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Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman

A Testament to Iran's Cultural Heritage

Kerman Province, sprawling across southeastern Iran, is a treasure trove of historical and scenic attractions. Among its approximately 7,000 historical sites, 700 are recognized as national heritage sites. Today, SURFIRAN invites you to explore the Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman, a magnificent structure with a history dating back 700 years. Let’s embark on a journey to understand more about this historical mosque in Kerman.

Mozaffari Grand Mosque: A 700-Year-Old Marvel

Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman
Mozaffari Jameh Mosque of Kerman

Mozaffari Grand Mosque, also known as the Grand Mosque of Kerman, is a symbol of unique architecture and grandeur. This mosque, like many other Iranian cities, features a distinct mosque representing its cultural and architectural heritage. With three entrances on the west, east, and north sides, the mosque’s eastern entrance is particularly striking with its beautiful tilework and a clock above, adding to its allure.

Brief History of Mozaffari Grand Mosque

Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman
Mozaffari Grand Mosque Courtyard, Kerman, Iran

Constructed in the 8th century AH (14th century CE), the mosque was named after a ruler of the Al-Muzaffar dynasty, Amir Mobarez Al-Din Mohammad Muzaffari Meybodi. Over time, as Kerman expanded, this mosque, initially built outside the city, became enveloped by the growing urban area.

According to historical records, Mohammad Muzaffari Meybodi built the mosque after surviving a tough battle with the Jerman Oghan tribe. He financed the construction from agricultural profits in Meybod. This initial structure laid the foundation for the mosque’s majestic architecture.

Architectural Splendor of Mozaffari Grand Mosque

Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman
Architecture of Mozaffari Jameh Mosque in Kerman

The Mozaffari Grand Mosque, an example of four-iwan (courtyard) mosques, is renowned for its exquisite tilework. The western iwan houses the main mehrab (prayer niche), one of the mosque’s most important and beautiful features. The marble mehrab, adorned with intricate lines and yellow coloring, is a standout element. The mosque’s large eastern entrance, with its unique tilework, resembles the Jameh Mosque of Yazd.

Damages and Restorations Throughout History

Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman
Inside Mozaffari Mosque in Kerman

Like many historical structures, the Mozaffari Grand Mosque has endured damages over time. During Shah Abbas‘s reign, it was restored by an architect named Shahrokh. Another significant restoration occurred in 1176 AH (1762 CE) by Mohammad Taghi Khan Dorrani.

One notable damage was a cannonball shot during Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar‘s era, visible on the eastern entrance, which was later restored. The mosque has undergone several restorations, with Inayatullah Ibn Nezam al-Din Ma’mar Esfahani playing a crucial role in the stone carving and tilework during these renovations.

National Registration of Mozaffari Grand Mosque

In 1936, the Mozaffari Grand Mosque was registered as a national heritage site in Iran, recognized as one of the country’s oldest mosques.

Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman
Visiting Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman

Access to Mozaffari Grand Mosque in Kerman

To reach the Mozaffari Grand Mosque, head west from Shahid Square towards the beginning of Dr. Shariati Street. For easier access, note that the mosque is near the Ganjali Khan Bazaar in Kerman. Simply head towards this market, and you’ll easily find your way to the mosque.

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