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Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan: A TripAdvisor Perspective

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Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan is one of Iran’s most iconic hotels. And for a good reason: this 4-star hotel is a 300 years old caravanserai built by a Safavid King in 1695 to host prestigious travelers and merchants. More than 150 artists were gathered to build and decorate this magnificent place which still nowadays displays the best of Iranian artwork.

Renovated in the 20th century upon suggestion of the French architect and archeologist André Godard, Abbasi Hotel is like a museum. With its paintings, murals, gardens, mirror halls and others, it was often nicknamed as “the world’s most beautiful hotel” and hosted numerous foreign dignitaries and politicians. The hotel offers beautiful standard rooms and breathtaking suites.

If you are considering staying at Abbasi Hotel during your trip to Isfahan, here’s an overview of what travelers have said about this hotel on TripAdvisor.

Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan: What Travelers Are Saying


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Abbasi Hotel is one of Isfahan’s most prestigious hotels, as it’s a unique historical building, which is one of the things travelers appreciated the most about it. Let’s see what are Abbasi Hotel’s strongest suits according to TripAdvisor reviews.

Amazing Garden

Abbasi Hotel Courtyard
Abbasi Hotel Courtyard

Abbasi Hotel is an old caravanserai and as such, is built around a lovely central garden where is now located a café. Most reviewers mentioned the garden as one of hotel’s highlights. Edmund L (May 2024) wrote: “The biggest draw with this hotel is the magnificent garden that will rival any places in the world. Apparently Queen Elizabeth II stayed here for this reason. The guest rooms are very spacious with high ceiling and open out to the balcony facing the garden”. Hossein2012 (Mar 2022) also described: “The garden and the original caravanserai building is wonderful, there are also a lot nice flowers in the garden. 10 out of 10 for this reason.” Likewise, Dzeny (May 2023) recalled: “I arrived to the courtyard of the hotel, to the cafe, to drink some tea. I felt like I was in a movie from the 70s, water fountain, trees, oriental decoration, oriental music, wonderful atmosphere, and friendly staff. What a romantic night!”

Historical Place

Hotel Abbasi, Isfahan, Iran
Hotel Abbasi, Isfahan, Iran

As a 300 year old building full of history and decorated with the finest Persian art, Abbasi Hotel felt like “a living in a museum” (EishTraveller, Oct 2022) for many travelers. Trip27643087903 (Dec 2023) described: “Abbasi Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in the world and I enjoyed staying in this historical hotel. All the walls of this hotel are full of works of art and date back to 4 centuries ago”. Likewise Maryam A (Aug 2023) added: “Abbasi hotel is definitely one of the best traditional hotels in Iran. The beautiful paintings on every wall, marvelous mirror works, excellent woodworks, Aali Ghapoo style ceilings….”

Convenient Facilities

Abbasi Hotel's Restaurant
Abbasi Hotel’s Restaurant

As a 4-star hotel, Abbasi Hotel is also expected to provide modern facilities to its travelers. These various services were often mentioned by TripAdvisor reviewers, such as Arash Hadian (Nov 2022): “The garden is very beautiful. The restaurant and cafe are very high quality. The staff was very respectful. The internet is very fast. The swimming pool and sauna are excellent. The architecture is very beautiful.” Likewise, Duuuudi (May 2022) wrote: “A great place to stay, everything was great, rooms have good size and views, housekeeping also was very good and fast response, breakfast need some improvement, restaurant has very nice service and delicious food at the end for the value is acceptable”.

Great Location

Historty of Hotel Abbasi Building
Historty of Hotel Abbasi Building

Abbasi Hotel is located in Isfahan’s city center, which makes it convenient to reach most sightseeing by foot or by taxi. ySparks (Sep 2022) described: “About the location, it’s the best in city, close to most the places you want to visit in city. If you’re a fan of outdoor walking, you can just simply walk to your destination.” NNoorzady (Feb 2020) also explained: “Great location and beautiful hotel overall with great service. The hotel is walking distance to shops and restaurants and a short taxi ride to the bazar and other points of interest.”

