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Naharkhoran Forest: A Serene Getaway in Golestan

A World of Lush Greenery, Diverse Wildlife, and Breathtaking Landscapes

For many, forests represent a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Golestan province is no stranger to captivating sights, with each visit offering a new unique spot to explore. Nestled within the Hyrcanian forests of northern Iran, Naharkhoran Forest in Golestan serves as a safe haven for various flora and fauna. This enchanting forest is located in Golestan and is considered one of the must-visit places in the province.

A Closer Look at Naharkhoran Forest

Naharkhoran Forest Park
A Closer Look at Naharkhoran Forest (photo by Wikipedia)

Naharkhoran stands out as one of Golestan’s most appealing destinations, attracting numerous tourists year-round with its lush landscapes. Situated near Gorgan, Naharkhoran is part of the ancient Hyrcanian forests, which date back approximately 40 million years. The towering, ancient trees create a cool, serene shade, offering a perfect habitat for diverse wildlife.

Located at an altitude of around 400 to 450 meters above sea level, Naharkhoran enjoys a pleasantly cool climate. The forest spans 300 hectares, with about 168 hectares managed as a forest park by the Gorgan municipality.

The Origin of Naharkhoran’s Name

Naharkhoran Forest Park
Naharkhoran Forest, Gorgan, Iran

The fascinating story behind the naming of Naharkhoran Forest dates back to when pilgrims returning from Mashhad or Mecca passed through the southern mountains of Gorgan. Families of these pilgrims would meet them at this forested area in Golestan to welcome them back, where they would also have lunch together. This age-old tradition led to the forest being named “Naharkhoran,” which translates to “lunch eater.”


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Where is Naharkhoran Forest Located?

Naharkhoran is situated 8 kilometers south of Gorgan in Golestan Province. The best route to the forest is via Naharkhoran Boulevard.

Best Access Routes to Naharkhoran Forest

Naharkhoran Forest Park
Way to Naharkhoran Forest (photo by Wikipedia)

Just 8 kilometers separate Gorgan from Naharkhoran Forest. Various routes lead into Gorgan, from where visitors can enter Naharkhoran Boulevard to reach the forest. Among the different paths available, the most recommended is to follow the signs for the forest from inside Gorgan.

The Enchanting Climate of Naharkhoran

Naharkhoran Forest Park
Colors of Naharkhoran’s Autumn

Naharkhoran’s climate is exceptional. The presence of trees, rivers, waterfalls, and springs contributes to the area’s pleasant atmosphere. The cool spring air, breezing through the leaves and caressing your face, beckons you to the forest. In summer, the weather becomes slightly humid, making it ideal to set up camp near the river. Autumn in Naharkhoran is even more beautiful, with majestic trees donning new colors and the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze. Winter brings a chill as temperatures drop lower than the rest of the forest, covering the landscape in a blanket of snow.

The Rich Flora and Fauna of Naharkhoran

Naharkhoran Forest Park
Naharkhoran Forest Park in Gorgan

Sadly, like many of Iran’s natural resources, Naharkhoran has not been spared from the impacts of unplanned logging and urban development. These activities have led to deforestation and significantly harmed the forest’s biodiversity. The misuse of natural resources further exacerbates the situation, pushing the forest’s flora and fauna towards the brink of extinction.


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In recent years, people from other cities have invested in land within Naharkhoran Forest, quickly constructing homes. This rapid development has resulted in the loss of various plant species and reduced living space for forest animals. If the trees and animals of Naharkhoran could speak, they would have lodged countless complaints against humans by now.

Recreational and Welfare Facilities

Naharkhoran Forest Park
Waterfall of Naharkhoran Forest Park

As one of Gorgan’s most popular attractions, Naharkhoran Forest is equipped with various amenities, making it an ideal spot for picnics and camping:

  • Open Parking: Essential for visitors coming from afar, ensuring peace of mind while exploring the forest.
  • Gazebos: Scattered throughout for rest and picnics.
  • Restaurant and Cafe: For those who forgot to bring food and drinks.
  • Umbrella Bus Station: A picturesque spot for photography.
  • Exciting Amusement Park: Where children can enjoy themselves.
  • Sports Site: Exercise amidst the forest’s natural beauty.
  • Artificial Waterfall: Enhancing the forest’s scenic charm.
  • Baba Taher and Noor al-Shohada Hills: Offering panoramic views of Gorgan, especially beautiful at night.

Nearby Attractions to Naharkhoran Forest

Naharkhoran Forest Park
Visiting Naharkhoran Forest in Gorgan

While Naharkhoran itself is a significant attraction, don’t miss out on exploring nearby sights. Close to Naharkhoran, you’ll find villages and waterfalls worth visiting. After thoroughly enjoying Naharkhoran, head towards these destinations for an unforgettable day filled with nature, history, and beauty.

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