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IRAN: Exploring the Land of Diversity and History

IRAN. The Land of Glory and Beauties is a simple travel guide with some suggestions for those who are planning to visit Iran.

This book is the perfect introduction to top cultural tourist attractions include historical places, monuments, museums and art galleries, botanical gardens, food, festivals and and more. It is full of large and beautiful photographs of the Iran destinations.

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IRAN: The Land of Glory and Beauties

This guide includes

  • Iran Today ( Architecture, Civil Engineering, Industry, Urban Planning, Transportation)
  • Industry, Science and Technology (Universities and Industries)
  • Entertainments and Adventure Tourism (Sport, Recreations, Cruise, Aviation, Aqua Parks, Sports and Tours)
  • Food Tourism and Iranian Cuisine (Dizi, Ghormeh Sabzi, Persian Kebabs)
  • Tourism Attractions (Eco Tours, Birdwatching, Desert Trekking, Ski Tours’ Sand Skiing, Caving, Hiking and Rural Tourism, Local Dress)
  • Historical Attractions (Registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List) Souvenirs & Handicrafts
  • UNESCO Certificate of Authenticity in IRAN Religious Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Health Tourism: (Traditional Medicine, Natural Treatments and Medical Herbs, Hot Springs)
  • Art, Ceremonies and Museums
  • Information: (Iran’s Major Hotels, Iranian Foreign Diplomatic Missions

Bibliographic information

  • Title: Iran: The Land of Glory and Beauties
  • Contributor: Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
  • Publisher: Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization
  • Length: 131 pages
  • Price: Free

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