Isfahan Metro Guide: Stations, Timetable, and Ticket Prices

Isfahan Metro: Stations, Timetable, and Ticket Prices

Isfahan, known for its deep Persian culture and stunning architectural feats, boasts a convenient transportation option for visitors: the Isfahan Metro. The metro system, designed to simplify navigating the city, stands as a vital resource for tourists wanting to visit Isfahan’s many sights with ease. This guide aims to provide comprehensive details, ensuring a hassle-free and well-informed metro journey for all guests.

Isfahan Metro Lines

Currently, the Isfahan Metro operates 20 active stations, with several more under design and construction phases. Unfortunately, none of the Isfahan Metro stations offer parking facilities, and the metro trains do not feature Wi-Fi connectivity. However, the availability of mobile internet and service from mobile operators has improved at the stations each year, enhancing the connectivity options for commuters.

By offering this guide, travelers can navigate the Isfahan Metro with confidence, making the most of their time in this historic city. Stay tuned for updates on new stations and services as Isfahan continues to expand its metro facilities, ensuring visitors and locals alike can explore the city’s rich heritage with convenience and efficiency.

Isfahan Metro Map

Discover Isfahan’s heartbeat through its efficient Metro system. Isfahan Metro Map simplifies your travel, linking historical sites and modern attractions.

Isfahan Metro Guide

Isfahan Metro Line 1 Stations Guide

Isfahan’s Metro Line 1, like the primary lines in many metro systems around the world, is designated with the color red. This is a universal symbol indicating main metro lines, providing access to the most significant tourist destinations, attractions, bustling areas, and business and administrative centers in a city. The same principle applies to Isfahan, making it straightforward for visitors and residents alike to reach key locations throughout the city.

Key Features of Line 1

Isfahan Metro Line 1 is distinguished by its red color, a common characteristic for main metro lines globally. This line ensures that passengers can easily navigate to Isfahan’s prime tourist spots, scenic attractions, busy districts, and major commercial and office areas.

Intersection Stations

Among the stations on Line 1, Imam Hossein Square and Azadi stations are critical because they serve as intersections with Lines 2 and 3, which are planned for future development. These intersection stations enhance the network’s connectivity, offering seamless transfers and broader access across the city.

Route Details

The route of Line 1 starts at Qods Station and extends to Defa-e Moghaddas Station. The Safhe Passenger Terminal is conveniently located near the Defa-e Moghaddas Station, and the Kaveh Passenger Terminal is close to the Kaveh Metro Station. For those looking to marvel at the historical splendor of the Si-o-Se Pol Bridge, the Enqelab and Si-o-Se Pol stations are the nearest stops, positioning them as gateways to one of Isfahan’s most iconic landmarks.

Isfahan Metro Guide
Metro Station in Isfahan

Qods Station

  • Location: Situated on Salman Farsi Street, between Bahar 2 and Taluq Street, Qods Station is close to shopping centers like Noor City Market and cafes such as the Aquarium Cafe in Loverland, along with the Qods Bus Terminal.

Golestan Station

  • Location: Located on Baharestan Street West, between Nowbahar and Golestan, this station is near Behram Abad Park, a popular destination for park visits in half of the world, and the Isfahan Municipality District 12 office.

Shahid Alikhani Station

  • Location: Positioned at Shahid Alikhani Square in Isfahan, this station is in proximity to the Naqsh-e Jahan Shopping Center. It stands out as one of Isfahan Metro’s well-placed stations, surrounded by quality shopping centers.

Central Kaveh Station

  • Location: Found on Kaveh Boulevard, Central Kaveh Station is near Safa Market, offering easy access to shopping options.

Shahid Bahonar Station

  • Location: This station is on Kaveh Boulevard, Hassan Mohammadi Street, between Hossein Pahlavani Nejad and Memar, close to Kowsar Bahonar Hotel and Hosseinieh Imam Sajjad.

Chahar Rah Takhti Station

  • Location: Located in Chahar Bagh-e Pa’in, near the entrance of Kushk Gate, this station is close to historical and cultural sites like Dehdashti Historical House, Ali Qoli Agha Bath, Qeysarie Bazaar, Amir Kabir Guesthouse, Azadi Hotel, and Takhti Stadium.
Isfahan Metro Guide
Subway Station in Isfahan

Enqelab Station

  • Location: Situated on Shams Abadi Street. Nearby attractions include Si-o-Se Pol, the National Museum of Isfahan’s Art, Isfahan Art Market, Parsian Ali Qapu Hotel, Chahar Bagh Complex, Ali Qapu Complex, and Shahrzad Restaurant. A stop at Enqelab Station allows visitors to enjoy the surrounding historical, artistic, and dining experiences.

