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Iran Revealed: A Daily Mail Exclusive

Daily Mail in an article published on 7 February 2016 introduced some of beauties of the Iran to its readers.

The author describes  Iran in the title of the article as the hidden treasures and beauty of Iran in all its glory. She saying: “Looking past the politics: Breathtaking photographs reveal the hidden treasures and beauty of Iran in all its glory.”

The report is also saying “With improved relations, Iran’s mesmerising beaches, breathtaking Islamic architecture and incredible food could see the country top the ‘must-visit’ destinations list for 2016.”

The report continues as “Among its many jewels, Iran is home to 19 Unesco-registered sites, including the ancient city of Bisotun. The large country is rich in historical and cultural treasures and an investment package of 1,300 projects was announced in October in a bid to attract foreign investment and boost the badly-hit tourism industry.

The report also includes espite the Foreign Office saying the application process for an Iranian visa can be long and unpredictable, these spectacular photographs demonstrate why the beautiful country is worth the extra effort.

Worshippers Attend An Eid Al Fitr Prayer Ceremony, In Tehran.
Worshippers attend an Eid al-Fitr prayer ceremony, in Tehran. Every year millions of Muslims around the world celebrate Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan
Tehran's Azadi Tower
Tehran’s Azadi Tower (also known as the Liberty Tower) is one of its most iconic structures, also marking the west entrance to the city

Source: Daily Mail Online

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