Reviews Summary of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

On TripAdvisor, Abbasi Hotel gathers a total of 1477 reviews, with a score of 4.5/5, which makes it the 6th hotel in Isfahan. It’s the hotel’s atmosphere, in particular the garden, along with good facilities and great location that made most of Abbasi Hotel’s positive feedbacks.

Staying at Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan
Staying at Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Critical Reviews of Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

While Abbasi Hotel has a considerable amount of positive reviews, the number of negative feedback cannot be ignored. It seems that many travelers who booked a standard room have been extremely disappointed and there is a clear gap between their expectation of a 5-star hotel and their experience. Many travelers complained on TripAdvisor that the rooms were “outdated” and in need of renovation, some calling it a “motel” rather than a hotel. Others have pointed out that the food was overpriced, and the staff “disrespectful” and “unfriendly”.

Conclusion: SURFIRAN’s Perspective on Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel is a piece of history in Isfahan, offering a unique experience with its Qajar and Safavid Suites, that are the top of Iranian artwork. With a great location and a nice garden environment, this former caravanserai will transport you several centuries ago. Yet, considering the price of the stay, we recommend you to avoid staying in a standard room to be sure to get the most of your experience.

Inside Hotel Abbasi of Isfahan
Inside Hotel Abbasi of Isfahan (photo by Flickr)

Abbasi Hotel Amenities

  • 24-hour front desk
  • Free Parking
  • Restaurant
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Coffee Shop
  • Fitness & Gym Center
  • Meeting rooms
Rooms of Hotel Abbasi
Rooms of Hotel Abbasi

Abbasi Hotel’s Proximity to Major Attractions

Located in the city center of Isfahan, Abbasi Hotel is a short distance by taxi and walk from the following mentioned attractions:

Rooms from 86€/night

Best Affordable Hotels in Isfahan


Isfahan Hotels

If you are rather looking for an affordable hotel in Isfahan, here are some of our best recommendations:

1. Yas Traditional Hotel

Yas Traditional Hotel, Isfahan
Yas Traditional Hotel, Isfahan

Yas Traditional Hotel is a charming, traditional Persian house with typical architectural features such as a central yard, colorful windows, and wooden details. It’s conveniently located in the heart of Isfahan Bazaar, making it easy to visit Isfahan’s attractions on foot.

Rooms from 23€ /night

2. Sunrise Traditional Hotel

Sunrise Traditional Hotel, Isfahan
Sunrise Traditional Hotel, Isfahan

Sunrise Traditional Hotel is a popular budget-friendly hotel. It is located in one of Isfahan’s oldest neighborhoods near the Friday Mosque, in a renovated Qajar house. It features 12 rooms, a restaurant, and a tea house.

Rooms from 16€ /night

3. Atigh Traditional Hotel

Atigh Traditional Hotel, Isfahan
Atigh Traditional Hotel, Isfahan

Located in Isfahan’s old neighborhood, Atigh Traditional Hotel is an old Qajar house turned into a hotel, with two beautiful courtyards, 30 rooms, a coffee shop, and a restaurant. The hotel is appreciated for its decoration, which showcases traditional Iranian artwork.

Rooms from 16€ /night

4. Malek Hotel

Malek Hotel, Isfahan
Malek Hotel, Isfahan

Malek Hotel, located in Isfahan city center near the bazaar and Naqshe Jahan Square, blends modern amenities with traditional Persian architecture. The hotel offers simple yet comfortable rooms and all necessary conveniences.

Rooms from 16€ /night

5. Zohreh Hotel

Zohreh Hotel, Isfahan
Zohreh Hotel, Isfahan

Zohreh Hotel is a 3-star hotel that was built in 2006 and renovated in 2018. Located near Khaju Bridge, it offers 51 modern rooms across 7 floors, all equipped with modern amenities. Zohreh Hotel also offers a restaurant and a coffee shop.

Rooms from 23€ /night

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