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Jameh Mosque of Tabriz

Exploring Jameh Mosque of Tabriz

Tabriz, one of Iran’s stunning cities, is a treasure trove of diverse tourist attractions. Some are steeped in history and antiquity, while others exude modernity and allure. What makes Tabriz truly fascinating is how these attractions complement each other, adding to the city’s charm. Today, at SURFIRAN, we embark on a journey to delve into one of Tabriz’s historical gems, the Jameh Mosque of Tabriz (مسجد جامع تبریز), with roots dating back to the Seljuk period. Join us as we introduce you to this architectural wonder.

Historical Riches

Inside The Jameh Mosque Of Tabriz
Inside the Jameh Mosque of Tabriz

The Jameh Mosque of Tabriz, also known as Masjid-e-Jameh Kabeeri or Friday Mosque, is a historical masterpiece hailing from the Seljuk era, situated in the heart of Tabriz. What’s remarkable about this iconic mosque is its strategic location, nestled amid the bustling Tabriz Grand Bazaar, accessible from all sides.

Tracing its History

Entrance Of Jameh Mosque Of Tabriz
Entrance of Jameh Mosque of Tabriz

While recounting the historical facts about this venerable mosque presents some challenges, primarily due to an earthquake in 1814 that led to its partial destruction, it’s worth noting that extensive renovations and restorations, especially during the Qajar era, have preserved its architectural essence. While much of the original structure has been lost to time, the grandeur of this mosque remains a testament to Iran’s rich history.

Architectural Marvels

Architecture Of Jame Mosque Of Tabriz
Architecture of Jame Mosque of Tabriz

Constructed during the Seljuk period, a time when Iranian architecture was a fusion of traditional Iranian and Islamic styles, the Jameh Mosque of Tabriz exemplifies this unique blend. Its mihrab, or prayer niche, features Kufic inscriptions dating back to the Ilkhanate period.

Distinctive Plasterwork

Visiting The Jame Mosque Of Tabriz
Visiting the Jame Mosque of Tabriz

One of the most visually striking features of this mosque is its colorful plasterwork. These intricate plaster patterns, dating back to the Seljuk era, have been preserved despite the challenges posed by the 1814 earthquake and subsequent renovations.

Inscribed Stones

A View Of Jame Mosque Of Tabriz
A View of Jame Mosque of Tabriz

Like many historical mosques in Iran, the Jameh Mosque of Tabriz boasts inscribed stones and historical tablets. These inscriptions, found on the western side of the central dome and above the northern entrance, narrate stories from different eras, including an intriguing account of Shah Tahmasp Safavi‘s dream in which he received divine instructions.


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In summary, the Jameh Mosque of Tabriz stands as a living testament to the historical and architectural grandeur of Iran. Its imposing pillars and the intricate plasterwork showcase the country’s rich heritage.

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