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Navigate Ali Sadr Cave: A 140 Million Year Old Water Cave

A 140 Million Year Old Water Cave

Ali Sadr Cave, a remarkable tourist attraction in our country, is located in the city of Hamedan. This water cave is one of the most unique caves worldwide, where visitors can explore its interiors by boat. This exceptional opportunity to navigate a cave by boat, along with the cave’s unique beauties, has made Ali Sadr one of Iran’s top tourist attractions.

Situated 75 kilometers northwest of Hamedan, Ali Sadr Cave lies within the Zagros mountains at the heights of Sari Qieh. It stands as a rare example of water caves globally, located in the Ali Sadr village, part of the Kabudarahang County, about an hour’s distance from Hamedan.

Interestingly, the cave dates back nearly 140 million years, to the Jurassic period, making a visit to this tourist spot in Hamedan a breathtaking experience.

Ali Sadr Cave offers a journey into a mysterious and fantasy-like world, distinct from what you see on the surface. Navigating through its many twists and turns, you might expect a marvelous creature to appear and astonish all visitors.

Beyond the initial twists, the cave opens up, showcasing tall stalactites that capture your attention. Visitors may choose to explore up to 1250 meters into the cave or opt for a longer tour, reaching up to 4000 meters into its depths.

As you proceed, you’ll encounter variously shaped stones that have been named over time. For example, you might see a stone resembling an eagle’s claw, with the guide explaining it as such. Similarly, there are formations resembling a two-headed lion and a cluster of grapes, and even a stone that looks like the word “Allah,” which is considered one of Ali Sadr Hamedan’s special wonders.

Location of Ali Sadr Cave

Ali Sadr Cave
Boats in Ali Sadr Cave

The cave is located in Gol Tappeh, in a village named Ali Sadr, 75 kilometers northwest of Hamedan city. Access is available via the Hamedan to Bijar road, turning at Nojeh towards the cave, or through the city of Kabudarahang.

Best Time to Visit Ali Sadr Cave

Spring and summer are the best seasons to visit this area, offering the best weather conditions and the chance to enjoy the beauty of the cave’s surroundings.

A Look at the Past and History of Ali Sadr Cave

Ali Sadr Cave
Inside Ali Sadr Cave

Originally, the cave served as a refuge for nearby village inhabitants during various wars. In 1963, an earthquake in Farsinaj disrupted the cave’s water flow, which was later restored in 1967, returning the water level to its normal range.

The beauty of Ali Sadr Cave caught tourists’ attention in 1967 when climbers from the Sinai Club of Hamedan officially discovered it, leading to increased visitor numbers. In 1974, modifications made the cave more accessible, introducing it as one of Iran’s globally recognized tourist attractions. Abdollah Hajilou, then president of the Hamedan Mountaineering Board, played a key role in these enhancements, which were followed by further improvements to ensure visitors’ ease and safety.

Important Notes About Ali Sadr Cave

Ali Sadr Cave
Visiting Ali Sadr Cave in Hamedan
  • The cave offers a unique experience of boat navigation through its different corridors.
  • No natural light penetrates inside, and all lighting is artificial. However, air exchange is efficiently managed through its cellular vents, ensuring a breathable atmosphere.
  • The cave is devoid of any animal life.
  • Remarkably stable, Ali Sadr Cave has not experienced any collapses to date.
  • The internal air temperature hovers around 12 degrees Celsius, maintaining a pleasant climate.
  • The water in the cave lake is crystal clear, allowing for visibility into its depths.
  • Some corridors and halls within the cave reach up to 16 meters in height, presenting an astonishing sight.
  • Mobile phones receive no signal inside the cave.
  • Photography is allowed, but flash must be off.

Accommodations Near Ali Sadr Cave

Ali Sadr Cave
Ali Sadr Cave, Hamedan, Iran

For those wishing to stay close to this attraction, the Ali Sadr Tourist Hotel and the Ali Sadr Tourist Guesthouse are recommended, located a short distance from the cave. Booking a hotel in Hamedan is easily done through OrientTrips’s hotel reservation service, ensuring a comfortable stay in the vicinity.


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Visiting Hours for Ali Sadr Cave

Visitors can explore the cave from 8 AM to 5 PM during spring and summer and from 8 AM to 3 PM in autumn and winter.

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