SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

Over the last decade, SURFIRAN has committed itself to delivering outstanding tours across Iran. We prioritize our travelers’ satisfaction, ensuring each journey with us is unforgettable. Recently, we gathered feedback from our travelers, sharing their experiences and adventures with SURFIRAN. These insights, primarily from recent months, reflect the exceptional quality and memorable experiences we strive to provide.

If you’re considering a trip to Iran or wondering whether to choose SURFIRAN for your journey, these testimonials might just be the deciding factor. Read on to discover why our travelers choose us for an unforgettable Iranian adventure. Ready to embark on your own journey? Reach out to us and let’s plan your memorable trip together.

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

Such a fantastic tour! I was unsure about traveling to Iran as a solo female, but I felt confident going with SurfIran. Hamed in SurfIran was extremely helpful in assisting me to secure a travel visa, travel insurance, and in answering all of my queries to prepare me. He was even helpful in tailoring the tour to my needs (as I could not arrive on the first day in Tehran) and I was still welcomed at the airport by a different guide to take me to the hotel and get set up in Shiraz.

The tour was fantastic. I had Mehdi as the guide and he was extremely friendly and knowledgeable and skilled. He opened up the prehistory, the history, the culture and the people of Iran to me. I have to emphasize how safe I felt in Iran, and how friendly and genuine to people were.
The accommodations were lovely, the food was fantastic, and the archaeological and historical sites and architecture were so impressive. More than that, I fell in love with the mountains and deserts – I will surely be returning to explore these as soon as I can!

I highly recommend SurfIran – they exceeded my expectations, as did the country and people of Iran.
Travel tips: be sure to bring USD/Euro/AUS currency with you to exchange for Iranian rials and be sure to have a good VPN on your phone so you can access foreign websites and accounts (your bank, PayPal, Revolute, etc.) – with these logistics sorted in advance you will have a smooth trip.

Also: if you’re nearby (Georgia, Armenia, etc.) – why not visit head to Iran, it’s so close and so easy!
Thanks to the team for a memorable trip!

Robin (Canadian/Irish, 47yr old, solo traveler)

Robin, Jan 2024, TripAdvisor

All Fine

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

All fine. Good communication in the setup. The visas, payment, and flights etc went smoothly.

The most important aspect of a tour is the guide and Nima excelled. A great networker with sophisticated English he understands his mainly western audience well and does in depth historical research for his own interest.

He also does the extra stuff such as tacking on visits beyond the schedule. This is made possible by his excellent, amiable, safe, go to driver. With a constant smile he spends long days taking you from one site to another.

The most interesting aspect of the tour was the thoughts of those under 45 years on where Iran has come from, where it’s currently and the possible future.

That will surely surprise. It did to all us.

Joshua, Nov 2023, TripAdvisor

Simply Unforgettable!

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

I was in Iran with my old travel mates Bea, Gloria and Paola on September. We all agree to consider that journey one of the most exciting and interesting we have ever done.

We found out a safe, kind e welcoming Country and We are so grateful to SURFIRAN which has made that all possible, with great expertise and professionalism.

Surfiran helped us from the beginning – for visa application – to the end.

We couldn’t have asked any thinks more. Above all, a special thanks must go to our extraordinary guide YASNA (Princess YASNA, as we used to call her!). She is the best!

We can’t wait to come back in Iran…with Surfiran and Yasna! :))

Elena, Sep 2023, TripAdvisor

Simply amazing!!!!!!

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

Surfiran made my husband’s dream come true! My husband had always had fascination for Iran and I am crazy about traveling. Paria, contacted me to see if we were still interested since I had enquired about Iran before. Without ever having met Paria has an amazing ability to put your concerns at ease. Extremely professional and the 15 day tour was well organized. We had great help in getting the visas.
The itinerary was great and the hotels were fantastic.

Our guide, Mehdi, was one of the best we could ever get! He became like a family member within a couple of days.

Iran, simply blew us away. It is one of the most beautiful countries we’ve ever been to, full of history, amazing architecture and amazing people. Totally different from what we had heard and read. Iran is nothing like what it has been portrayed. We would visit this beautiful country again and again.

We highly recommend Surfiran to anyone interested in traveling to Iran.

Usha, Sep 2023, TripAdvisor

Unforgettable Iranian experience!

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

Iran is a must destination the best is its people. If you want to travel to Iran I definitely recommend Surfiran ! Paria is an amazing organizer, guides are impeccable. I specifically suggest seeing more than the classic Iran route to grasp deeper insides of Iran !! I chose Tabriz and it was great this region has a lot to offer !

Cecilia, Jun 2023, TripAdvisor

Best Experience

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

My week in Iran with SURFIRAN was amazing. They are super helpful with every detail, including the process of applying for a visa. The guides they contract with could not have done a better job. Surfiran took care of all of the details of trip itself, including in country transport and airport pickup. All I had to do was get to Tehran.

As an American traveling in Iran, I always felt very safe. People you meet, whether it is an immigration officer at the airport or people on the street, will make you feel so welcome.

If you are thinking of going to Iran, I would definitely recommend it, and I would definitely recommend you go with SURFIRAN.

