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Saint Mary Church of Tabriz

A Spiritual Oasis Nestled in the Heart of the City

Saint Mary Church, also known as the Holy Mother of God Church or Surp Mariam Asdvadzadzin Church, is an extraordinary landmark in Tabriz, Iran. Completed in 1785, it’s celebrated as the largest and oldest Christian church in Tabriz, serving as a pivotal center for Armenian national and religious ceremonies.

Location: The Heart of Tabriz’s History

The church is strategically located at the intersection of North Shariati and Jomhuri avenues in the historic Dik Bashi neighborhood, central Tabriz. For years, Saint Mary’s was the seat of the Azarbaijan Armenian archbishop. This handsomely built edifice, along with its annex buildings, covers a significant area. Managed by a board of Armenian peers, the church remains well-attended. Adjacent to it is the Tabriz Armenian Museum, maintained by the Armenian Prelacy of Tabriz.

Historical Significance

Saint Mary Church of Tabriz
Inside Saint Mary Church in Tabriz, Iran

An earlier church at this site dates back to the 12th century. The famed traveler Marco Polo mentioned it in his chronicles during his 1275 journey to China. The oldest gravestone in the church goes back to the 16th century. Its stone hinge, featuring specific architectural details, dates to the 13th century, the era of the Mongolian Ilkhan in Iran. After a devastating earthquake in 1780, the current building was constructed over the ruins between 1782 and 1785, showcasing the elegant Safavid style.

Architectural Splendor: A Fusion of Styles

Saint Mary Church of Tabriz
Architecture of Saint Mary Church in Tabriz, Iran (photo by Wikimedia Commons)

The church’s dimensions are impressive, with a length of 16 meters and a width of 14 meters. Its belfry stands on four square columns in the center, with biblical paintings between the columns. The tabernacle, built in the Armenian architectural style, includes parts dating back to the 12th century. The church’s foundation is limestone, while the walls and pillars are a mix of stone and brick, topped with a brick vault.

Accessing Saint Mary Church

Currently, due to incomplete metro lines in Tabriz, accessing the church is possible only via public transport or personal vehicles. However, finding parking can be challenging. Taxis from Shariati, Taleghani, or Lalehzar streets are a convenient option, followed by a short walk to the church.

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Nearby Attractions

Visitors to Saint Mary Church can also explore nearby attractions:

  • Tabriz Grand Bazaar: 800 meters
  • Tabriz Constitutional Revolution Bazaar: 1.4 kilometers
  • Yanqin Tower: 1.5 kilometers
  • Saheb al-Amr Mosque: 2.1 kilometers
  • Tabriz Constitutional House: 2.6 kilometers
  • Maqbaratoshoara: 3 kilometers

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