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5 Lies You Should Not Believe About Group Travel in Iran

Sharing the sights, food and culture during your travel experiences with friends and family can take your holiday to another level.

The idea of traveling with a group of strangers either with your friends or by yourself sounds like fun, but when you think of all the ‘baggage’ that comes with it, many people aren’t quite sure it’s for them.

“You are planning your trip to Iran? A country you always wanted to visit but had many questions about in your mind?” “Do you have to follow a herd around places or is it better you go solo?” “Why try and adjust your way of doing things with others?” “It could be so much more flexible and comfortable doing it alone.”

These are valid questions you would naturally think of. But traveling with a group is much more than that. The intercultural experience that a group tour provides, supplemented by a solid travel plan and the safety it ensures is definitely worth your money.

This is especially true about Iran where diverse nationalities from European countries, American and Asian find interest in visiting the country and its profound culture and history. In this article, we bust myths and lies about group travel:

Group Travel In Iran

The whole experience feels rushed

Group tours always have free time planned out for you. Our small group tours are designed in a way that is your will be moving from site to site to use your time in the most optimum way and yet have plenty of free time to spare by yourself.

So, you can always choose to unwind inside charming traditional cafes or get lost in museums and galleries or take a walk in the parks and old alleys of Iran with old houses and shops. The tour may not be self-paced and yes, you will still have a schedule to stick to, but you will also kick back, slow down and enjoy the ride especially in the evening after you are taken back to your hotel.

You don’t get to hang out with locals 

Group tours are designed to give you an authentic experience of culture. Mingling with the locals, is one of the main objectives of traveling – to connect and share experiences with someone who comes from a completely different society and speaks a different language.

Moreover, curated group tours provide the inside knowledge needed to avoid ‘touristy’ places. Tour guides help you explore the spots that are tucked away under the noise of the cities – quieter parks, markets and street food stalls.

Furthermore, our exclusive Iranian hospitality tour is a fully authentic experience where travelers learn local culture of various ethnic groups by interacting with them. During this Iranian hospitality tour you’ll spend half a day with a family member, you can learn and help cook local foods and eat like Iranian people.

You’re shepherded everywhere

Group travel is not about being ushered around in groups. Being with a group actually provides you with the space to go on little adventures on your own. You can then discuss what your group mates saw where and share your findings with them.

Also, free time that’s been specifically included allows you to wander streets on your own or get lost in traditional bazaars or gaze at magnificent historic mosques in Iran. You will not miss out on the element of personal touch in your journey.

You eat boring fast food restaurants 

Say bye-bye to standardized, common western food chains. Food is actually one of the best ways to explore each culture especially Iranian culture which food plays an important role. Whether they are Iranian stews (called khoresh) or kebabs, you will be in tune with the local food in the places you visit. Another food you must taste in Iran is a wide range of exotic bread you will most probably see just in Iran.

Group tours do not want to provide an experience you can live in your home town and one would not want to eat the same food everywhere. Who knows, maybe you will eat something you will never eat again and cannot even pronounce!

Your travel group sucks 

Everyone has stories to share. Everyone in your group is equally open-minded and interested in the same destination, each bearing interesting stories, backgrounds and perspectives that will enrich your experience. There might be people in your group who have studied about eastern culture and history and even are known as Iranologists.

There will be people from all over the world – from a person who has extensively explored the world to someone who has finally managed to step out of their house. Such conversations and meaningful encounters could unfold into friendships that last years. You will also make lifelong friendship with your guide as well as other kind-hearted Iranians you will meet.

Ready to plan your next group trip? We can help! Click here to check our small group tours.

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