Jeffrey, Jun 2023, TripAdvisor

Our Trip To Iran

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

Twelve Greeks friends visited Iran from 18 of April till 2 of May. We returned home just a few days ago and a part of our heart is still there; this is quite natural. We came back physically tired but brim-full of images, colours, scents, and melodies; above all, deeply impressed by the kindness, warmth, and hospitality of your compatriots. We feel lucky that we had chosen SURFIRAN travel agency to organize our trip…

Kostas Besios, Greece, TripAdvisor

An Unforgettable And Unique Iran Experience

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

As an American, solo female traveler, I was extremely curious but also apprehensive about traveling to Iran. My 15-day journey with SurfIran provided me an unforgettable experience that helped me see some of the most incredible places in this wonderful country. From Tehran to the Mesr Desert, Isfahan to Shiraz, a local home dining experience to exploring the ancient ruins of Persepolis, SurfIran provided an experience I’ll remember forever. Everything went extremely smoothly and they had people readily available at all times to help answer my questions…

Kay Rodriguez, USA, TripAdvisor

Experience Of A Lifetime

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

If you wish to explore the cradle of civilization look no further than Surfiran Tours. A tour company with experience and professionalism second to none, their staff enhanced my visit to Iran in a way I never expected. It was Ahmad’s vast knowledge of his country’s ancient past, Morteza’s professional driving and humour combined with Farzaneh’s friendliness and attention to detail. Everything seemed to fit perfectly and I was treated like a family member. I strongly recommend Surfiran Tours to anyone searching for something special and an experience like no other.
I hope to return one day and if I do I’ll be calling Surfiran.
A job well done!

Name: DonVito, Australia, TripAdvisor

Great Visit To Iran

The Travelers' Voice: Opinions About The SURFIRAN Experience

I used Surfiran as my tour company in Iran. They were great! I had so many questions between when I started the booking and the day I actually arrived in Tehran, Elham was there for me whenever I emailed or called. Once I arrived in Tehran my guide was Ahmad. If you are going to Iran I highly recommend this young man to be your guide! He is personable, knowledgeable, kind, and understanding. Even tho I did not have a lot of time in Iran, Ahmad and Surfiran made the time I did have AMAZING! Iran is beautiful, thank you SurfIran and Ahmad for showing me this beauty!

lsdourte Anaheim, USA, TripAdvisor

Inspiring Visit To Great Iran

The Travelers' Voice: Opinions About The SURFIRAN Experience

Iran is a rich country in history, culture, flowers, fruits and nuts. People are very warm and friendly. Plenty of trees in city and town that provide shades. We had an inspiring time in Iran. We are very pleased with SURFIRAN as the tour agent. They responded fast in all email communication. Sufficient information is provided timely. Our guide Mr Mustafa is professional and caring. We are grateful to his help when one of our members has to shorten the trip due to family matters.

Tan Bell, Singapore, TripAdvisor

A Special Company For A Special Country

Robert Schrader, Yazd
Robert Schrader, Yazd

What initially attracted me to choose SURFIRAN for my trip to Iran was their beautiful website, if you can believe it. Thankfully, I soon learned that the substance of this organization matched its style. SURFIRAN not only provided me with an unforgettable trip through Iran, but showed incredible patience and persistence in getting my visa (I’m American, so it was difficult), and was available before, during and after the trip to hear feedback and solve problems. Mersi!

Robert Schrade, USA, TripAdvisor

Equine Interest

The Story Of U.S. Canadian Returning To Iran After Years
The Story Of U.S. Canadian Returning To Iran After Years

My trip was not an ordinary tourist trip to Iran visiting the sights of the ancient civilization if the country. I was interested in the equine activities in the country due to the fact that I had been a horse trainer working for the Court in the 1970s. SURFIRAN did a great job in satisfying my desires.

I not only met up with old friends in the horse world but it was arranged for me to visit shows, polo matches, races and many horse farms and clubs. Their guides, driver and personnel were the best. I highly recommend this agency.

Read More: The story of U.S.-Canadian returning to Iran after 40 years

Gail Thompson, USA, TripAdvisor

Tea Tour In Gilan

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

My colleague and I are in tea business. We are working on a book about the stories of people behind your cup of tea. We were looking for someone to help us getting introduced to the tea industry and show us around in Gilan. SURFIRAN arranged everything for us: the contacts, the meetings, the cultural activities and the logistics. We were overwhelmed by the friendliness, the hospitality and the professional approach of both the team of SURFIRAN in Teheran and the guides they work with. It was business, but it never felt like that. It felt like coming home. We are already planning a next tour with a group!

Deirdre Deprettere, Nederland, TripAdvisor

Small Groups And Last Minute Budget Tours

SURFIRAN Reviews: Real Traveler Tales & Testimonials

The most inspiring feature of SURFIRAN is the small groups option which allowed us to travel with just 3 other members and turned the group into a family.

For this reason the prices might be a little high but affordable with the last minute discounts (which we also took advantage). Plus the guide and the driver we were 7 people travelling almost unnoticed with a little van around Persia. Therefore we were able to mix with locals and experiment a solo-travel experience despite being in a group.

Due to small group option SURFIRAN is also able to let you experience more intimate events like the goodbye dinner with the family of a friend of the manager. We were welcomed in that house like part of the family and we were able to see the everyday life of mid-class people in current Iran.

Staff is very friendly and always ready to fix every albeit silly matter. We were constantly in contact with our agents during the entire trip and they were always willing to arrange for us the itinerary’s changes we asked. Travelling with and through SURFIRAN is like travelling with family and friends. Highly recommended.

Federica, Italy, TripAdvisor

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The Travelers' Voice: Opinions About The SURFIRAN Experience
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SURFIRAN is an Iranian tour operator and travel agency offering tour packages to those interested in Iran. It provides the tourists with services needed to travel to Iran, offers tours across the country, and assists the tourists in obtaining Iranian visas.

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