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Opert County: Iran’s Ocean of Clouds

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Opert County is located at the northernmost point of Semnan and the southernmost point of Mazandaran. This area, known as “Opert Village,” features lush and pristine nature, beautiful plains, clear springs, and a moderate climate. However, what makes Opert especially attractive to tourists and nature enthusiasts is its cloud forest or ocean of clouds. Join SURFIRAN as we explore the dreamy Opert summer resort.

Opert Village: The Ocean of Clouds at the Forest and Mountain Border

Clouds Sea at Opert Village of Semnan, Iran
Clouds Sea at Opert Village of Semnan, Iran

Opert Village, an ocean of clouds at the border of forest and mountain, is located at the last mountainous point of Opert. Here, a mountain wall blocks the path of clouds from the northern slope and Mazandaran province, creating a sea of clouds. To the north, the view is filled with this ocean of clouds, with the green forests of Savadkuh in the background. However, the southern part of the area is less green and receives less rainfall.

The Opert summer resort boasts unique nature, bubbling and clear springs, lush plains, and a sea of clouds. With the arrival of spring and summer, nomads travel to this beautiful green area, grazing their sheep and flocks in the Opert pasture. Visitors who enjoy observing the nomadic lifestyle can visit from spring to late summer and not only interact with the nomadic people but also purchase fresh dairy products and livestock.

From early May to early October, the area is full of nomads and tourists. However, with the onset of cold and adverse weather, Opert becomes deserted, and fewer tourists visit.

Route to Opert Village, Semnan

Route to Opert Village, Semnan
Route to Opert Village, Semnan

The route to Opert Village in Semnan is accessible through Mahdishahr County in Semnan province. This village is 55 kilometers from Mahdishahr, and to reach it, you need to follow the Mahdishahr road towards Sari.

After about 30 kilometers, you will encounter a sign indicating the entrance to the protected area. Continuing on, you will pass through the villages of Kolim, Kavar, and Maladeh, reaching Sarkhdeh. From here, take the right exit to reach Opert Village, Semnan.

The distance from Tehran to Opert is approximately 318 kilometers. If starting from Tehran, follow the Firoozkooh road, then head towards Veresk and Khatirkuh to reach Opert. The distance from Sari to Opert is about 171 kilometers. Note that the road to Opert can be somewhat rough and unpaved in some areas due to the mountainous terrain.

Address of Opert Village: Semnan Province, 55 kilometers north of Mahdishahr County

Recreational Activities in Opert Village, Semnan

Nature of Opert County, Semnan, Iran
Nature of Opert County, Semnan, Iran

Among the most exciting activities in Opert Village are mountain climbing and slope hiking. Due to its diverse plant cover, the area is also ideal for collecting medicinal plants such as cumin, sirc, gug pe, orashmak, oak cho, kolek, sahlab, alzi, mazash ko, and ouji. Other activities include:

  • Nature Walks: Walking in the lush and dreamy nature of Opert is one of the most enjoyable activities here. Ensure you have appropriate footwear.
  • Watching Opert Springs and Waterfalls: This area has numerous springs, including Qolqol Spring, Pain Luti Gard Spring, Kangal Spring, Kale Spring, and Bala Luti Gard Spring. Other nearby attractions include Hiko Gorge, Ebrahim Khan Maladeh Mansion, Finsak Spring, Bula Forest, Gogli Path, Badab Surt Springs, Khaza Ben Waterfall, and the forests of Rosh and Anjili.
  • Interacting with Nomads and Sangasar Tribe: During summer visits to Opert Village, you can enjoy interactions with the nomads and Sangasar tribe. You can also purchase fresh dairy and livestock products from them.
  • Friendly Gatherings: In Opert, instead of engaging in social media or the hustle and bustle of city life, you can enjoy friendly gatherings in the heart of nature.

Best Time to Visit Opert Village

Visiting Opert County between Mazandaran and Semnan
Visiting Opert County between Mazandaran and Semnan

The best times to visit Opert Village are in spring and summer. During these seasons, you can witness the ocean of clouds from the top of the beautiful Opert mountain. If you love the colorful autumn season, visiting Opert during fall allows you to enjoy the sight of a thousand-colored forest. Ensure you have adequate equipment for the fall due to potential rainfall and cold weather.

In winter, the region becomes very cold, and temperatures drop sharply at night. Therefore, a winter visit to Opert is not recommended.

Accommodation in Opert Village, Semnan

For accommodation in Opert Village, Semnan, you can camp or stay in eco-lodges in the village. Although it is possible to visit this area within a day, the breathtaking nature and moderate climate of Opert tempt visitors to stay at least one night. We recommend bringing sufficient equipment such as tents and sleeping bags if you plan to stay overnight.

Conclusion on Opert Village Introduction

Opert Village is one of the most beautiful natural attractions in our country. This summer resort is well-known among tourists for its ocean of clouds. The lush and breathtaking nature, along with numerous springs, doubles the attractiveness of Opert.


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