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Discover Almagol Wetland in Golestan

A Pristine Oasis Nestled in Golestan's Enchanting Natural Landscape

Golestan, a dreamlike and verdant province perched in the north of Iran, hosts some truly astonishing natural beauties. Among these is the Almagol Wetland, situated near the city of Gonbad-e Kavus. It would be a miss to visit Golestan and not see its crowning jewel, the Almagol Wetland! If you’re planning a trip to the north and want to get acquainted with Golestan’s Almagol Wetland, read on.

What Does Almagol Mean?

Almagol Wetland, Golestan
Almagol Wetland, Golestan

The name ‘Almagol‘ in the local language translates to “Apple Lake.” This wetland, alongside the Aji Gol and Alagol wetlands, forms a trio of significant wetlands in Golestan Province. In 1975, these three wetlands were registered as a Ramsar site, recognizing their global importance. Due to the presence of certain unique species, hunting is prohibited in these areas.


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Aji Gol and Alagol, Attractions Around Almagol!

Located close to the Iran-Turkmenistan border, Almagol is flanked by the Aji Gol and Alagol wetlands. To the south, it reaches the Tangli village, stretching north to the Turkmenistan border. To its east lies Incheh Borun, and to the west, Ashk Tapeh.

How to Reach Almagol Wetland in Golestan?

To get to Almagol Wetland, first head to the city of Gorgan. From the central Air Roundabout, enter the Asia Highway 70 and follow it to the Aqqala road. After taking the Aqqala road, you’ll reach a junction; take the right turn, crossing Asia Highway 70 to reach the Incheh Borun road. From here, you can access the wetland via the rural route of Tangli village.

Distance from Tehran to Almagol Wetland

Almagol Wetland's Nature
Almagol Wetland’s Nature

The journey from Tehran to this wetland is approximately 488 kilometers, taking about 7 hours and 25 minutes. The route involves entering the Haraz road via the Babayi highway, then transitioning onto the Firuzkuh road. Continue through the Ghaemshahr West road, and from there, follow the Babol-Qaemshahr road. After passing through the underpass at Imam Square, take the Siahkalrud Mazandaran road.

This route is considered the northern beltway of Qaemshahr city. Following this road will lead you to the Bandar Gaz entry square. After passing this point, enter the long Asia Highway 70 and you will reach the Basij Square. Navigate through this square into the Mofatteh Boulevard, and after crossing the Gorgan air roundabout, re-enter Asia Highway 70 to follow the route back to Gorgan and ultimately to the wetland.

Recreational and Scenic Sites Near Almagol Wetland in Golestan

Visiting Almagol Wetland
Visiting Almagol Wetland

The cities around the wetland boast historical and beautiful natural attractions that are highly appealing to tourists. Below are some of these attractions:

Gonbad-e Kavus and the World’s Tallest Brick Tower! During your visit to Almagol Wetland, if you wish to explore one of the northern historical cities, Gonbad-e Kavus is an excellent choice. Gonbad-e Qabus, the largest city in Golestan Province, is home to the tallest brick tower in the world, built in the 11th century.

Incheh Borun and its Pleasant Climate! Incheh Borun, a border town near Gonbad-e Kavus, features exceptionally pleasant weather and beautiful vistas. The town sits in a salt marsh, impacted by seasonal floods from the Atrak River. This geographical setting has led to its name, meaning “the town on the narrow hill.” Exploring this town is a highlight of visiting Golestan Province.

Best Time to Visit Almagol Wetland in Golestan

Almagol Wetland in Golestan
Almagol Wetland in Golestan

The best times to visit the wetland are spring and summer. Spring is ideal for those who prefer cooler, less humid weather. Visitors planning a winter or autumn tour should bring warm clothing, as the wetland’s climate can get quite cold.

Experience the Verdant Beauty of Golestan!

Almagol Wetland in Golestan is a breathtaking natural attraction in the province. It hosts a variety of wildlife, some of which are endangered. If you want to visit this beautiful wetland, spring is highly recommended for its spectacular natural beauty.

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