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Explore Katalehkhor Cave: A Natural Marvel in Zanjan

Unveiling the Mystique of Katalehkhor Cave: Zanjan's Hidden Gem

Katalehkhor Cave, located approximately 140 km southwest of Zanjan in Garmab village, stands as a testament to nature’s artistry and the ancient history that shapes Iran’s landscape. Discovered to have formed about 70 million years ago, the cave is a magnificent spectacle of lime stalactites, stalagmites, and expansive halls and corridors.

A Journey Through Time and Stone

The Formation of Katalehkhor Cave

Inside KataleKhor Cave, Zanjan
Inside KataleKhor Cave, Zanjan

Scientific studies trace the formation of Katalehkhor Cave back to the Cretaceous period, making it a fascinating site for geologists and history enthusiasts alike. The cave’s intricate structures of stalactites and stalagmites narrate the earth’s evolutionary story.

The Cave’s Multi-Level Mysteries

Wonders of Katalehkhor Cave
Wonders of Katalehkhor Cave

Explorations have unveiled three levels of this cave, with the anticipation of undiscovered levels hinting at even more secrets lying beneath. Visitors to Katalehkhor can experience a world untouched by time, where each formation tells a tale of millennia.

Visiting Katalehkhor Cave

Routes for All Explorers

Katalehkhor offers two routes for visitors: a 2 km public route suitable for all ages and a 4 km sport route designed for more adventurous souls. Whether you seek a serene walk through ancient formations or an adrenaline-fueled journey into the depths, Katalehkhor caters to every kind of explorer.

Visiting Katalehkhor Cave in Zanjan
Visiting Katalehkhor Cave in Zanjan (photo by Flickr)

Ancient Residency

The entrance of Katalehkhor once served as a dwelling for ancient people, providing a rare glimpse into the lives of those who sought shelter and sanctuary within its walls. The cave’s gallery showcases a portion of nature’s grandeur, offering visitors a journey through time.

Planning Your Visit


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Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit Katalehkhor Cave is during spring, when the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, making it perfect for exploring the cave’s natural beauty comfortably.

How to Get There

The best route from Tehran to Katalehkhor is via the Qazvin-Zanjan highway, leading through Abhar to the town of Khodabandeh and then on to Garmab village. Well-marked roads and local guidance make the journey to Katalehkhor as memorable as the destination itself.

Nearby Attractions

Visiting Katalehkhor Cave of Zanjan
Visiting Katalehkhor Cave of Zanjan

Enrich your visit by exploring nearby attractions such as:

  • Daryacheh Baliqly Bolaghi: Just 4.7 km away
  • The town of Garmab: 6.5 km
  • Protected Area of Bijar: 84.5 km
  • The iconic Soltaniyeh Dome: 103 km


Katalehkhor Cave is not merely a cave but a portal to the past, offering a blend of natural beauty, history, and adventure. Its vast chambers and ancient history invite travelers from around the world to witness the majesty of Iran’s natural heritage. Whether you’re a seasoned spelunker or a curious traveler, Katalehkhor promises an unforgettable experience, revealing the wonders that lie beneath the earth’s surface.

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