Dr. Shariati Station

  • Location: Located in Chahar Bagh-e Bala, between Ibn Sina and Mostafa Hedayati, this station is close to Shadi Park Playhouse, Park Commercial Complex, Chahar Bagh Bala Book City, and Khansalar Restaurant.

University Station

  • Location: Placed in Hazar Jerib between Mardavij and Azadi, the station is near the Road and Urban Development Office, Hyper Organo, and Dr. Shariati Hall.

Kuy Imam Khomeini Station

  • Location: In the Hazar Jerib neighborhood, on Hazar Jerib Street, Kuy-e Bahar, this station is near the Safhe Bus Terminal, Imam Kuy Bus Station, Khorshid Hotel, and the Department of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare.

Jaber Station

  • Location: This station is on Shahid Shahbazi North Street. The Shahid Majid Aghakhani Sports Hall is nearby, making it a convenient stop for sports enthusiasts.

Baharestan Station

  • Location: Situated on Shahid Marchin Street, Mehdiyan, between Shabnam and Milad, this station has the Margin Bus Station nearby, facilitating easy bus access.

Shahid Moftah Station

  • Location: Positioned on Isfahan’s Baharestan West Street, between Shaqayeq and Moftah, the station is close to Malak Shahr Amusement Park, offering leisure options for families.

Shahid Chamran Station

  • Location: On Kaveh Boulevard, Mehdi Zera’ati Street, this station is near the Sowanj Burn Hospital, providing easy access for medical visits.

Shahid Station

  • Location: Found in Shahid Square, the station is near historical sites like Ali Qoli Agha Bath, Isfahan Shopping Center, and the Iman Sina Health Center, making it a central point for shopping and healthcare services.

Imam Hossein Station

  • Location: Located in Chahar Bagh-e Pa’in, between Imam Hossein Square and Sarakhsi Mosque, nearby attractions include the Land of Joy, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Natural History Museum of Isfahan, Isfahan Wildlife, and Arg-e Jahannama, along with the famous Azam Biryani Restaurant.
Isfahan Metro Guide
Inside Isfahan Metro

Si-o-Se Pol Station

  • Location: Positioned on Chahar Bagh-e Bala (between Babak and Prophet Yahya), this station is near landmarks like Si-o-Se Pol, Kowsar Complex, Parsian Kowsar Hotel of Isfahan, Ara Khaneh Restaurant, brokerage offices, Gaz Antik, and Shadoneh Chahar Bagh.

Azadi Station

  • Location: Azadi Station is in Azadi Square of Isfahan, surrounded by the Kavian Commercial Complex, offering shopping and dining options.

Kargar Station

  • Location: In the Hazar Jerib neighborhood, on Azadi Street, Hazar Jerib Street, this station is close to Khorshid Hotel, Laleh Park, the Department of Cooperatives, Labor, and Social Welfare of Isfahan, and Shahid Mohsen Moshref Technical and Vocational University.

Defa-e Moghaddas Station

  • Location: Located on Shahid Dastgerdi Highway, this station is near attractions like Wonder Land, the passenger terminal, Homam Hotel, Safhe Terminal parking, and Pasargad Restaurant, making it a key stop for travelers and diners alike.


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Isfahan Metro Line 2 (Under Construction)

Isfahan is set to enhance its urban transport landscape significantly with the construction of Metro Line 2, known as the Eastern Line. Spanning 24 kilometers, this line will start from Khomeini Shahr and, after crossing Ashrafi Esfahani Street, will meet Line 1 at Darvazeh Dowlat Station. It then weaves its way around Naqsh-e Jahan Square, heads down Hafez Street, and continues towards the eastern part of the city. This expansion marks a pivotal step in addressing Isfahan’s key transport and smart mobility challenges.

Isfahan Metro Guide
Metro Lines in Isfahan

Impact of Line 2 on Isfahan’s Transport System

The introduction of Line 2 is expected to resolve significant issues related to traffic and the smartification of Isfahan’s transport sector. It’s important to note that the thirteenth government faces financial constraints in completing numerous ongoing projects. Out of 75,000 incomplete projects across 31 provinces in 2022, 3,500 are in Isfahan Province. Despite these challenges, the construction of Isfahan’s second metro line has progressed through half of its development stages, with station inaugurations anticipated post-2023.

