshad Mosque is straightforward. Visitors can reach the mosque easily after visiting the shrine, with public transportation options like BRT buses and the metro offering convenient access.

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