Station Names on Line 2

The stations planned for Line 2 are as follows:

  • Darke Siyah Neighborhood Station (Under Construction)
  • Haram Zeinabieh Station (Under Construction)
  • Ashegh Esfahani Station (Under Construction)
  • Oman Samani Station (Under Construction)
  • Laleh Station (Under Construction)
  • Shahed Station (Under Construction)
  • Toqchi (Qods) Station (Under Construction)
  • Ibn Sina Station (Under Construction)
  • Imam Ali Station (Under Construction)
  • Naqsh-e Jahan Station (Under Construction)
  • Palestine (Amadgah) Station (Under Construction)
  • Imam Hossein Station (Operational)
  • Khalaja Station (Under Construction)
  • Chaharsoo (Kashani) Station (Under Construction)
  • Shahid Kharrazi Station (Under Construction)
  • Kohandezh Station (Under Construction)
  • Javan Station (In Design Phase)
  • Samadieh Station (In Design Phase)
  • Rahnan Station (In Design Phase)
  • Payam Noor Jouyabad Station (In Design Phase)
  • Shams Tabrizi Station (In Design Phase)
  • Marbin Station (In Design Phase)
  • Khomeini Shahr Station (In Design Phase)

Currently, only the Darvazeh Dowlat Station, where it intersects with Line 1, is operational. The stations at Kohneh Dezh, Kharrazi, Kashani, and Shahed are under construction, while the rest are in the planning phase.

Isfahan Metro Guide
A Metro Station in Isfahan

Isfahan Metro Line 3

The stations on Line 3 are pivotal in facilitating access to various parts of Isfahan, ensuring residents and tourists alike can navigate the city more efficiently. Here’s the current status of the stations on Line 3:

  • Azadi Station (Operational)
  • Hakim Nezami Station (Under Construction)
  • Army Station (Under Construction)
  • Simin Station (Under Construction)
  • Bagh Ferdows Station (Under Construction)
  • Qaemiyeh Station (Under Construction)
  • Islamabad Station (Under Construction)

Isfahan Metro Timetable

The Isfahan Metro system provides a reliable and efficient way for residents and visitors to navigate the city. Operating hours and train schedules are designed to accommodate the needs of daily commuters and tourists alike. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the Isfahan Metro’s operational hours and the schedule for its trains.

Operational Hours

From Saturday to Thursday, the Isfahan Metro starts its service at 6:15 AM and continues until 9:00 PM. On Fridays, the service begins at 9:00 AM and runs until 9:00 PM as well. These timings ensure that passengers have ample opportunity throughout the day to utilize the metro for their travel needs.

First and Last Services

  • The first service from Qods Station towards Sofeh Station starts at 6:15 AM.
  • Similarly, the first service from Defa-e Moghaddas Station towards Sofeh Station also commences at 6:15 AM.

For early risers or those with early appointments, catching the first metro of the day from Qods Station ensures a timely arrival at various stops along the route. Here’s a breakdown of the arrival times at intermediary stations on a typical weekday morning:

  • Departure from Qods Station: 6:15 AM
  • Arrival at Baharestan Station: 6:17 AM
  • Arrival at Golestan Station: 6:19 AM
  • Arrival at Shahid Moftah Station: 6:21 AM
  • Arrival at Shahid Alikhani Station: 6:23 AM
  • Arrival at Jaber Station: 6:25 AM
  • Arrival at Kaveh Station: 6:27 AM
  • Arrival at Shahid Chamran Station: 6:29 AM
  • Arrival at Shahid Bahonar Station: 6:31 AM
  • Arrival at Takhti Station: 6:35 AM
  • Arrival at Imam Hossein Station: 6:37 AM
  • Arrival at Enghelab Station: 6:39 AM
  • Arrival at Si-o-Se Pol Station: 6:41 AM
  • Arrival at Dr. Shariati Station: 6:43 AM
  • Arrival at Azadi Station: 6:44 AM
  • Arrival at University Station: 6:46 AM
  • Arrival at Kargar Station: 6:48 AM
  • Arrival at Kuy Imam Station: 6:50 AM
  • Arrival at Defa-e Moghaddas Station: 6:52 AM

The last service on Line 1 from Qods Station departs at 9:06 PM towards Sofeh Station, with each station stop taking approximately 2 minutes. Consequently, the last metro reaches Sofeh Station at 9:43 PM, making it a convenient option for those staying out late.


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Final Word

The Isfahan Metro Guide equips travelers with essential information on station locations, updated timetables, and ticket pricing. Navigate the city’s historical and modern sites with ease, as the guide details a seamless transit experience. It ensures you access Isfahan’s attractions with convenience and affordability, making your journey through this vibrant city both enjoyable and stress-free. Use this guide to plan your travel efficiently and maximize your time in Isfahan.

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